Who should buy the Salomon Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is a hiking shoe that is likely to be appreciated by hikers who:

  • want to hit the trails in comfy-yet-protective footwear
  • those who prefer extra breathability for warmer days
  • frequently smear on small (no more than 2 ft) boulders
  • trample over loose and pebbly soil

Salomon Pathfinder Mouth opening

Who should NOT buy the shoe

With the release of the Pathfinder, our collection of Salomon kicks has once again been diversified. That said, the shoe in question is not alone in this regard. Indeed, it is joined by the Pathfinder Mid CSWP, which is a supportive boot with a waterproof membrane, called Climashield. Choosing between the two is rather simple. If you regularly hike in dry conditions, opt for the featured shoe. If you need that extra ankle security and prefer to stay dry and fresh in shallow waters, go for the Pathfinder Mid CSWP.

Pathfinder's comfort makes your feet happy

A lot of wearers report that this Salomon shoe leaves their feet feeling good and pain-free even after hours of walking. Some of them mentioned that their feet get more tired in other hiking shoes from Salomon and one called it a "game changer."

The reviewers have pointed out how well-padded the Pathfinder is and that they never got blisters in it.

Salomon Pathfinder Midsole

The shoe even received positive feedback from people with arthritis and neuropathy.

Toothy tread to bite them all

People have gone through all sorts of terrain in this Salomon hiking shoe, including mud, hills, sand, slush, and snow. "Always felt sure on my feet!" exclaims one of the reviewers.

Salomon Pathfinder Outsole

Has the potential to last for years

For some people, the Salomon Pathfinder lasted as long as 3 years! This fact convinced them to keep buying a new pair every time the old one wears out.

Salomon Pathfinder inner lining

The only part of the shoe that received complaints about premature wear is the inner lining. The fabric ripped within a few months for some. This led to blisters and further deterioration of the upper.

Salomon Pathfinder is a breathable one

The shoe's porous mesh is described as very efficient in maintaining good airflow inside the Pathfinder. Some wearers say that it also dries quickly if water happens to get in.

Salomon Pathfinder breathable

Moisture control is enhanced by the Ortholite insole inside the shoe.

Salomon Pathfinder ortholite

Form-fitting upper

Even though the Pathfinder offers a one-to-one fit, people with average-to-narrow feet report that there is plenty of room to fit thicker socks on a cold day.

Mind, however, that it is still not spacious enough for people with wide feet.

Salomon Pathfinder toebox

Lighter than average

The Pathfinder from Salomon also delighted its wearers with a pretty lightweight package. It weighs 335 g per shoe while the average for hiking shoes is 378 g.

Salomon Pathfinder lightweight

A steal for the price!

With an asking price of $80, this Salomon shoe delivers an impressive worth for the money. For reference, hiking shoes are priced $130 on average.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 11.8oz / Women 9.9oz
Use: Light Hiking
Cut: Low cut
Features: Lightweight / Lace-to-toe / Breathable / Orthotic friendly / Removable insole
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Salomon
Construction: Lace-to-toe

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