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The Nike Dualtone Racer is available in US sizes for both sexes. Since these sneakers are made to be more of a casual sneaker, it presents a broader build compared to regular performance sneakers. Going a size down is recommended for a better fit.

Nike Dualtone Racer Style

Taking the popularity of the Flyknit Racer, it took a couple of years for Nike to realize that the market also craves for a lifestyle sneaker. Even though they took time, the Nike Dualtone Racer perfected the balance of carrying the same sporty style as its OG inspiration while holding a casual and stylish build for everyday wear.

Released on July 6, 2017, the Nike Dualtone Racer is inspired by the track but created for the street. Like the Flyknit Racer, it carries a sleek and speedy silhouette. However, it skips the Flyknit technology and uses a breathable mesh upper for a more casual feel. It also dons a smoother and broader midsole which is a subtle but notable feature. Styling these can be relatively easy as it is versatile and designed for everyday wear. Both men and women can take advantage of these. Here are some of the styling suggestions for those in a dilemma:

  Styling suggestions for men

  • Reaching for the men’s Nike Dualtone Racer when wanting to be trendy is feasible. A floral button-down and folded denim make the perfect OOTD.
  • When the occasion calls for something dressy, a black men’s Nike Dualtone Racer casual shoe can be put into use. Keep the whole ensemble muted and wear a button-down and dark denim. Topping it off with a blazer is also ideal.
  • Though many have an affinity for black, white is also a colorway that cannot be missed. To highlight the construction of the shoe, pair it with joggers and a plain shirt.
  • Capri pants are not exclusive to women. Wearing these will help show off the details of the shoe. Make everything more stylish by matching it with a button-down underneath a sweater.

  Styling suggestions for women

  • Show that you are ready for winter by tucking your skinny jeans with these sneakers. Topping it with a blazer seals the whole outfit to perfection.
  • If edgy is more your game, then pair these with a bowler hat, white button-down, and black cropped jacket. Keeping everything black and white would be best.
  • Just like a sneaker is a staple to anyone’s wardrobe, the little white dress is an item that every girl has to have. These two combined may be unexpected but trust us, it works.
  • Nothing spells cool than going for an unusual pairing. This in mind, the Nike Dualtone Racer for women paired with a suit will make heads turn in a good way.

Notable Features

The Nike Dualtone Racer carries the same low-top silhouette of iconic race-day flats. A few minor changes from the Flyknit Racer can be seen to adapt to being a more casual lifestyle sneaker. Unlike the Flyknit Racer, the Nike Dualtone Racer is composed of a two-tone breathable mesh upper which comes in useful for those who prefer maximum breathability.

The apparent stitches on the side of the upper are placed to add some similarity to the usual Flywire. Although not entirely functional, these stitches contribute to the overall sporty aesthetic of the sneaker. It also features a padded lining on the ankles which brings more comfort.

Nike Dualtone Racer History

The Nike Dualtone Racer is the more casual reiteration of one of Nike’s most popular technologies and silhouettes, the Nike Flyknit Racer. The Flyknit Racer was developed by Nike to address the common feedback of runners, to have a shoe that has similar qualities of a sock. However, throughout the years of innovation, using sock-like uppers turn out to be bad for runners as it doesn’t hold shape, structure, and durability.

Determined to develop this technology, Nike created teams of programmers, designers, and engineers specifically for the creation of this knit upper. Producing this advancement required the brand to combine extensive research and its 40 years of experience and knowledge working with athletes.

After more than ten years of research, Nike was finally able to produce the next evolution of footwear, the Flyknit Racer. In February 2012, the Nike Dualtone Racer was released and gained so much attention. It can also be attributed to its 2012 London Olympic games debut wherein athletes sponsored by Nike turned out to be placers.

A byproduct of precision engineering wherein each element represents a purpose; the shoes resulted in one of the best fitting and lightest shoes from the brand. This innovation also gained praises as it is able to reduce waste at the same time dramatically. The minimalist design of the shoe only needs a one-piece upper instead of the traditional multiple-cut materials. Indeed, minimalism can result in maximum benefits. This advancement was revolutionary that it branched out to different variations and models, the Nike Dualtone Racer included.

Additional Info

  • The sneakers’ heel tab features a black suede material with a pull tab with 3M reflective detailing.
  • The Nike Dualtone Racer features dual-density cushioning which attributes to its comfortability and support.
  • Its webbed rubber outsole ensures the sneakers’ durability and traction.
  • These sneakers have lace-up closures for a snugger fit. Flat laces come with shoes for a sleeker feel.


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