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Minimalist training shoes

If you believe that our feet are crafted with an inherent ability to perform a huge variety of movements without the need for any external support, then a pair of minimalist training shoes might be just right for you. It is a growing niche on the market of training footwear, created specifically for people who want to go back to the essentials. The jury is still out on what exactly makes a trainer minimalist; however, based on the ongoing debate, a few core elements can be outlined:

  • Flexibility for unhindered movement
  • Barefoot sensation/feel
  • No arch support   
  • No added weight

Some of the brands that produce minimalist training shoes are Inov-8, Vibram FiveFingers, and New Balance.

Choosing the right minimalist training shoes

Even though all minimalist training shoes have similar characteristics, there is still a range to choose from. They can be roughly placed on a spectrum from the lightly-padded minimalist shoes, like the F-Lite 235 v2 from Inov-8, to extremely barefoot-like trainers with separated toes, like the V-Train from Vibram FiveFingers.

If you are relatively new to the world of minimalist footwear, try going with models that have a bit higher drop (3-4 mm) and a thicker sole (10-15 mm). Make the transition from cushioned shoes gradual to protect your lower extremities from pain and injuries.

Also, be very precise about the size and fit of minimalist training shoes as each brand tends to have its own measurement scheme. That’s why most of them offer online fitting tools on their official websites to help buyers find the right length and width. However, if you have an opportunity to try a pair in a store, it is strongly advisable to go with that option.

Reading reviews can also help.  There is no need to worry if you don't have time for this because we already made review summaries for you. You can easily access these highly informative pieces on our product pages for minimalist training shoes.