A Fifth of Gyms Are Still Closed [6,812 Member Survey]

Posted on 03 November, 2023 by Nicholas Rizzo

Four months after our initial gyms reopening survey we ran a follow-up survey that found only 30.98% of gym members had returned to their gym to enjoy the benefits of exercising. To learn more about the status of gyms currently, we asked 6,812 gym members about the reopening of their gyms. 

Key Findings

  • 23.93% of US gym members reported that their gyms have yet to reopen or are permanently closed 
  • 20.58% of gym members globally reported that their gyms are still closed - 18.28% have not reopened yet while 2.30% have permanently closed

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Gyms reopening

Out of the 6,812 gym members that responded globally, 20.58% stated that their gyms have not reopened or have permanently closed.


18.28% of members stated that they were still waiting for their gym to reopen while 2.30% responded that their gyms had permanently closed.

State differences in gym member responses

Two states had more than half of their gym members report that their gym had yet to reopen or permanently closed;New York and New Jersey have more than half their gyms still closed, with over 63% of gyms in NY yet to reopen. 


Arizona had the highest reported amount of gyms permanently closing with 4.40%.  


Overall, the gym reopen rates of states ranged from as low as 37% to as high as 96%. 



At this point in the pandemic, a fifth of gyms have yet to reopen. With that said, COVID cases continue to rise globally all while some places have already had to pause or even reverse their reopening transitions. 

Additionally, 2.30% of gyms reported having been permanently closed now. The next 3-6 months, when membership sign-ups typically increase, will be vital in determining whether we see many more gyms close for good or not. 

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Nicholas Rizzo
Nicholas Rizzo
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