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Due to its hook-and-loop lace enclosure, the sneaker cannot be worn with the laces hanging out like that of a conventional Nike sneaker. Strapping it down and utilizing all the D-rings and hooks is the ideal way of achieving a comfy fit during the harsh winter season. Lunarlon cushioning plus the Air-Sole unit makes it lighter than other usual cleat-type footwear. 

The men’s Nike Lunar Force 1 18 comes in a very generous size range starting from 6 to 18. These high tops also come in half sizes from 6.5 to 12.5 with a width construction of D medium. 

Pants will always be a staple for these men’s Nike Lunar Force 1 18 Duckboots mainly because it is designed for the colder months. The shiny, shimmering hook-loops and the D-ring eyelets are a dead giveaway for it to be considered a winter sneaker. And yes, it is a sneaker hence skinny jeans and tucked free-flowing trousers with matching high socks is the go-to look for these towering kicks.

Being promoted more like a sneaker other than a “duck cleat,” the Nike Lunar Force 1 18 inclines more on the lifestyle aspect of clothing other than being a utility cleat. When compared to the 2017 Duckboot release, the Nike LF1 18 removes the pull loops on the tongue and Achilles. The toe box also features the iconic Air Force 1 perforations, without the actual holes because that would be counter-productive.

Since the dawn of time, in a sneaker sense perhaps, Nike had been squeezing all its digestive juices to provide the ever-so-loyal consumer base with hip and technologically advanced silhouettes. With its inaugural Waffle-iron sole runner, Nike had already set a standard high up in the clouds performance-wise. Aside from a well-functioning facade, the Oregon-based company also invests in aesthetics because as far as everybody knows, nobody wants to run in a patched-up piece of garbage. 

With every new iteration Nike comes up, it would seem that they always outdid themselves. From the Cortez’s to the Blazers, bringing the A-game is always a notion which fortunately for the brand, traverses decades of fashion in the long run. But when it comes to lifestyle-bound models, there is one Nike sneaker that overshadows the rest of them all. 

The 70s to the 80s is the quintessential score of spontaneous sneaker production. Its almost overflowing supply of iconic silhouettes gave birth to shoes that are highly unlikely to be worn by Instagram-worthy teens of today. Ironically, the teens loved them. One of those who surpassed their timeline is the Nike Air Force 1, a sneaker built for the court in 1982. 

Initially built for basketball endeavors, the Nike Air Force 1 is a high top created by Bruce Kilgore. For years he had experimented on the designs before he ended up with the final one in 1992. It was the very first basketball shoe to contain an encapsulated Air-Sole unit at the heel, a technology pioneered by the Nike Air Tailwind. The timeless look of the sneaker never stuck to the court as fans began to sport it off the court.  

Its prolific presence in the streets earned its reputation as the best-selling Nike sneaker to date, thanks to the Baltimore trio of sneaker boutiques who spearheaded the “re-releasing” of the model in 1986. As some ‘heads might not know, the AF1 was discontinued in 1984 so, thank God for Baltimore. The said phenomenon was the historical incarnation of the “retro” which sneakerheads speak of today. 

As the years passed, more and more loyalists from every generation stuck to the coveted iteration like hydrophilic heads on a cell membrane. This consistent love resulted into a myriad of colorways almost amounting to 2000 different designs. Of course, a sneaker with this much prestige must include all types of footwear cues, including those for the winter season. 

Introducing the Nike Air Force 1 Duckboot--the aesthetics of an AF1 sneaker and the utility of a cold-weather cleat all rolled into one. Earlier renditions of the AF 1 Duckboot was witnessed as late as 2011 when it was just a fresh concept because, seriously, transforming the prim image of the Air Force to an ugly cleat was just thinking radical. Nike colored it brown with a dash of olive accents because that’s what winterized clothing root for. 

A year after the release of the AF 1 Duckboot, a ground-breaking innovation was in the works. In December 2012, Nike introduced the Nike Lunar Force 1 which is a combination of almost everything good Nike has to offer. For one, it is lighter than the usual version courtesy of the Lunarlon sole with rounded ribs for flexibility and lightweight cushioning. It is also composed of a Hyperfuse upper, a tech Nike unveiled in 2010. 

The Hyperfuse tech fuses three different types of upper components into one sturdy yet lighter material. To enhance the Lunar Force 1 even more, Nike decreased the number of seams on its upper for less rubbing. One might ask where did Nike put the “air” here in this sneaker? Well, they utilized their baller-popular Zoom Air-sole unit into the heel for plush comfort. 

The concept for a Lunar sneakerboot didn’t surface until 2013 when Nike revamped the retro long-distance runner called the LDV and made it into winter-ready footwear. The Nike Lunar LDV Sneakerboot became the pinnacle platform for upcoming sneakerboots in the following years. The Lunar LDV was part of the 2013 sneakerboot collection which also features the Nike Air Force 1 Duckboot. 

After several tweaks and re-introductions later, the Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot had hit the stores annually. Every iteration starting from 2015 is different from the other. The Nike Lunar Force 1 “White on White” Duckboot, for example, brought something new to the table like those icy blue  Lunarlon soles. 

In 2018, the Nike Lunar Force 1 18 debuted which is somehow a sleeker upgrade from the 2017 release. The high top sneakerboot is equipped with water-repellent uppers that are man-made. The sockliner is also composed of an internal membrane which keeps the feet dry. Deviating from the earlier iterations, the Nike Lunar Force 1 18 contains an Air-Sole unit in the heel instead of the Zoom-Air. 

  • Famous colorways of the Nike Lunar Force 1 18 include Sequoia/Gum, Obsidian/Gum, and Triple Black. 
  • Its lug pattern is aggressive to offer more grip in winter conditions. 
  • The sneaker initially retails for $170 a pop.


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