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Among ASICS' long-standing series, the thirteenth version of the ASICS Gel Pulse makes your daily runs a spa for the feet. It's plush and supportive; going the distance is an easy feat with the Gel Pulse 13. Even more, it's an affordable option that delivers all-around performance whether it's in running, walking, or gym training.


  • Soft cushion for easy days
  • No break-in period needed
  • Great durability for a budget shoe
  • Supports moderately flat feet
  • Roomy toe box
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not for narrow feet
  • Lacks responsiveness

Who should buy the ASICS Gel Pulse 13

Like its predecessors, the Gel Pulse 13 from ASICS remains as the budget shoe for road runners looking for a: 

  • soft and cushy daily trainer
  • supportive long-distance shoe
  • running shoe that can double as a walking shoe and gym trainer

ASICS Gel Pulse 13 ASICS gel pulse 13

Who should NOT buy it

If you want a more speed-oriented shoe that doesn't break the bank, go for the Brooks Launch 8 or the Brooks Revel 5. And if you want something even cheaper but more springy for lighter training loads, go for the ASICS Gel Excite 8.

ASICS Gel Pulse 13 ASICS gel pulse

Gel Pulse 13 vs. 12: What changed? 

  • More accommodating fit: The new engineered jacquard mesh is stretchier for a more inclusive fit, especially for runners with larger feet. 
  • Better ventilation: Fit aside, the new upper also provides improved breathability for a cool running experience. 
  • Softer, more responsive ride: The revamped Amplifoam cushion and Gel tech offer a plusher sensation with amped-up energy return. 

ASICS Gel Pulse 13 amplifoam cushion

Cushy in every step

"It's like walking on pillows." This is what runners say about the ASICS Gel Pulse 13. They love the soft and comfy cushion of the shoe so much; they highly recommend it for all-day use. 

ASICS Gel Pulse 13 cushy ride

On top of this, it doesn't need an adjustment period. Straight out of the box, the shoe tunes into the foot.

Delivering all-day support

The Gel Pulse 13 may be a neutral shoe but those with flat feet and those who are on their feet for extended periods all claim that despite the shoe's cushiness, it still does a great job preventing excessive rolling of the foot.

ASICS Gel Pulse 13 ASICS gel

The ASICS Gel Pulse 13's ride is nothing exciting

One of the letdowns of this easy-day shoe is its dull ride. According to several testers, it lags behind in responsiveness. There's "no bounce back" during each foot strike. 

ASICS Gel Pulse 13 forefoot

Built to last

According to those who have run over 50 miles, the outsole still maintains an excellent condition. The midsole is not packing out, and the upper is still intact. 

ASICS Gel Pulse 13 outsole

Welcomes wide feet

This is thanks to the ASICS Gel Pulse 13's roomy toe box and stretchy mesh upper. Those with large feet report that this shoe keeps their "feet and toes happy" with the space it provides. 

ASICS Gel Pulse 13 toe box

Those who run high mileages also state that there's enough room for the foot to swell. 

Warning: A bit too roomy for slim feet

The fit is very accommodating from the midfoot to the forefoot; those with narrow feet are disappointed. According to them, they've experienced slips because the upper doesn't lock their feet down. 

ASICS Gel Pulse 13 midfoot

Won't cost an arm and a leg

The average ASICS running shoe costs $120 while the ASICS Gel Pulse 13 only costs $90. 

ASICS Gel Pulse 13 affordable shoe