15 best Adidas workout shoes

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      1. Adidas Athletics 24/7 Trainer - Black
        Any color
        Adidas Athletics 24/7 Trainer - Black/Black/White
        Adidas Athletics 24/7 Trainer - Grijs
        $100 $27 Save 73%
      2. Adidas Pureboost Trainer - core black/core blac
        Any color
        Adidas Pureboost Trainer - core black/core blac
        $120 $55 Save 54%
      3. Adidas CrazyTrain Elite - Grey
      4. Adidas Icon Trainer - Power Red/White/Red
      5. Adidas Adipure 360.3 - Rot (Solar Red/Silver Metalic/Black)
      6. Adidas Alphabounce Trainer - Grey
      7. Adidas Solar Lt - Green
        $80 $65 Save 19%
      8. Adidas Crazytrain LT - Rouge Roalre Granob Desnat 0
      9. Adidas Gym Warrior 2.0 - rood
      10. Adidas ZG Bounce - Blue
      11. Adidas CrazyTrain 2.0 CloudFoam - Black Core Black Utility Black
      12. Adidas Essential Star 3 - Black
      13. Adidas FitBoost Trainer - adidas-fitboost-trainer-f528
        $120 $72 Save 40%

      best workout shoes
      Best Adidas workout shoes - February 2020

      Adidas is known the world over for its wide range of footwear, so it’s not a surprise that when consumers are looking for everyday training shoes, this is one of their go-to brands. Adidas workout shoes are crafted to be versatile, allowing their wearers to keep up with a wide range of physical activities that vary in intensity. Typically, fitness regimens include any of the four types of exercises: aerobics, weightlifting, stretching, and balance workouts. Adidas workout shoes are engineered to provide impact absorption and overall support to deliver a pleasant exercise experience for all of these activities.

      While many workout trainers from other brands claim to do the same things and more, Adidas workout shoes are still among the popular choices for the masses. What makes them stand out from the competition? Read below to find out.

      What sets Adidas workout shoes apart

      Established brand

      Adidas workout shoes come from one of the oldest and biggest sportswear brands in the world. As such, huge expectations are riding on the proverbial shoulders of these models of workout footwear.

      Ever since the company's beginning, its founder, Adi Dassler, has been known for producing footwear that boosts the wearer’s athletic performance in their chosen field.

      He was able to do this through his constant consultations with various athletes to find out their physical demands during games and training as well as continuous observation and innovation. He then took all of the information he gathered and used it to create Adidas workout shoes that anticipate and support their needs.

      Today, Adidas workout shoes are still created this way. They also have collaborations with designers and athletes in order to give more control on the design and construction of the models.

      Special technologies

      The technologies that are equipped in the Adidas workout shoes are some of the cutting-edge innovations on the market. They are engineered to protect the foot from the harsh elements of the environment, buffer shock and impact for reduced risk of injuries, and augment the abilities of the wearer. Here are the popular inventions used in Adidas workout shoes:

      • ADIPRENE+

      Adiprene+ is a lightweight cushioning found in the midsole that protects the entire forefoot from the impact. It is also meant to offer additional bounce upon take-off. It is made of a durable ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) foam that exhibits resistance to stress-cracks, water infiltration, and UV radiation.

      • Boost

      The Boost technology is a lightweight type of cushioning that is designed to provide high energy return. It was originally formulated to be softer since it was more commonly used in Adidas running shoes. However, it has been made denser in order to create a more stable platform during workouts when it was adapted for workout shoes. Nevertheless, it retained the responsiveness and flexibility that the Boost is known for.

      • Bounce

      The Bounce cushioning is composed of an EVA foam that lends shock absorption and quick responsiveness to the midsole. It has a firm composition made of structured elements that expand when pressure is applied and bounces back upon release.

      • Cloudfoam

      Another EVA-made midsole, the Cloudfoam is composed of durable foam that goes back to its original form upon take-off. It delivers sufficient cushioning to absorb impact and provide comfort.

      Different price points

      Adidas workout shoes are available at various price points in order to cater to budgets of all sizes. The price tags of Adidas workout shoes range from $80 to $180. Here’s what to expect for each price point:

      • $80 to $100: These budget-friendly Adidas workout shoes are good for daily workouts. They are usually equipped with a lightweight upper, a flexible midsole, and a durable and grippy outsole. They have minimal technologies, although some models are equipped with the well-known cushioning units of the brand. Customizable trainers are also priced within this range.
      • $101 to $140: Mid-priced Adidas workout shoes have more structure to them. They are characterized by a TPU shell and a midsole that employs proprietary technology.
      • $141 to $180: The pairs of the most expensive Adidas workout footgear are usually borne out of partnerships and collaborations with noted designers and celebrities. They have a fashion-forward design and a stabilizing torsion system.

      Choose the perfect Adidas workout shoe for men and women

      So, you’re ready to purchase your very own pair of Adidas workout shoes. But how do you choose among the sea of options? Here are the top factors to consider while shopping.

      Fitness Regimen

      No two fitness regimens are the same. Therefore, you should not expect that all Adidas workout shoes have the same construction. If you partake in high-impact activities such as dance fitness and cardio classes, then models with plush cushioning, inclined platform, and lightweight and flexible construction are better for you. If you are into strength training and HIIT, then you should consider trainers with a rigid sole unit, low drop, and solid build. Finally, if your fitness routine involves a lot of squats and lifts with a heavy-loaded bar or you are planning to take up some serious Olympic weightlifting, then you should consider a pair of Adidas weightlifting shoes.

      Fit and size

      The way a shoe fits your foot dimensions is an essential thing to consider in any type of training shoes. It can be pretty difficult to exercise if any of your garments feel constrictive in any way, so you have to make sure that your footgear, along with the rest of your outfits, fits precisely.

      With Adidas workout shoes, purchasers can choose from a wide array of full and half US sizes, ranging from 6.5 to 15 for men and 5 to 10.5 for women. Their models only run in the Medium width option, but some upper materials are more flexible than others, therefore giving more space for the toes to spread while working out.

      Keep in mind that athletic shoes fit differently than typical dress footwear, so you can’t get the same size for both. If it is your first time buying a pair of Adidas workout shoes, below are guidelines to help you find your accurate fit:

      • Training footgear is supposed to be spacious at the forefoot to give your toes wiggle room. When putting on the shoe, make sure that you can fan out your toes and flex them. There should also be a thumbnail’s length of space between your toes and end of the shoe.
      • Take into consideration any foot deformities, such as bunions and corns. They should not be restricted by the footwear. It is also recommended that you wear designated orthotic paddings or cushioning for them for additional comfort.


      People are usually limited by their budget when it comes to purchases. Adidas workout shoes come in a wide range of price points to fit budgets of all sizes. Their price ranges from $80 to $180. You may also find cheaper deals on Adidas workout shoes, especially with our partners here in RunRepeat. Just click on any of the models of your interest to find the best prices, user reviews, and more information about it.

      Frequently asked questions about Adidas workout shoes

      Are Adidas workout shoes good for walking?

      Yes, some models of Adidas workout shoes are cushioned enough to support the walking motion of the foot. However, if you tend to walk for long periods of time on different types of surfaces, then walking footwear will be a better fit for you as it has more shock-absorbing and supporting properties than Adidas workout shoes or any workout shoe for that matter.

      How long is the break-in period for Adidas workout shoes?

      Sometimes, people have the misconception that footgear is uncomfortable at first and needs time to be broken in. However, this is a belief that badly needs to be debunked. Any type of training shoes should feel as comfortable as the first wear. If something doesn’t feel right or it doesn’t fit well from the get-go, look for another pair. Working out is already a strenuous activity in itself, you don’t have to add additional stress by wearing ill-fitting and painful trainers.

      When to replace Adidas workout shoes?

      It is recommended to replace your pair of Adidas workout shoes every 6 to 9 months to ensure that you are getting the best out of your footwear. However, there are several factors which could help you determine if your pair needs replacing immediately. If you use it as an everyday shoe and for workouts, you might need to replace it sooner than 6 months, especially if the outsole has lost traction or the midsole no longer cushions foot landings. But if you only use it inside the gym, for 3 to 4 times a week, then you might get 9 months to a year or even longer use out of them.

      How to clean Adidas workout shoes?

      Adidas workout shoes employ various types of materials for its upper such as knit fabric and mesh. A quick wipe down using a damp, clean cloth is usually enough to remove surface dirt. However, if there is some staid or dried dirt, a thorough cleaning may be needed. First, remove the laces and inserts, if possible, and clean and dry them separately. Make a cleaning solution using warm water and mild detergent, dip a cloth or brush in it and use it to scrub the dirt off. Remove dirt and suds using a damp cloth. Be sure to air-dry your Adidas workout shoes instead of using heat sources or direct sunlight since they could degrade the construction of the footwear.

      3 best Adidas workout shoes

      1. Adidas Pureboost Trainer
      2. Adidas Icon Trainer
      3. Adidas Solar Lt
      Nicholas Rizzo
      Nicholas Rizzo

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