Who should buy the Lotto Mirage 100 SPD

Competitive and aggressive players eyeing multi-court tennis footgear that’s stylish and high-performing. It is a solid option if you:

  • Need a support system made of tightly-packed foam granules.
  • Need a light and firmly fixed Kurim cage for enhanced mobility.
  • Need an innovative tread that delivers optimum grip and two ortholite insoles in varying depth measurement for a customized fit.

Lotto Mirage 100 SPD Logo

Ensures optimum grip 

Underneath is a dynamic outsole that’s fabricated with varying sheathed herringbone patterns to ensure optimum grip even as the wearer speeds off the net or swings at the baseline. This anti-abrasion rubber compound with modified outsole geometry is designed to play well on clay and hard court. 

Lotto Mirage 100 SPD Outsole

Puntoflex is a distinctive technical device lined across the forefoot tread. This spec grants the foot to flex correctly and spring back towards the next step with ease.

Syn-Pulse technology

Lotto uses its tested Syn-Pulse technology that’s lodged from the arch of the foot to the heel. This protective element allows the players to endure impact comfortably. It also works to conserve their energy with its shock-absorbing component.

Lotto Mirage 100 SPD Midsole

Biomechanical foot control proponent

A Biomechanical Foot Control (BFC) proponent that’s composed of thermoplastic material is concentrated in the midsole. It’s crafted to work as a stable brace around the heel during side-to-side movements.

Lotto Mirage 100 SPD Midsole 1.0

Comfortable cushioning

Lotto equipped this kick with the Enerturn shock absorption system. This unit that’s made of an elastic material in multiple densities buffers the foot against pressure as the foot strikes the ground. It also diffuses the negative forces of impact and returns the collected energy to the wearer. 

Lotto Mirage 100 SPD Midsole 3.0

Heavy-duty reinforcement

A lightweight, multilayer Kurim caging system helps hold the foot in place during movement. This asymmetrical web-like design composed of nylon and polyurethane offers breathability too. An anti-abrasion toe-cap is added as reinforcement. 

Lotto Mirage 100 SPD Upper

Fast-drying ortholite insoles

This athletic shoe also comes with two fast-drying Ortholite insoles. These extremely durable polyurethane foams come in 5mm and 4mm thickness for a tailored fit.

Lotto Mirage 100 SPD Insole

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 12.7oz / Women 10.9oz
Shoe Type: Hard Court
Features: Lightweight
Construction: Stability
Material: Synthetic/Textile
Technology: OrthoLite
BRAND Brand: Lotto

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Brenton Barker
Brenton Barker

Brenton is an Australian with 20 years of experience coaching WTA and ATP professional tennis players, whom have won a total of 10 international professional Tournaments. Brenton holds a Degree in Sports Coaching and was the former Head Tennis Coach at the Japanese Government Sports Science Institute. Brenton was also a former Manager & Head Coach of Australia’s Governing Sporting Body, Tennis Australia, and has been a Dunlop International Advisory Board Member since 2010. Additionally, Brenton was the Head of Player development for World No 7 and two-time Grand Slam Champion Johan Kriek.