25 best Danner hiking boots

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  1. Any color
    Danner Mountain 600 - Brown
    Danner Mountain 600 - Brown
    Danner Mountain 600 - Brown/Red
    Danner Mountain 600 - Carbon Black
    Danner Mountain 600 - Brown
    $200 $133 Save 34%
  2. Any color
    Danner Mountain Light II - Brown
    Danner Mountain Light II - BLACK
    $380 $223 Save 41%
  3. Any color
    Danner Explorer 650 - Brown
    Danner Explorer 650 - Brown/Green
    Danner Explorer 650 - Brown/Olive
    Danner Explorer 650 - Beige
    $190 $130 Save 32%
  4. Any color
    Danner Radical 452 - DARK BROWN
    Danner Radical 452 - Olive
    $180 $130 Save 28%
  5. $380 $120 Save 68%
  6. Any color
    $150 $122 Save 19%
  7. Any color
    $150 $120 Save 20%
  8. Any color
    $170 $140 Save 18%
  9. Any color
    $300 $225 Save 25%
  10. Any color
    $160 $110 Save 31%
  11. Any color
    $380 $256 Save 33%
  12. Any color
  13. $330 $303 Save 8%
  14. $150 $98 Save 35%
  15. Any color
  16. $180 $161 Save 11%
  17. Any color

Reasons why the best men's and women's Danner hiking boots are worth it

best danner hiking boots
Best Danner hiking boots - December 2019

Danner hiking boots, whether high-cut or mid-cut ones, embody the adventurous spirit of outdoor lovers everywhere. These boots offer more performance and protection than low-cut hiking shoes or hiking sandals. Shown below are the benefits you stand to gain from a pair of Danner hiking boots.

They grant you the precise fit

Moving around in a boot that’s either too tight or too loose can be detrimental for you. Danner hiking boots are equipped with features to address any fit-related concern. The lasts used in these boots are developed by Danner to have a half size variant, providing the best possible fit. The heel and toe box design are ridged , locking your foot in place. A lacing system helps personalize the fit and snugly locks down the foot. Although all of these features help you get an exact fit, there are some important details you should know first before getting a new pair of Danner hiking boots.

  • If you are ordering online, you need to know your US size. You can also refer to the brand’s size conversion chart to find the right fit for you.
  • Danner hiking boots are available for men and women. Men’s boots start at 7 and top out at 15 . Women’s footwear range from 5 to 11 .
  • The brand offers narrow, medium and wide widths for men and standard width for women.
  • If you are about to try a pair of Danner hiking boots in a store, don’t forget to wear your actual hiking socks. Also, set your fitting schedule in the afternoon as your foot swells at this time of the day. Both of these tips will give you an idea how these boots really fit.
  • To be on the safe side, look at the fit tip of Danner. There are boots needs sizing up; others need sizing down. In this way, you can have an exact fit from the brand’s hikers.

Comfort is prioritized

You won’t get far on the trail if your feet are suffering. Danner hiking boots are engineered for optimal comfort so you can enjoy your hike. Although most of the brand’s boots exude a rugged look, the feel inside is a cozy one. The boot’s ankle cuff and tongue are padded to hold your foot comfortably. An air mesh lining  is present in some of the brand’s day hiking boots to ventilate your foot in hot weather. Danner’s best hikers come with removable Ortholite insoles  to cradle your foot and help move moisture away from it. All in all, these hiking boots offer sufficient features to help you get from point A to point B comfortably.

Your every stride is supported well

It’s always wise to be on the safe side when you’re planning to carry a pack on your next hike. Danner hiking boots offer adequate support so you can safely traverse challenging trail conditions. The brand’s best offerings use a midsole made from a combination of ethylene-vinyl acetate and synthetic rubber.  This specialized midsole grants you with sufficient support, rebound, and cushioning. There’s a thermoplastic urethane , or TPU, heel frame that promotes stability to your every step. A shank made of fiberglass  or nylon  is also present to add more rigidity to the footgear. A few of Danner’s hikers use Bi Fit Board technology , which reduces the overall weight without compromising support.

Select models, such as the Danner Mountain Light, use a stitchdown construction which provides an increase in underfoot stability. Another feature that promotes support and stability is Danner’s Terra Force X Platform . The said technology links the boot’s X-frame to the shank and nests the upper into the midsole. The result is an improvement in overall support, especially on the footwear’s sides.

There’s ample traction for your needs

Every trail is filled with obstacles that can make you lose your balance. Danner hiking boots are fitted with grippy outsoles so you can stay one step ahead of these obstacles. Flip one of the brand’s boots, and you’ll see an aggressive lug pattern. These multi-directional lugs bite well into the ground. At the same time, these lugs are also self-adapting  to help you handle wet and dry surfaces. Thanks to these outsoles, you can hike without the fear of slipping.

Protection isn’t compromised

Every trail, no matter how hard or easy they may be, has challenges that can harm your feet. Danner hiking boots are imbued with several features to keep you safe. The brand’s best boots use an upper made of full-grain leather , nubuck leather , or suede . These upper materials make the boot resistant against abrasions and the elements. The upper is reinforced by possessing minimal seams. Also, a gusseted tongue  is present to prevent debris from entering the boot.

Danner hiking boots feature a waterproof liner in its upper to keep your feet dry. It protects your foot from varied wet trail conditions and unpredictable weather. The liner also allows perspiration to pass through it, preventing moisture from building up inside the boot. Also, a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating is applied to the brand’s hikers, enhancing its resistance against wet trail conditions. As such, you can be more confident in tackling streams, dew-soaked grass, or a sudden downpour.

They’re built to last

Take a glance at a pair of Danner hiking boots, and you’ll notice how tough they look. Most of the brand’s mid-cut and high-cut hikers use different kinds of leather as the main upper material. The finest hiking boots use full-grain leather  while some models use nubuck . Danner’s lightweight hiking boots use a combination of nylon fabric and suede leather  to reduce its weight. No matter what the upper configuration is, these boots can handle almost every challenge on the trail.

Hiking boots manufactured by Danner are imbued with Vibram outsoles. Apart from supplying respectable traction on the trail, these outsoles are also designed to last. They are infused with Megagrip rubber , a material known for its durability. The finest Danner hiking boots also use a midsole made by Vibram . These EVA midsoles can handle constant bending to support and cushion your movement on the trail. Overall, you can be sure the money you invested in these Danner hiking boots won’t be wasted in a short span of time.

The formula behind the best Danner hiking boots for men and women


Over the years, Danner has built a reputation for producing quality hiking boots that blend a rugged style with impeccable performance. This American footwear manufacturer started out in 1932  when its founder, Charles Danner, had the idea of selling handcrafted work boots at affordable prices. By the 1960s, hiking became a national fad among Americans. Danner capitalized on this trend by becoming the sole domestic manufacturer of hiking boots. Since then, the brand has been at the forefront of innovation by introducing classic boot designs and features.

Whenever you check out hiking footwear online or in outdoor gear stores, there’s a chance you’re going to see a pair of Danner hiking boots. The brand’s signature old-school rugged style stands out, making it a popular choice for outdoor junkies everywhere. A slew of positive reviews and accolades  serve as a testament to Danner’s popularity. Also, Danner hiking boots are sold in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Australia.


Take a quick look at Danner’s online catalog, and you’ll see how competitive the brand’s hiking boot line is. The prices of these Danner hiking boots, along with all of their corresponding technologies, make them an enticing option for any outdoor enthusiast. Entry-level footwear options start at $150 while premium boots go for $380.  The best Danner hiking boots cost more because of its quality leather upper and complex construction method.

Shoe Technologies

Danner infused several technologies into their hiking boot line to make your outdoor experience a better and safer one.

  • Danner Dry. This is the brand’s patented waterproofing technology. Danner Dry-equipped boots prevent your feet from being soaked while offering breathability at the same time.
  • Vibram SPE. SPE stands for Specialized Performance Elastomer. This midsole is made of synthetic natural rubber and EVA, granting an improvement in cushioning, durability, and resiliency.
  • Vibram. The best Danner hiking boots are imbued with Vibram outsoles to deliver sufficient traction. These outsoles contain self-adapting lugs that stretch out to multiple directions to stabilize your footing on varied ground conditions. The outsole is made from Megagrip rubber technology so it can handle constant contact with the ground while minimizing weight.
  • EnduroWeave. Enduroweave is a new kind of fabric developed by Danner. This carbon-washed material is woven tightly to give it an impressive resistance against abrasion. The result is a lightweight fabric that’s both breathable and stylish.
  • DPDX. Popular Danner hiking boots are built on DPDX lasts. This sleek last variant provides enough room for your foot without suffocating it.
  • Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex liners are recognized for their remarkable ability to prevent water from passing through. The fabric’s surface contains over nine billion pores per square inch. This microscopic design blocks water from entering the boot while allowing moisture vapor to escape, keeping your foot dry and comfortable at the same time.
  • Ortholite. This third-party company specializes in creating open-cell polyurethane insoles for the best Danner hiking boots. Ortholite insoles are capable of dissipating heat and improving air circulation inside the footgear.
  • Dri-Lex. Dri-Lex fabrics are recognized for their excellence in expelling moisture. These fabrics contain high-performance fibers that are developed to keep your foot cool. Danner hiking boots with Dri-Lex technology are often used in warm and humid weather.
  • Bi Fit Board. The shank, midsole component, and lasting board is combined into a single piece to reduce the overall weight of the boot. This piece is molded to the shape and contours of your foot for optimal support.
  • Terra Force X Platform. This technology nests the boot’s upper onto the TFX platform. The said platform is actually the footwear’s sole unit, consisting of the insole plate, shank, midsole, and outsole components. Danner hiking boots that use the TFX platform are lighter and offer better heel-to-toe energy transfer.
  • Approach TFX. The Approach TFX is Danner’s proprietary outsole technology. These outsoles are configured to be lightweight and durable. Danner hiking boots with Approach TFX outsoles contain multi-directional lugs to grip well on varied ground conditions. These same lugs are also beveled to help get rid of debris as you move on the trail.

Frequently asked questions about Danner hiking boots

What’s the best way to take care of my Danner hiking boots?

  • Clean your hikers after each use. Get a damp piece of cloth, soft brush, or sponge to wipe away visible dirt and mud.
  • Tiny bits of debris can enter your Danner hiking boots, causing the footgear to deteriorate faster. The brand’s patented cleaning gel helps maintain the leather boot’s quality. Apply the gel while the footwear is still sparingly wet. Afterward, rinse the boot with water.
  • Never leave your Danner hiking boots to dry where they are exposed to direct heat. Also, don’t use a hairdryer as it can severely damage the boot’s quality. Leave your footgear somewhere airy so they can dry well.
  • After some time, your Danner hiking boots will feel heavier than the usual. This could mean water spots are stuck between the upper and Gore-Tex liner. If this is the case, you should apply a generous amount of Danner waterproofing spray to treat the leather upper and get rid of the water spots inside. If your hikers have synthetic uppers, the brand’s waterproofing gel will suffice.
  • Any leather material has the tendency to flake or crack. It’s crucial to condition your leather Danner hiking boots on a regular basis to prevent this scenario from happening. Get a bottle of Danner Boot Dressing and apply it on your footwear. This solution prevents the leather portions of your boot from drying out and extending its lifespan in the process.

Can I return by Danner hiking boots under warranty, even if I purchased them from a local store?

Yes, you can . As long as you kept the purchase receipt and your boots are still under warranty, Danner will evaluate the footwear for an inspection. This method can only be used if your local retailer refuses to accept your return.

I’ve been using my Danner hiking boots for a long time. Is there any way to extend the footwear’s lifespan?

Certain hiking boot models are eligible to be recrafted by the brand. The process entails several steps to fully restore your Danner boots and give them a new lease of life.

  • The American footwear manufacturer can only fix boots with a stitchdown construction. Also, the leather upper should not be cracked or torn for your footgear to be eligible.
  • Before you ship your worn-out Danner hiking boots, make sure to clean them up first. Plus, remove the laces and insoles because they will be discarded during the recrafting. After doing so, fill up an order form and send your old hikers to the company’s headquarters.
  • The brand’s craftsmen will remove the stitching around the boot to start the process. Once removed, a last is placed inside your worn-out hiker to restore its original shape.
  • The old outsoles of your Danner hiking boots are disposed to make way for a new pair. These outsoles are then stitched to your footgear to complete the recrafting process.
  • The complete turnaround time for the recrafting process is around seven to eight weeks. This amount of time includes the boots being shipped back to your location.

15 best Danner hiking boots

  1. Danner Mountain 600 Weatherized
  2. Danner Mountain Pass
  3. Danner South Rim 600
  4. Danner Crater Rim
  5. Danner Mountain 600 EnduroWeave
  6. Danner Mountain 600
  7. Danner Mountain Light
  8. Danner Explorer 650
  9. Danner Mountain Light II
  10. Danner Jag
  11. Danner Explorer
  12. Danner Light II
  13. Danner Radical 452
  14. Danner Skyridge
  15. Danner Crag Rat USA
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