Nike Air Zoom Winflo 7 review

The Nike Winflo 7 is a shoe designed to be lighter and have more cushion than the previous model. I found that this shoe was only useful on the road. I wanted to love it but I was left with an empty hole in my heart.  For the low cost of the Winflo 7, it does help to make up for it.

I was left wanting more performance cushion and support from this shoe. I wanted to say that the cheaper shoe performs as well as the more expensive models. I gave the shoe all my efforts and it just didn’t respond back to me, it was a dead fish. From an elite running perspective.

Who should buy it

The Winflo 7 is recommended for runners who:

  • want to feel like they are running on marshmallows
  • are looking for an entry-level shoe for short-distance runs
  • run strictly on the road

Who should NOT buy it

Stay away if you:

Nike Winflo 7 fits narrow in the forefoot 

Nike running shoes typically run narrow in the toebox and this shoe is no exception. I didn’t find that narrow toe box to cause me any concerns or negative problems during any runs. 


The arch support is average however, I had some mild issues with the support feeling like it ran the full width of my foot. This caused some soreness during the first week of running in the Winflo 7.

Soft, pillow-like feel

If you have dreamed of running on soft pillow-like clouds then this is the shoe for you. However, the price that you have to pay for cushioning comes at the expense of support. I never felt beat up after long runs but my feet would be sore from not having any support during runs with lots of turns or anything technical.

Little to no responsiveness in the Winflo 7

Kiss me back, please! I found little to no responsiveness while running in the Winflo 7. During track workouts the softness from the midsole made the shoe feel like it was rolling in turns. There just isn’t a return of energy coming back from these shoes. 


The flexibility of a gymnast

With the great cushion and lack of support the shoe also has great flexibility. I’ve always enjoyed a flexible outsole, it is always for great push off the end of the toes. This shoe doesn’t disappoint in this department if you like a flexible shoe.  One of the most flexible training shoes that I have ever run in.


Slip, I meant grip

The grip was less than desirable. On any and all wet surfaces, I never felt secure or safe. Wet grass I would receive the wonderful whistles from the shoe sliding off the grass blades. On rocky trails, the shoe never grabbed a hold of a single rock. 


On gravel roads, every rock feels as though it is going to penetrate the sole. I struggled and feared that I was going to end up with bruised feet, I am very thankful that this never happened.

Durability issues within the first 50 miles

I beat on shoes really badly to best understand how well they are built. I was surprised to find that within the first 50 miles the outsole started to peel away. I can understand if it is just one area or if the shoe took unusual abuse due to a foreign object but both shoes started to fail in the same area. 

The outsoles didn’t get any worse from 50 miles to 150 miles which makes me feel like this won’t be the end failure to the shoe. 


Airconditioning made for the south

The breathable uppers are superb keeping my feet dry and cool even in the high heat during the summer in the high mountain desert. 


Aesthetics ++

It’s rare that I comment on a shoe’s looks since I am a function over form person but, this shoe’s looks have to be mentioned. I have received too many comments to count from people who really like the look of this shoe. I am one of the people who do like looking at this shoe as well Nike got this part right.


Two odd things about the look however when wearing them, looking down at your own feet, they make you look pigeon-toed. The other is the big boat tail on the back, just looks odd.  I didn’t think this had a purpose but it does upon heel strike.

Nike Winflo 7 price

With running shoes, I have never felt like you get what you pay for. I always believe that you can buy last year’s model and not lose performance. When I am training for ultramarathons I can eat up a pair of shoes every 3-4 weeks. This shoe has a low entry fee and may not hold up as well as some of the higher-priced models but, you can still get good quality miles in on two pairs of these that will outlast one pair of the others at the same price.

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