Our verdict

The Zoom Fly FK is the perfect shoe for everything. The shoe is comfortable enough for me to use it on long runs and is responsive enough for fast-paced action. So far, I've logged 150km in it and found it really well-built. This is a perfect shoe for intermediate to professional runners looking for a shoe that has a full-length carbon-fiber plate for a really affordable price while giving outstanding performance.


  • Carbon plate
  • Soft midsole
  • True to size
  • Durable
  • Nice fit
  • Good traction
  • Fast


  • Mediocre laces

Audience verdict


Nike Zoom Fly Flyknit review

The Zoom Fly Flyknit is, without a doubt, one of the best training and racing shoes out there. The Zoom Fly FK is a shoe that I wear all the time whether it is for training or a race.

Even in 2019, I think this shoe holds out and can compete with other racing shoes on the market toe to toe.

Upper of the Zoom Fly Flyknit

First of all, the shoe has a Flyknit upper made out of a plastic material. The upper has been holding up very well for the last year that I have frequently been using it and running in it.

For my fitting, I did find that the shoe is true to size, and the upper helps a lot with the fit. The Flyknit upper will mold to the shape of your foot and hug it snuggly. The fit ensures that the shoe will not fly out when having a run and gives a sense of security.

The shoelace is only mediocre, though. They are flat and have little use in holding my feet in place. The shoelace also does a bad job at tightening the shoe itself and more relies on the Flyknit upper to do most of the tightening and snug fit.

Zoom Fly Flyknit midsole

The midsole of the shoe is equipped with the React cushioning that Nike says to be plush and responsive. From all the runs that I have used it on, I think what Nike has delivered is a really well-rounded shoe that can be worn daily.

The React cushion is soft and does give me a lot of feedback after each stride. The feedback I feel after each stride is also due to the full-length carbon-fiber plate that Nike has inserted into the midsole.

The carbon-fiber plate gives the shoe rigidness and returns to the original shape after each stride. The rigidness of the carbon-fiber plate will then transfer the energy into the React foam.

This gives the shoe very distinct responsiveness and makes the shoe really well balanced, both soft and responsive. I found that the midsole is a bit too narrow for my liking and preferred it to be roomier in the middle of the shoe.

Sturdy, reliable outsole

The outsole is comprised of a rubber material that is very durable and has good traction. The outsole is located on most of the forefoot and does a really good job at protecting the React cushion from wear and tear.

Though being said, the five pieces of rubber located at the back of the shoe really is not enough to protect the midsole from being damaged.

The outsole has many pentagonal shapes inscribed into the rubber. I found these too shallow to actually help with anything and are mostly to make the shoe more interesting.


The durability of the shoe is good. After a year of constant use, the shoe is still in good shape and can last for quite a while. The upper has little to no damage at all, and the shoelace has no visible damage.

However, the React cushion has suffered a lot during the time I have used the shoe. The sides of the midsole look like elephant skin, showing deep grooves and wear.

The React cushioning under the shoe has also been scraped off. This is due to the outsole unable to protect the back of the shoe from being scratched and contacting the ground. The swoosh has also shown a few tears.

Performance of Zoom Fly Flyknit

The performance of this shoe is nothing short of amazing. The shoe can go fast and keep my feet secure during the run. The shoe has amazing feedback and energy return.

I found this the case because running in the Pegasus 36 does not give me the same responsiveness and speed that I am looking for on the days that I want to run fast. This shoe is soft and plush enough for a full day of use, making it a good shoe to train in.

The shoe can also fit the need of me going fast like during races. It is nothing short of an amazing performance from this shoe overall.


The shoe has a good fit and upper for maximum breathability and a really nice snug fit. The shoe does have some downfalls such as the React cushioning getting scraped off easily by the ground and showing deep grooves on the side of the midsole.