7 Best Daily Running Shoes in 2024

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7 Best Daily Running Shoes in 2024
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For days where you like to take it easy, you can rely on daily running shoes to keep your feet pampered from lace-up to the last mile. 

With more than five hundred daily trainers on the market, we’re here to help you. 

We have tested and selected the finest models, trimming them down to the best. And because there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” in running shoes, we’ve chosen our top picks from different categories. 

How we test running shoes

We like to keep everything transparent and fuff-free; hence, our rigorous testing process. 

To gather and compare data, we have created our own shoe testing lab. We also buy all the shoes we examine with our own money to avoid brand loyalty. 

On top of this, we also: 

  • Clock up at least 30-50 miles of wear testing in each shoe. As much as possible, we expand the environment and conditions in which we run using the shoes to assess their on-foot feel, durability, stability, etc in different situations.
  • Slice them open. We then examine their parts and wield our tools to quantify their various aspects such as midsole hardness, stack height, and breathability.

Best daily running shoes overall

ASICS Novablast 4

What makes it the best?

A one-of-a-kind, lightweight sensation — the Novablast 4 performs well at any distance or pace based on our lab and wear tests. It hits the spot in terms of comfort, durability, and support, which is why it deserves the best overall title among top daily running shoes.

Wearing these shoes made us experience a superior kind of comfort with its blend of a tall and luscious platform. Our lab results confirm the FF Blast+ ECO foam is 28.7% softer than average, while its stack rises to 39.2/30.2 mm. We can run comfortably for long miles because we’re supported with a bouncy and plush cushion underfoot. Novablast 4 encourages stable strides by keeping its platform very wide, notably in the 122.8 mm forefoot.

For its height, it’s surprisingly lightweight at only 9.1 oz (259g). This makes us more agile and fast when we want to pick up the pace. What also keeps the feeling light is its unresisting midsole. Our flex test confirms it’s 13.5% more bendable than average, adding to the shoe’s comfort.

Even after hitting double-digit miles, we noticed its outsole could take a lot of beating. Its rubber is 3.9 mm thick while its material is more resistant to wear than average, as proven by our Dremel test.

With a sub-par breathability score, we recommend looking elsewhere if a summer-friendly daily trainer is needed.


  • Enhanced outsole offering better grip and durability
  • Improved upper comfort with premium materials
  • Upgraded tongue padding
  • Exceptional value at just $140
  • More cushion than ever before
  • Accommodates a wide range of foot sizes
  • The most stable Novablast yet
  • Retains most of its fun and energetic ride


  • Not the best for hot summer runs
  • Outsole still lacks grip in wet conditions
  • Minor weight increase compared to v3
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Best carbon plated running shoes for daily running

What makes it the best?

We found a shoe with what we’re looking for to spice up our daily runs - insane responsiveness, a foam that spoiled our feet, and an outsole that can handle daily mileage. Hello, it’s PUMA’s second version of the Deviate Nitro!

Housing a carbon plate, we felt the energy return of the shoes in our runs! The lab backed this up, but it was our feet that felt it the most. In our 90° bend test in the lab, the shoe emerged 92.2% stiffer than average! This explains why we were able to run at a quick pace with less effort.

Speed won’t sacrifice comfort as the foam keeps our legs fresh and alive. With our durometer, we measured it to be 32.5% softer than average, making our run a buttery-smooth ride.

With an outsole 8.8% thicker than average, we saw how this pair could last many miles. We barely scratched the rubber after testing it outside!

At 9.2 oz. (257g), this pair is heavier than other carbon-plated shoes (8.1 oz. or 230g average). We recommend exploring other options if weight is a priority.


  • Great all-rounder
  • Super-smooth and responsive ride
  • Plush cushioning
  • Comfy upper
  • Grippy outsole
  • Above average durability
  • Fairly priced


  • Heavier than other similar shoes
  • Not many colors available
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Best lightweight daily running shoes

Hoka Mach 6

What makes it the best?

The Hoka Mach 6 perfectly encapsulates a lightweight daily trainer, making it at the top of this category. Our lab results align with what we’ve experienced in our runs: the Mach 6 truly shines across the board with its responsive midsole for intense efforts and its exceptional comfort for long-haul runs. At any pace and distance, its airy build delivers an effortless and enjoyable ride.

To our delight, the scales reveal Mach 6 weighs only 8.2 oz (232g), 12.5% lighter than average despite its generous stack. Adding to its weightless feel is its fluid midsole that bends freely with our natural foot flexions. Our 90-degree test confirms it’s less resistant than average by 36.4%, enhancing comfort for easy days.

The midsole delivers the best of both worlds in terms of responsiveness and comfort. Our caliper measurements show it’s above the average at 36.0/26.4 mm, but is made of a light and bouncy 20.4 HA foam that boosts our pace. On top of this, it features a rocker that paves the way for seamless forward transitions that keep our momentum strong.

However, its commitment to agility and weight reduction sacrificed some midsole width. We recommend those with wider feet to explore alternatives for better comfort.


  • Really lightweight
  • Fantastic outsole
  • Exciting ride
  • Highly cushioned
  • Great for heel strikers
  • Handles faster paces
  • Superb lockdown
  • Excellent value at $140


  • Drop varies from stated
  • Somewhat narrow fit
  • Thin tongue
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Daily running shoes with the best cushioning

Brooks Ghost 15

What makes it the best?

Brooks Ghost 15 tops the cushioning category among daily running shoes as it delivers exceptional comfort and support for our runs, regardless of distance. It boasts a plush platform with a natural feel and a reliable outsole that can take the beating of daily mileage.

Crafted for comfort, its midsole felt perfectly soft without the sinking feeling, confirmed by our durometer to be 32.3% softer than average. The 36.3 mm heel also mutes out our landings. Meanwhile, the plush 11.4 mm tongue padding embraces our feet with pillowy goodness without compromising ventilation. 

Ghost 15 keeps it all natural with its uncomplicated and forgiving ride. Our bend test reveals the midsole is 37.2% more flexible than average. This enhances comfort and makes it versatile enough for walking.

This no-fuss pair proved to be reliable and consistent, handling daily training effortlessly. Our lab durometer reveals a tough 84.4 HC outsole vs. the 80.4 HC average, promising underfoot protection and a long shoe life span. The harder the rubber, the more resistant it is to wear and tear.

However, mid-to-forefoot runners may find the 13.2 mm high drop too harsh. We believe this pair is more suited for heel-strikers.


  • Supreme comfort
  • Plush, stable ride that's a delight
  • Optimized for heel strikers
  • No heel slippage
  • Great grip in wet conditions
  • Built to endure countless miles
  • Impressive value for $140
  • Great for both running and walking
  • Available in up to four different widths


  • Slightly heavier than its predecessor
  • Could use some improvements in breathability
  • Not a good one for forefoot strikers
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Daily running shoes with best comfort

What makes it the best?

Beneath the Nimbus 26 lies a realm of pure bliss. True to its name, it envelops the foot in a luxurious cloud-like embrace. With a midsole so silky and gigantic, each step feels like a dream. Whether logging daily mileage or embarking on longer runs, this pair instills a sense of relaxation and confidence, thanks to its unanticipated surefootedness and exceptional breathability. Our meticulous lab tests leave no doubt: the ASICS Gel Nimbus 26 reigns the comfort arena in the daily training scene.

Unsurprisingly, our durometer readings affirm the ethereal nature of this shoe, registering a velvety 18.5 HA, which is 21.6% softer than average. And with heavenly foam underfoot, measured at a generous 40.4/32.0 mm, it boldly exceeds the average by 6.9/7.3 mm. Every step is a pain-free delight, especially for heel strikers benefiting from the PureGEL technology.

Despite its height and plush composition, the Gel Nimbus 26 surprisingly feels stable. A broad platform and stiff build ensure a solid foundation, with the midsole boasting wider dimensions than average by 5.0/11.4 mm in the forefoot and heel, respectively.

However, while the Nimbus 26 excels as an easy-day companion, those seeking a daily trainer that can handle tempo paces may find better-suited alternatives elsewhere.


  • Premium all-around comfort
  • Enhanced toebox design
  • Exceptional durability
  • Best-in-series outsole
  • Ideal for long distances
  • Superb knit upper
  • Surprisingly stable
  • A dream for heel strikers


  • Increased weight
  • Limited energy return
  • Tongue lacks padding
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Best budget daily running shoes

Brooks Revel 6

What makes it the best?

With its $100 falling into our budget category, the Brooks Revel 6 earns its rightful place among the best daily trainers. It gracefully glides along the road, delivering an old-school ride filled with lots of fun. For reference, daily trainers average $126.

The Revel 6 has that swing to it, smoothly transitioning from heel to toe with a timeless flair. Credit goes to the rockered profile and the vertiginous 13.2 mm drop, quite above the 8.9 mm average. These attributes showcase the Revel’s appeal to heel strikers, complemented by the lofty 32.9 mm heel stack that offers fine protection when landing.

A breath of fresh air in the budget-friendly domain, this Brooks embraces the natural foot motion and provides a reliable ride that we’ve come to wholeheartedly cherish. After locking the Revel 6 by its tip, we bent its heel 90º to evaluate its stiffness. Confirming our sensations, we measured a 19.2N resistance, meaning it’s 36.8% more flexible than average. 

While fairly cushioned, we don’t find the Revel 6 a good option to go the distance. Runners seeking a daily trainer capable of handling double-digit miles should consider other options.


  • Light on the foot
  • Can pick up the pace
  • Provides good stability
  • Flexible and comfortable underfoot
  • Above average breathability
  • Durable outsole
  • Budget friendly
  • Doubles as a comfy walking shoe


  • Not for long runs
  • Lacks traction on certain surfaces
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