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7 reasons to buy

  • Based on several reviews, the Puma Tazon 6 Fracture is a shoe that has a stylish and eye-catching design.
  • Testers were glad to discover that the look of the shoe enabled it to be used for occasions and activities other than running.
  • Most testers felt that the shoe is well-made and of high quality.
  • Several testers commented on how comfortable the shoe felt when used for walking.
  • The insoles were a pleasant addition to the cushioning system, said a few reviewers.
  • Testers were very happy with the available color schemes.
  • Most users were delighted at the effectiveness of the shoe as a cross-trainer.

5 reasons not to buy

  • According to a majority of testers, the shoe felt too small and narrow. Because of this, one tester opted to return his ordered pair.
  • Reviewers noticed that the shoe felt uncomfortable when first worn. Apparently, it needed a week to be broken in, and that was too long a time for them.
  • Several testers noticed that their feet easily got hot while wearing this shoe.
  • One user’s opinion focused on the level of comfort from inside the shoe. He said that the in-shoe feel is not comfortable enough for long runs or half Marathons.
  • The soles of the shoe felt thin, said a few testers. One of them experienced the sole coming off after he ran on rough terrain.

Bottom line

Although the Puma Tazon 6 Fracture may look like a shoe that was designed for fashion and casual wear, its functionality was not neglected when it was conceptualized. It is a good-looking neutral road shoe but its façade is merely one-half of its usefulness. The other half is comprised of its features and functionality, making it a highly effective running and gym companion.

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Good to know

  • The Tazon 6 Fracture is Puma’s attempt at providing a shoe designed for the person who wants to do it all – eat, sleep, work hard, then party harder. With its synthetic leather upper matched with an eye-catching fracture graphic, doing it all is a definite possibility.
  • The tip of the shoe has the T-toe construction which reinforces the sturdiness of the toe box. This synthetic construction also provides minimal support to the toes of the foot when in motion.
  • A saddle construction was introduced to the midfoot of the Puma Tazon 6 Fracture to optimize the fit and comfort. On top of that, the saddle also helps affix the foot into place, preventing it from moving from side to side while running or walking.
  • Still focusing on the minimal support, Puma decided to include a TPU shank on the heel. This shank minimizes the load on the foot when running or hiking.
  • To provide a moderate level of comfort, the shoe sports a breathable EcoOrtholite sockliner. This insert aids in maintaining the ideal environment within the shoe. It absorbs sweat and eliminates the bacteria that causes foot odor.
  • The heel-pod is made of EVA which is a durable foam material that’s soft enough to provide the right amount of cushioning, yet still sturdy and responsive to deliver adequate shock absorption with the runner’s every stride.

The Puma Tazon 6 Fracture comes in the usual sizes for runners. Consumers will be able to pick up a pair in standard shoe lengths. The same goes for the width of the shoe; it comes in the usual width measurements, B—medium and D—medium for women and men, respectively.

The outsole of the PUMA Tazon 6 Fracture has an EVA heel-pod that offers a good deal of cushioning on the area right below the heel. EVA is a foam material that provides impact attenuation for when the foot strikes the ground. Because it was molded into a cohesive heel unit, it offers shock absorption, as well as a certain amount of protection to the rear of the foot.

The shank, a semi-rigid structure on the middle part of the outsole, is made of a material called TPU. TPU is short for thermoplastic polyurethane which is abrasion resistant, elastic, oil-and-grease resistant, and strong. More specifically, the TPU on this shoe supplies a bit of underfoot support, enhancing the efficacy of propulsion during the running session.

The outsole itself is made of a durable rubber compound. This material is specifically used in the outsole to protect it from damage caused by constant usage. This rubber also moderate grip, so the shoe doesn’t slip on certain surfaces.

The midsole of the Puma Tazon 6 Fracture is cushioned for extra comfort. Not only that, but it also gives the runner a smoother ride and a softer landing. The cushioning is not that plush but still enough to give the foot medium comfort and protection.

Inside is the EcoOrtholite sockliner. This additional insert helps maintain the environment within the shoe as it absorbs foot sweat and neutralizes the bacteria that causes foot odor. Its construction is more environmentally friendly because its formulation is more bio-based.

The upper is made of a synthetic leather that has an eye-catching fracture graphic design on its quarter panel. This material adds to the durability of the shoe and provides the dorsal part of the foot with minimal support when running.

On the lateral sides are PUMA form strips that not only serve as branding on the shoe, but also function as the structures that support on the sides of the foot. These strips sit on top of the synthetic leather upper thereby, adding more durability.

Perforations can be found on the toe box, near the base of the lacing system, and on the tip of the collar. These small holes allow the foot to breathe because they let the air pass through.

On the forefoot section is a T-toe construction, which is also made up of synthetic leather. This T-construction sits on top of the main upper material and gives the toes some added support. In addition to that, it further enhances the durability of the area where it is located.

The full lacing closure of the Puma Tazon 6 Fracture is connected to a quarter panel. This accommodates a more secure fit when the laces are tightened, thereby preventing accidental slippage of the foot when the user is running or is making agile movements.

The addition of a midfoot saddle further optimizes the fit of the shoe. It also slightly heightens comfort, but it’s more focused on providing snugness based on the runner’s preference.


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