ASICS Gel Resolution 8 review

The ASICS Gel Resolution 8 addresses a lot of pain points for the average tennis player.  Most dread the break-in period of new tennis shoes and the foot pain that accompanies them. This shoe minimizes the painful break-in period with its great cushioning all while providing great stability and durability. This shoe is definitely at the top of my list.

Whether you need to dash around the court or take a stroll around the block, this pair can do it all. With its added cushioning, it feels great to wear the ASICS Gel Resolution 8 to longer tennis sessions or for general everyday use. 

Who should buy Resolution 8

This is the perfect shoe for casual tennis players who values responsiveness and ground feedback to get across the court without any hesitation.

Who should NOT buy Resolution 8

The trade-off for comfort is a looser fit in some areas, mostly around the heel and toe. Consider another shoe if:

  • your toes are prone to chafing, the roomier toe box will prove problematic (the ASICS Court FF 2 is praised for its overall comfortable fit)
  • you prefer a more affordable shoe (the Challenger 12 is $40 cheaper)
  • breathability is important to you (with an open mesh cover, the ASICS Gel Game 8 is amazingly breathable)

Resolution 8 requires an adjustment period 

The ASICS Gel Resolution 8 runs a bit large. With the extra-long toe box, this pair of shoes can feel a bit lose with so much toe wiggle room. The fit around the ankle and midfoot area left felt comfortable if a bit roomy. I would recommend ordering these half a size smaller for the right fit.


Cushion provides amazing comfort

The Resolution 8 is padded around and under your foot for an amazing feel of comfort. Every step feels like walking on a cushion, while still allowing you the close-to-floor feel. The upper shoe is still made of a harder material that requires some break-in, but significantly less than most other tennis shoes. 

When it's time to play, Resolution 8 is ready

The ASICS Gel Resolution 8 felt like it was one with your feet. This shoe kept up with intense play sessions that had me dashing across the court. With their DYNAWRAP™ Technology, this pair sticks well to your feet.

Amazing on your feet

With an amazing below-average break-in period, the ASICS Gel Resolution 8 is a phenomenal shoe that doesn’t sacrifice agility for comfort. 


Weighs in at the middle of the pack

ASICS Resolution 8 is an average weighted shoe. Nothing to write home about but definitely won’t feel like dead weight on your feet when you’re running around.

Play hard, Resolution 8 can take it

After playing in the ASICS Resolution 8 for a few sessions, there haven’t been any obvious signs of wear. With a reinforced toe cap, you can rest assured this shoe will not fail on you any time soon.


Tie your laces and get ready to run

With an extra textured design on the sole, this shoe grips the ground and provides instant movement across the court.

Breath of normal air

Breathability has come as a minor cost for the durability and comfort provided with the ASICS Gel Resolution 8. While not suffocating, this shoe is average in its breathability levels.


Added bells and whistles 

With their DYNAWRAP™ Technology, the ASICS Gel Resolution 8 provides a great lockdown that will prevent any slipping as the laces are tied closely to your midfoot. The lengthier than average toe box may provide a bit too much wiggle room for your toes and cause some chafing. 



The ASICS Gel Resolution 8 stands to be a fierce competitor for top-of-the-line performance tennis shoes. The shoe provides great feedback and responsiveness to get across the court with unparalleled comfort. It is a great shoe that I will be wearing in many tennis sessions. 

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 415g / Women 360g
Shoe Type: All Court
Collection: ASICS Gel, ASICS Gel Resolution, ASICS AHAR
Features: Durability warranty
Construction: Stability
Material: Synthetic

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