10 Best Daily Running Shoes in 2022

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10 Best Daily Running Shoes in 2022

For days where you like to take it easy, you can rely on daily running shoes to keep your feet pampered from lace-up to the last mile. 

With more than a thousand daily trainers on the market, we’re here to help you. 

We have tested and selected the finest models, trimming it down to the ten best. And because there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” in running shoes, we’ve chosen our top picks from different categories. 

How we review the best daily running shoes

We like to keep everything transparent and fuff-free; hence, our rigorous testing process. 

To gather and compare data, we have created our own shoe testing lab. We also buy all the shoes we examine with our own money to avoid brand loyalty. 

On top of this, we also: 

  • Clock up at least 30-50 miles of wear testing in each shoe
  • Slice them open
  • See and examine their parts
  • Calculate their Corescore 

The shoe’s Corescore is a rating that goes from 0-100 that’s based on thousands of expert and user reviews. It tells you how bad or good a shoe fares against other shoes.

Best daily running shoes overall

If there's one thing we can't take away from the Pegasus 38, it's that it's the GOAT of all workhorse shoes in our arsenal! It oozes with plushness, stability, and pop, doing it all from slow days, tempo sessions, and gym workouts even. If you want to run with fun, take the Pegasus any day! 

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The Ghost 14 from Brooks really fits the bill as the shoe for all runners. It's a workhorse that's comfy enough for easy days, responsive for tempo sessions, and is heavy-duty to handle light trails. Overall, a no-fuss daily trainer that will work for all your runs!
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Best daily running shoes for flat feet

Thanks for making our daily runs nice and stable, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21! The upper hugged our feet well, and the midsole is balanced - it's neither mushy nor too rigid. It just kept our motions in check, preventing any excessive movements. It's certainly not a light shoe, but having tested its precursors, we can say that Brooks is heading in the right direction! Apart from support, what stood out to us also is its tank-like durability. 

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Still staying true to its Kayano roots, we found the Kayano 28 retaining its hallmark on stability and support while seeing some updates to amp up comfort and flexibility. And with better flex, the shoe was just overall fun! Although designed as a daily trainer, we found it fitting as a standalone shoe that you can take out of the closet during race day and on long, slow miles. 

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Best max-cushioned daily running shoes

After putting it to the test, we can confidently say that the Hoka Bondi 7 screams comfort! It's highly cushioned and soft, we just couldn't get enough of it in long-distance recovery runs. It runs as smooth as a butter! And if there was a heaven for the feet, this is it right here. If there's a downside, it's that all its plushness comes at the expense of durability. 

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When comfort is the top priority look no further than the Saucony Triumph 19. This plush, luxurious shoe is built for enjoyable cruiser runs, long runs, and recovery days thanks to its padded upper and insanely soft landing midsole. This year’s Triumph gets a few big updates too, both losing a ton of weight and becoming nice and breathable. Your legs and feet will thank you the next time you lace up the Triumph 19!

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Best daily running shoes for all day wear

Now in its 21st iteration, the Adidas Ultraboost may have wowed us with its style and durability, but it's becoming more and more like a lifestyle shoe than a running shoe. But its strength is what makes it a standout - it can literally swallow miles and miles of pounding on the pavement. It may not be the fastest, lightest shoe, but if you want loads of pop, it's THE shoe.

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A shoe that gave our feet all the impact dampening they could ask for - the Asics Gel Nimbus 23! It runs smooth and stable, and above all, it keeps the feet free from pain from every pound on the pavement. It's a neutral daily trainer we'd recommend any day for those who want comfort in all their runs. But be warned, with all the protection and cush you get, a sacrifice on lightness is made. 

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Best budget daily running shoes

The Floatride Energy 3 is a neutral trainer from Reebok with a lightweight design and a lightweight price tag. It’s got an aggressive full-length outsole for runs on varied terrain and is surprisingly comfortable for a budget shoe. Don’t be scared off by the price, this affordable little bundle performs well! They look pretty cool too!

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An affordable trainer that's got the makings of advanced running shoes? Hello, Brooks Revel 5! It's a smooth and lively jack-of-all-trades that will keep your feet comfy and bouncing. It can push the pace, eat up half-marathon distances, and breeze through your daily runs!

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What are the cheapest daily running shoes in 2022?

  1. Reebok Endless Road 2 - from $30
  2. Reebok Lite 2.0 - from $35
  3. Adidas EQ21 - from $35
  4. Saucony Cohesion 14 - from $35
  5. Adidas Runfalcon 2.0 - from $36
  6. Adidas Galaxy 5 - from $36
  7. Reebok Speed Breeze 2 - from $37
  8. Adidas Edge Gameday - from $38
  9. Reebok Floatride Fuel Run - from $39
  10. Adidas Pureboost 21 - from $40
  11. Reebok Floatride Run Fast 2 - from $40
  12. Asics Gel Torrance 2 - from $40
  13. Adidas Racer TR21 - from $40
  14. Puma Hybrid NX Ozone - from $41
  15. Reebok Flashfilm 3.0 - from $41

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