The Fascinating Truth about the Brooks Asteria

75 / 100 by Cameron Corbin • Level 2 expert

When I heard that Brooks would be coming out with a new supportive racing flat like the Brooks Racer ST 5, I could not resist the temptation of getting these shoes. In comparison, this shoe is like New Balance’s 1500 v3, Saucony’s Fastwitch 8, and Nike’s Zoom Streak 6.

I have run multiple workouts on the track, road, and a few easy runs with this shoe and the Brooks Asteria definitely held up its end on the runs.




The outsole has two ‘technologies’ that Brooks put in for runners’ benefit: Forefoot propulsion pods and the blown rubber.

The forefoot propulsion pods are to be square-like pods that “help spring your foot forward for maximum energy return.” Now, for me, being a guy who ran in the Adidas Supernova, I could not feel myself being sprung forward, nevertheless energized on any of my runs.


The Forefoot Propulsion Pods


On the other hand, the blown rubber has great traction for wet surfaces, track, and typical dry sidewalk while holding up its composure with many workouts I put it through.

Overall, the outsole boasts of an energy returning design and durable blown rubber: One of the two lived up to its description.



The midsole consists of a Caterpillar Crash Pad and the Omega Flex Grooves which is advertised as a “segmented crash pad that flexes with the foot, offering customization cushioning and stability for a smooth heel-to-toe transition.”


Transition Zone


Brooks euphemizes the crash pad to make it sound different than all of the other ‘customized’ midsoles out there because I did not feel a difference between their crash pad/midsole and other shoes’ midsole.

For the Omega Flex Grooves, I did not really feel as much flexibility with the shoe which made my faster runs/workouts less natural and more rigid.

Whenever I ran my workouts or faster runs, I did not notice the guide rails and its functionality; however, whenever I ran slower, I could notice the guide rail and its assistance.


Brooks Asteria Guide Rail System


All in all, the midsole lacks to live up to its euphemized description and feels like a typical stability racing shoe.



The greatest part about this shoe is the upper.

There are so many key features that make the upper the greatest part of the shoe: the breathable and seamless mesh that adapts to your gait, and 3D fit print that locks down and supports your foot. 


The breathable upper


Additionally, the tongue and shoelaces make the whole upper a masterpiece. The tongue is extremely comfortable to run in because of the amount of cushion it has. It has oft mesh-like quality.

I do not typically wear Brooks often but I came across the best shoelaces I have ever tied!

The shoelaces stretch whenever you tie them so there is less tension on the easiest foot bone to fracture or break (since it protrudes and needs extra loosing of the shoelaces in that particular area); so, that means there are more stability and unity with the shoe and foot.


Laces & Tongue


In total, the upper was the best part of the shoe and exceeds any expectation of what an outsole can really accomplish.



  • Comfortability of the tongue
  • 3D fit print that comforted and supported my foot
  • Adaptability of the shoe while running with my gait
  • Guide rail’s noticeability and assistance on my slower runs
  • Functionality and adaptability of the shoelaces
  • Superb traction with the blown rubber 
  • Heel cup locks down my heel with ease



  • Guide rails imperceptibility on my workouts/fast runs
  • Propulsion pod’s lack of energy return and springiness
  • Stiffness of the shoe
Cameron Corbin

Cameron Corbin • Level 2 expert

Hello, my name is Cameron Corbin. I live in Katy,TX and I believe that a shoe can make all the difference in the world. I am an avid runner and a shoe enthusiast. I have completed 4 half-marathons in my 10 years of running and plan on doing more! I enjoy trying out different shoes and see which one suits the best for a specific purpose.

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