Adidas Fluidflow review

The Adidas Fluidflow is a good running shoe for a good price. If you don’t want to break the bank and want a shoe that just gets the job done and doesn’t do anything super flashy, this shoe will fit that mold. I will say that it takes time to get broken in, so be ready for that. I was not thrilled about my feet being sore after the first few runs, but once they broke in, it was better for sure. 

Who should buy it

This shoe is ideal for you if want a: 

  • lightweight, minimalist shoe
  • flexible shoe that handles dynamic runs
  • shoe that can breathe
  • simple-looking functional shoe

Who should NOT buy it

Don’t buy this shoe if you:

The fit of the Fluidflow is standard to narrow

The Fluidflow is on the pretty standard side for width, which is a bit surprising for Adidas as a whole who usually make their shoes a bit more wide-friendly. If you have wide feet, these are not the shoes for you. If you have narrow long feet, slide these right on. They will be a good match for you.


Stable Comfort with a pop

Look no further for a comfortable shoe for a nice poppy cruise on the street, or on the track. The arrested tongue means you never have to worry about it getting loose and causing an issue. The easy slip-on of this shoe with the great grip in the back to pull it effortlessly over your heel makes for a great shoe to pull on.

Once this shoe is on your foot, lace it up and roll it out for your run. The biggest detractor for my first few runs was discomfort on the arch of my foot, but after a few runs, the discomfort dropped off and these shoes fit like a bouncy, comfortable sock. 

Feel the ground in the Fluidflow

The Fluidflow has a minimalist feel without really cutting everything away. You will get a good feel of the ground when you put your foot down without feeling like you are running on thin-soled shoes. I’ll admit that in my younger running days, I thought this was a plus, but now it just means my feet are pissed at me after a lengthy run. These shoes do great on a treadmill though, so if that is where you are usually running, lace-up!


Going to need some break-in time

These shoes definitely are not a lace-up and go day 1 kind of shoe. They needed a few runs to break in, especially in the arch. The first run in these shoes was relatively uncomfortable, but after a few runs, they worked their way into a better rhythm.  

Weight is not an issue in the Fluidflow

These shoes are very lightweight, with no thick cushion to weigh them down. If you are looking for a super lightweight shoe for running, look no further.


Solid durability

These shoes don’t really have much to break down. Once you break them in, I would imagine that they will be a good running shoe for a while to come. They aren’t going to fall apart really quickly, so that is a good thing for those who want to run in them. 

Stable foot with a solid grip

I have the benefit of running on a wide range of surfaces in my trail adventures, the Fluidflow dont really give a great grip on the off-road sections, you will definitely feel like you are going to lose traction. With that said, they do really grab the concrete/asphalt when you break onto the road or run on a treadmill. They aren’t your shoes for everywhere for sure.  


Built for the avid runner

Once these shoes break in they will fit your foot like a glove. After you get to that point, this shoe will be perfect for long-distance running if you aren’t looking for a ton of padding. 

The Fluidflow Very breathable

Breathability was not in question for the Fluidflow, with the mesh construction of the shoe, it provides amazing airflow to your foot, allowing your feet to stay cool, even on warm days.  


A fair price

Pricing at $80 for the Fluidflow, you are paying a fair price for a decent running shoe, but they may not be what everyone wants. If you want a similarly priced alternative with more cushion, you could also check out Alphabounce Instinct which is built for more standard needs. 


This is a good shoe, with some upside and some downside. I would weigh them in the less favorable for myself, mostly on the lack of cushion and the minimal grip available for them, but for other runners, that could be an upside. A lot of my opinion on them is a preference, but the break-in time can definitely make the first few runs less than favorable. Once you break these in, they should do exactly what you want them to do. 

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