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Despite being a niche brand, the Hoka One One proved the worth of their performance shoes in more or less 100, 000 footwear reviews written by casual and professional runners. The Hoka One One neutral shoes will not disappoint in providing a responsive and comfortable ride since its maximalist platform is incorporated with the best features of the brand.

Why should you trust Hoka One One neutral shoes?

best hoka one one neutral shoes
Best Hoka One One neutral running shoes - November 2019

  • Performance shoes are categorized according to their arch structure. For those who have medium arches, they will feel most comfortable in neutral shoes. Neutral shoes have lesser cushioning in the midsole; thus, it does not have enough medial support for pronation control. Neutral pronators or supinators will not have a problem in the lack of arch support and they can facilitate a natural running movement without a hitch.
  • The best Hoka One One neutral shoes provide better ground contact. For those who want to transition to minimalist running, it is recommended to use neutral shoes because it strikes a balance between cushioning and flexibility. Runners could still enjoy the comfort and support in neutral shoes, but with the right amount of responsiveness and flexibility.
  • When it comes to versatility, you can expect a lot from the best Hoka One One neutral shoes. Beginners will love the support and comfort of such shoes, while advanced runners can pursue a natural running movement with its lesser arch support. A pair can also be used for cross training, speed workouts, racing and even casual wear.
  • Whether you are a road runner or a trail enthusiast, there are neutral shoes that will suit your needs. The similarities between track and trail neutral shoes are better ground contact, more responsive cushioning and minimal structure as compared to stability shoes.

How to determine the best Hoka One One neutral shoes?

  • Weight. When selecting from the best Hoka One One neutral shoes, you need to consider the weight of the pair. If you need to be fast, you should get shoes that are lighter than the average neutral trainers. However, if you are just using the maximalist trainers for casual running and cross training, average weight measurements will do. The weight is usually influenced by the cushioning and outsole parts.
  • Cushioning. Hoka One One shoes are known for their maximalist cushioning. In fact, some of the best Hoka One One neutral shoes have 50% more cushioning than the average trainers without too much addition to the weight. You can expect better stability and shock absorption in every stride. Midsole technologies from the brand include the Meta-Rocker and Lite Ride. However, this might hinder a better ground contact. You might need to consider other neutral shoes if you are not a fan of maximalist cushioning.
  • Durability. Durability should be one of the main assets of your neutral shoe pair. The best Hoka One One neutral shoes have a high level of durability in their construction. If you are a trail runner, make sure that the outsole is abrasion resistant.