24 best Salomon hiking shoes

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  1. Any color
    Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX - Green
    Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX - Black
    Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX - Graphite/Night Sky/H
    $150 $110 Save 27%
  2. Any color
    Salomon OUTline GTX - Black
    $130 $98 Save 25%
  3. $100 $75 Save 25%
  4. Any color
    Salomon X Ultra 3 - Blue
    $120 $90 Save 25%
  5. Any color
    $110 $50 Save 55%
  6. Any color
    $160 $110 Save 31%
  7. $140 $60 Save 57%
  8. Any color
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Lightweight footwear, such as Salomon hiking shoes, is enjoying a surge in popularity among hikers everywhere. The concept of portable gear that doesn’t compromise is becoming more in demand these days. Outdoor enthusiasts are moving towards these quality trail shoes for a more comfortable outdoor experience. The reduced weight and the feathery feel of the shoes make them worth the investment. Numerous outdoor footwear companies, like Salomon, manufacture their line of light hikers. Their lineup of light hiking shoes offers a balance between comfort and outdoor performance.

Main aspects of the best men's and women's Salomon hiking shoes

best salomon hiking shoes
Best Salomon hiking shoes - December 2019

Comfort is a given

If you’re used to burly backpacking boots, you’ll discover something new when you try a pair of Salomon hiking shoes. Simply put, they’re more comfortable to walk around in. The combination of a padded collar, tongue, and sculpted insole cushions different areas of your foot. The underfoot section is handled by the shoe’s Ortholite insole. This component is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA. The EVA insole helps cushion every step and dampens excess shock.

A shoe’s ability to be breathable is another key to a comfortable hike. Salomon hiking shoes use an upper made of synthetic textiles and mesh fabrics. These materials allow air to pass through them to ventilate the shoe’s insides. As a result, your foot won’t sweat that much during a hot day. You’ll feel cooler, even in the hottest of hikes.

They fit you well

How your footgear fits you is its most important quality. If it’s too tight or loose, your hike won’t be as enjoyable as you expect it to be. That said, Salomon hiking shoes offer a precise and secure fit when you try them on. For starters, some of the brand’s shoes come with a Quicklace system. This technology allows you to tighten up your laces effortlessly, so your foot is locked down inside the shoe. There’s a sculpted heel that locks the rear portion of your foot in place. This feature will come in handy when you’re ascending. Lastly, the finest Salomon hiking shoes use SensiFit. Footwear equipped with this feature cradles your foot from the midsole to the lacing system. As a result, you get a snug fit whenever you wear the brand’s shoes.

How can men and women choose Salomon hiking shoes that fit them perfectly?

Getting a new pair online is challenging because you won’t be able to check how the shoes fit. There’s even a chance of getting an ill-fitting shoe. Don’t fret because here are some helpful tips to ensure you get the right fit from your Salomon hiking shoes:

  • The brand’s hiking shoes range from sizes 7 to 14 for men. For women, the sizes available are from 5 to 12.
  • Hiking shoes manufactured by Salomon also come in half-sizes to give you a more precise fit.
  • Salomon hiking shoes for men and women come in regular width.
  • Knowing the exact length and width of your foot is crucial. Once you gain this information, you can look at the brand’s fit and sizing guide. This way, you can have an exact fit from your shoes when they arrive.
  • Wear the appropriate socks when you’re checking the fit of your shoes. This will give you an idea of how your Salomon hiking shoes feel and perform.
  • The best time to fit a shoe is during the afternoon. Studies have shown a person’s foot swells at this time of the day. This is recommended so you won’t have any fit-related problems when you’re outdoors.
  • You have the option of replacing some components of your Salomon hiking shoes. If the insole or laces aren’t meeting your standards, you can replace them with third-party brands. In this way, you can customize the fit according to your liking.

The traction they provide is outstanding

Exploring the great outdoors will always come with challenging terrain. Salomon hiking shoes come with grippy outsoles to secure your footing. Whether there’s gravel, wet rocks or muddy paths, the brand’s low-cut hikers will help you conquer them all. The shoe’s outsole is made of high-performance rubber compound to handle most ground conditions. They feature an aggressive lug pattern that bites securely on the ground. These same lugs are also handy in preventing debris build-up under the shoe.

The best Salomon hiking shoes are equipped with brake lugs on the outsole’s surface. These brake lugs prevent your heel from sliding when going downhill or traversing slippery surfaces. Whatever kind of terrain you’re going to tackle, the brand’s shoes are more than enough to prevent slippage for casual and serious hikers alike.

Stability and support is top-notch in its class

Day hikers and light backpackers need all the support they can get from their footwear. Salomon hiking shoes are optimized to support and stabilize your every step. The shoe uses the brand’s patented Advanced Chassis system to achieve this feat. The said system connects directly to the soles for heel stability . An EVA midsole is inserted inside the shoe for improved cushioning underfoot. There’s a molded shank inside to add more stability. All of these components work to support you in your day hike or light backpacking trip.

Weight won’t be an issue on the trail

You don’t need to burden your feet with too much weight when going on a day hike. A pair of Salomon hiking shoes is a far cry from hiking boots. The brand’s entry-level shoe, such as the Salomon Effect GTX, weighs 349 grams.  Meanwhile, Salomon’s top-of-the-line X Ultra Prime GTX weighs 370 grams per shoe. This reduction in weight is related to the use of synthetic textiles in the upper. The outsole used in this shoe is also thinner than conventional hiking boots . This decreased weight helps you save a lot of energy, making your hike more enjoyable.

Protection is a key highlight

No matter how fun hiking is, there will always be dangers lurking around in a trail. Salomon hiking shoes are equipped with protective features to keep your feet safe. At the forefoot section of the shoe, you will notice a thick rubber toe cap. This component is great for protecting your toes from sudden bumps. There’s also a heel cap present in select Salomon hiking shoes. It provides much-needed protection for the rearfoot section.

Sharp rocks and other objects on the trail might scrape your shoe. So the presence of both components will lessen your worries about such obstacles. They’re sturdy enough to shield the upper from abrasive elements.

Along with a water-resistant synthetic upper, the best Salomon hiking shoes are endowed with a Gore-Tex liner. This membrane prevents water from entering a shoe’s insides. Even though you’re tackling varied wet trail conditions, there’s a big chance your feet will stay dry inside this footgear. Also, gussets are placed on each side of the tongue to prevent debris from making its way inside the shoe.

Is it better to get Salomon hiking shoes with a Gore-Tex liner or not?

The answer depends on where you’re going to hike. If your destination has a lot of wet trail conditions in it, the brand’s waterproof hiking shoes are your best bet. Setting your trip in a humid environment or any place that’s devoid of water is an entirely different story. Your feet will sweat profusely if air isn't allowed to ventilate it properly. In this case, breathable Salomon hiking shoes should be in order. The inclusion of a waterproof liner, no matter how it is advertised as breathable, will prevent air from entering the shoe. Without this liner, ventilation is assured and your foot can breathe better, even in the hottest of hikes.

They can last for a long time

Durability is one of the critical aspects of a good hiking shoe. The brand’s footwear accomplishes this requirement by using sturdy materials. A shoe’s high flex point areas are often prone to wear. The shoe upper’s stitching is reinforced with double seams to resolve this issue. The outsole is made from a sturdy rubber compound to handle constant contact with the ground. Select hiking shoe models use Kevlar laces to secure your foot. Kevlar is a material that’s renowned for its innate toughness. All in all, these features help you enjoy your Salomon hiking shoes for a long time.

How can I preserve the quality of my Salomon hiking shoes?

  • After each hike, clean your shoes under running water. Use an old brush to wipe away traces of dirt on it.
  • Separate the insole and the laces so you can clean them more thoroughly.
  • Dry them in a spot where there’s no direct source of heat to preserve the shoe’s quality
  • Apply some treatment solution to the upper. This will preserve the water-repellent coating of your Salomon hiking shoes.

Reasons that set the best Salomon hiking shoes apart from the crowd


Finding a suitable pair of Salomon hiking shoes online is a piece of cake. The same can also be said when you visit your nearest outdoor gear store. The brand’s footwear enjoys a constant presence, not only in these stores, but also in the consciousness of outdoor lovers everywhere. Hiking shoes built by Salomon are being sold in over 40 countries around the world. Also, notable outdoor review websites have recognized the brand’s hiking shoe line as one of the best. Thanks to a combination of proven performance and durability, Salomon hiking shoes are always a consideration for any adventure junkie.

Notable Salomon hiking shoes

Outdoor aficionados will never run out of options when it comes to the brand’s hiking shoes. Salomon offers various shoe models that can satisfy even the most demanding hiker.

  • X Ultra. This line of Salomon hiking shoes is recognized as among the best in the industry. These shoes come loaded with the brand’s technologies to better serve its user. They are often recommended by experienced hikers and outdoor gear review sites. The Salomon X Ultra also comes in a mid-cut version for consumers looking for additional ankle support. 
  • A step down from the X Ultra line is the Evasion. This particular hiking shoe line has several variants, including waterproof models and those without. Like the Salomon X Ultra, the Evasion also comes in a mid-cut variant for light backpackers.


The use of resilient materials, coupled with the brand’s outdoor expertise, makes these shoes pricier. When compared with the competition, Salomon hiking shoes are a tad higher. The added cost is worth it because different technologies have been infused into this footgear. The brand’s entry-level shoe models start at $100 . The finest Salomon hiking shoes top out at $160. Since the price range is vast, you can find a pair that suits your preferences at a price that fits their features.

Shoe Technologies

Salomon hiking shoes are filled to the brim with the brand’s technologies. A majority of these features are developed by Salomon while some are from third-party companies. These technologies come together to afford hikers with a better footwear performance.

  • This is Salomon’s patented outsole technology. The outsole itself if made of a tough rubber compound. It has an aggressive lug pattern that bites into the ground well. These outsoles also grip well on slippery surfaces and steep slopes.
  • Advanced Chassis System. Salomon shoes with this feature have optimal motion control and stability. This chassis is inserted between the outsole and midsole for a more responsive feel.
  • The SensiFit system is Salomon’s answer to fitting concerns. The technology is designed to wrap and cradle your foot for a snug fit.
  • Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is the industry standard when it comes to water protection. The fabric is filled with over nine billion pores per square inch. This microscopic pore design helps repel water while allowing moisture to pass through. The finest Salomon hiking shoes are fitted with the Gore-Tex Performance Comfort membrane. This variant offers excellent waterproofness and optimized breathability, making it an ideal choice for any hiker.
  • Some Salomon hiking shoes come with an Ortholite insole. This third-party technology provides extra cushioning under your foot. It also wards off odor-causing microbes to help your foot smell fresh during a hike.
  • This is the brand’s patented technology that allows you to lace up the shoe effortlessly. The result is a more secure and customized fit from the shoe.

Frequently asked questions about the best Salomon hiking shoes.

Can I use my Salomon hiking shoes in snowy terrain?

You can wear them in places filled with snow, but the experience won’t be pleasant. Salomon hiking shoes don’t have any insulation in them so your feet will suffer from the cold. Snowflakes will also easily enter the shoe’s low-cut design. If you’re going to tackle a snowy terrain, your best bet is to wear winter hiking boots. This kind of footwear is better than hiking shoes in keeping your feet warm.

How can I keep my Salomon hiking shoes from smelling bad?

The main reason why a foul odor emanates from your shoe’s insides is the proliferation of bacteria. These germs are produced when sweat is trapped inside the shoe. It’s important to partner your breathable footwear with socks made of merino wool so moisture can be easily expelled. Take note of your shoe’s lining too. Cleaning them regularly gets rid of any odor-causing bacteria. You can also apply talcum powder on your foot to keep it smelling fresh throughout the whole trip.

When is the best time to use my Salomon hiking shoes?

Hiking boots are a lot more substantial when it comes to weight, rigidity, and technologies. On the other hand, a pair of Salomon hiking shoes tells a different story altogether. Its lightweight design is better suited for people who value comfort on the trail. This footwear is designed for folks planning to conquer a short-distance trail. The key to this outdoor activity is it should not exceed a single day. There are also fewer obstacles present to challenge you.

Another good time to use the brand’s hiking shoes is when you’re not going to carry a heavy backpack. Carrying a sizable load over a given distance can take a toll on your feet. If you end up carrying a minimum amount of weight, your feet can move around freely. Salomon hiking shoes offer you that kind of freedom, granted you have a light pack on your back.

Why should I choose Salomon hiking shoes over a pair of hiking sandal?

In a way, quality hiking sandals offer less weight and better breathability. Using this type of footwear creates a more comfortable outdoor experience in the right kind of environment. But when you need more, you can never go wrong with a pair of Salomon hiking shoes. They provide a balanced choice for hikers in terms of traction, protection, and weight. As such, here are some instances that require hiking shoes over hiking sandals:

  • When there are a lot of uneven or slippery surfaces on the trail.
  • When there are wet trail conditions or you’re going to hike under unpredictable weather.
  • When there are obstacles that can hurt your feet. Some examples include exposed tree roots, jagged rocks, or critters.
  • When you’re carrying a light load on your back

Should I break my new Salomon hiking shoes in?

Unlike backpacking boots, a hiking shoe uses less rigid components. The upper is made of synthetic textiles, and the outsole is thinner. These factors help lessen the break-in time of Salomon hiking shoes. To be on the safe side, you can allot a single day to break these shoes in. If you’re going to do this, here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Wear your hiking socks when you break your new shoes in. This will give you an exact feel of the shoe before using them on a hike.
  • Go slow at first. Take a couple of steps to check how they perform. Once you feel confident, you can walk in them until they feel better on your feet.
  • You can take your backpack with you as you’re breaking in these shoes. Again, performing this act will give you an idea of how this footwear performs.
  • Don’t soak them in water to soften up the shoes. You’re only going to ruin the quality of your Salomon hiking shoes.

12 best Salomon hiking shoes

  1. Salomon X Ultra 3
  2. Salomon OUTline GTX
  3. Salomon X Ultra Mehari
  4. Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX
  5. Salomon OUTbound GTX
  6. Salomon OUTline
  7. Salomon Techamphibian 4
  8. Salomon OUTbound
  9. Salomon X Ultra Prime CS WP
  10. Salomon Odyssey Pro
  11. Salomon Crossamphibian Swift 2
  12. Salomon Amphib Bold
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