10 Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete in 2021

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10 Best Shoes For Walking On Concrete in 2021

Standing long hours on hard surfaces will essentially take its toll on your feet and whole body. To help alleviate this pain, you must wear a nice pair of walking shoes suitable for concrete.

To help you out, we have gathered several recommendations that you can use for your difficult days at work or your next walking session. Scroll below for our life-changing suggestions to make your walks and stands on concrete more fun and enjoyable. 

How we test the best walking shoes on concrete

More than 80 walking shoes have been meticulously assessed and tested to help you find the best one for you. For honest and fair reviews, here is our approach:

  • We buy these walking shoes using our money.
  • We put these shoes through a series of tests to determine their comfort, durability, flexibility, and many other parameters. 
  • We also collate all available users’ reviews to include more opinions in our reviews.

Based on this, we assign a CoreScore (0-100) to each walking shoe. This scoring system will determine how the shoe performed for the majority.

Best overall

After checking more than 80 walking shoes for concrete surfaces, the Brooks Ghost 14 quickly landed as our best option. We have put it through a series of tests and comparisons and got tons of reasons why this shoe must be in your collection.

Pounding the city pavements felt so comfortable with the Ghost 14. Its cushioning lies between soft and firm and is made with lots of padding! Cushioning is virtually everywhere! Imagine its 8.1mm collar padding, way thicker than the average 5.5mm. That’s an insane amount of comfort!

On our flex test, this shoe amazingly measured 19.2N! This number is way softer than the 40.2N average. This kick will definitely let your feet enjoy the natural range of motion as you stride on the cement surface.

When it comes to stability, this footwear is a monster! With its above the average forefoot and heel widths, this ensures a stable ride throughout the day. We never worried about the inward or outward rolling of our feet.

Brooks peppered this model with long-lasting features, which means you will never have a problem walking in these kicks for the next 500 miles. This footwear can definitely take a beating!

Rain or shine, you’ll never need to worry as this model offers an astounding amount of grip. Whatever weather conditions, your daily walks and runs with Brooks Ghost 14 are definitely going to be a lot of fun!

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Also bagging our recommendation as one of the best walking shoes for concrete is the Asics Gel Cumulus 23. This model overthrew 80+ shoes on our list. 

This all-rounder will never disappoint you when it comes to comfort. The moment we slipped our feet into it, we instantly enjoyed the superbly cushioned collar and tongue. We savored how it hugged our feet cozily as we strolled along the concrete. 

While this is a budget shoe, Asics Gel Cumulus 23 is tremendously packed with durable features. It has a dense EVA midsole and thick rubber outsole, lasting 500 miles of daily usage. 

Underfoot, this shoe flexes its aggressive outsole pattern. So whether you walk on dry or wet surfaces, you will never encounter any problem with its traction. Plus, it is flexible, which allows you to bend the foot and roll through your steps.

Are you worried about its sizing? Don’t fret, as this model fits true to size! It can amazingly accommodate any foot shape, too!

Although this sneaker is not perfect, we firmly recommend this as one of the best walking footwear you could wear on concrete pavements.

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Best for flat feet

Over 30 walking shoes for flat feet have been tested, and we picked the Skechers Arch Fit as the best. Bursting with comfort and style, we’ve got heaps of bases why this sneaker quickly bagged the top spot. 

After wearing it daily, the Arch Fit provided us with an incredible amount of support and cushioning. Our back pains were gone, instantly! If you’re flat-footed, grab a pair as Skechers designed this to provide mind-blowing comfort for wearers like you.  

Found inside is the removable ArchFit insole. This feature offers a generous amount of cushioning that softly cradles the foot, from toe to heel. No wonder this tech got the approval of many podiatrists!

For steady strides, Skechers used a firm, chunky platform underfoot. This part has a wide forefoot and base to help you enjoy steady steps. Don’t be discouraged by its beefed-up sole, as a heel-to-toe transition is going to be easy for its deep flex grooves found underneath.

Can’t decide what size to buy? Worry not, as this model fits true to size. The toe box feels roomy on both sides to give your lovely toes ample space to wiggle. 

Albeit its budget price, the Arch Fit is one of the most durable pairs that can truly take a beating. Snag a pair and be amazed by its long-lasting construction.

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After a series of tests and comparisons, we picked the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 as one of our highly recommended shoes for walking on concrete for wearers with flat feet. It was able to surpass over 30 walking shoes and read what we mean. 

This daily support trainer highlights its breathable mesh upper. It efficiently keeps the feet cool and dry even when worn during humid days. Walking along the streets with sweaty feet will never be a problem again. 

When it comes to fit, this model is plush. It cozily hugs the foot, and no heel slippage ever happens, even when worn all day. Plus, its 3D print on the midsole provides a flexible lockdown fit. 

Its midsole supplies just the right amount of softness - not too soft, not too firm. This shoe will keep our feet cozy even when we need to walk another mile or two. 

If you’re after durability, worry not, as this shoe was built to last. Its thick rubber outsole effectively protects the cushy midsole, allowing users to enjoy this for a more extended time. 

Not just for the daily runs, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 is also suitable for your marches on concrete pavements.

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Best for wide feet

For our best wide feet collection, we chose the Hoka One One Clifton 8 as the best. Defeating 80+ walking footwear, we picked this easily for oodles of reasons. 

A perfect daily trainer, this shoe feels stunningly great on our trots. Its super padded upper is like a spa on our feet! With its 33.7mm heel foam, 0.9mm thicker than the average walking shoes, this gave us mind-blowing comfort even when worn all day long. 

As we took our steps, this model supplied us with fantastic stability. Its rockered design allowed an easy transition from gaits to strides, and its broad base delivered super stable steps. 

While its midsole is bouncy, it is not too springy. This shoe is perfect if you want to enjoy endless miles while enjoying soft underfoot. 

Perfect for daily walks, recovery days, or long runs, this footwear is definitely built to last. With its tons of underfoot cushioning, this model should last 500 miles of walking. There’s a lot of foam underfoot and a thick rubber outsole to ensure long-wearing. 

Expect more when you grab a pair of Hoka One One Clifton 8.

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Bagging our commendation as one of the best walking shoes for wearers with wide feet is the New Balance 990 V5. 

Highlighting its stability, this shoe perfectly blended cushioning and support. It avoids inward or outward rolling of our feet to keep us from getting any injuries. Walking on concrete is going to be worry-free!

Underfoot, this is amazingly flexible. We get to enjoy a natural range of motion as this shoe easily bends, especially on concrete surfaces.

Comfort-wise, this is an A-lister. Walking in this feels like stepping on clouds for its ultra-plush cushioning and just the right amount of snugness. All-day was a pleasant experience with the NB 990 v5.

Besides coziness, this sneaker excels in style. It has a timeless look that can be paired up with numerous outfits! Plus, you can also use this for heaps of occasions. Versatility is NB 990 v5’s game. 

Are you worried about its size? Stress yourself no more as its sizing is very accurate! Order your size and prepare to experience everything that we have shared here!

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Best style

Following a series of tests and comparisons, the Adidas Ultraboost 21 garnered our best recommendation when it comes to style. This model outdid more than 80 walking shoes on our list. 

This walking kick instantly wowed us with its style. Its trendy look turned it more as a lifestyle than running footwear. With its sporty flair, it is easy to pair this footwear up with countless street ensembles. 

Its upper is insanely elastic. It is designed to fit like a sock and stretches significantly to accommodate a variety of foot shapes and widths.

To keep our feet in place, this model has an external heel cap. It provides lateral stability and prevents heel slippage. 

If you’re after the flexibility, the Ultraboost 21 will not let you down. With its 19.8N flex test result, this shoe is one of the softest we have ever tried. 

Durability-wise, this is an exceptional one. After hours of walking in it through various types of cement, it stayed amazingly intact and displayed only a few signs of wear.

Overall, the Adidas Ultraboost 21 not only displays a stunning look but it offers a fantastic amount of comfort, perfect for your strides on the city pavements.

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At the end of a series of tests, the New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 v11 knocked 80+ walking shoes off their spots. It is one of our highly recommended walking shoes on concrete when it comes to style.

We were amazed how this shoe kept our feet cozy all day. Its stretchy upper hugs the foot just right on the perfect spots.

Measuring its heel flexibility, this shoe got an amazing 13.3N! It is, by far, the most flexible heel we have ever tried! 

This shoe also boasts a soft midsole. This feature will make your walks on concrete more enjoyable and get even better over time. 

Perfect for the summer, this sneaker is highly breathable! Now, you get to enjoy walks in the park without being bothered by sweaty feet. 

Its grip is another reason to celebrate this. After running it through wet pavements and icy spots, we had no issues with its traction. 

At $150, the Fresh Foam 1080 V11 will give you what you have paid for. It offers a lot of outstanding features that will ensure cozy steps as you walk on the cement.

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Best budget

Crushing over 80 walking shoes on our list, the New Balance 623 v3 topped our recommendation as the best budget walking footwear for concrete. 

This footwear will not disappoint you in the comfort department, a perfect pair for everyday walking and gym workouts. The brand inserted it with features that effectively absorb shock to keep the feet cozy as we walk on the concrete pavements. 

Meanwhile, the midsole is stable yet flexible! This trait allows us to enjoy the natural range of motion underfoot while avoiding the inward rolling of the foot. This model is perfect for daily walks. 

When rainy days come, this sneaker will come in handy. Its traction is very reliable to keep us on our feet, even on slippery surfaces. 

Moreover, although the upper is made with leather and suede, we did not feel any hot spots formed as NB added a few perforations for hot air to dissipate. We will never get to worry about sweaty feet with NB 623 v3. 

Enjoy all these exciting features without the need to fritter away! The NEw Balance 623 v3 is your best bet when it comes to budget walking shoes!

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After meticulously checking more than 80 walking shoes, the Asics Gel Contend 7 racked up our recommendation as one of the best budget walking footwear for concrete. It’s mind-blowing seeing all the fantastic features this shoe offers. 

All-day wearing this has been breezy as the brand packed it with excellent cushioning and shock-absorbing gel technology. We felt zero issues throughout the time this shoe was on our feet. 

No heel slippage was encountered, too! We adore how it fits our feet like a glove. Thanks to its mesh upper that hugged and conformed to our feet, cozily. 

Concerning its durability, this shoe showed terrific endurance. After subjecting it through daily walks, the rubber outsole showed only a few traces of wear. 

Its featherweight is another plus factor. We enjoyed airy and faster walks on the concrete. This model is perfect for wearers looking for a pair that does not have any dragging-down sensation. 

For all-rounder hunters, the Contend 7 is the one for you. Its versatility is stunning, which you can seamlessly use from daily walks, jogs, and even gym sessions. 

You get to savor all these heart-stopping features without breaking your piggy banks! With a price range below $90, the Gel Content 7 offers excellent value for your money.

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