10 Best Adidas Skate Shoes in 2021

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10 Best Adidas Skate Shoes in 2021

More than enduring kickflips and providing a superb board feel, skate shoes must also look trendy on the streets. That is why Adidas now offers loads of skate shoes on the market that fit skaters and nonskaters alike. 

Whether you enjoy the luxe leather models or breathable mesh skate sneakers, we’ve concocted this page to help you find the most suitable Adidas skate shoes for you. 

Having put more than 50 Adidas skate shoes to an array of tests and comparisons, we have narrowed down some of our top picks for several categories for your quick reference.

How we pick the best Adidas skate shoes

With countless Adidas skate models available up for sale, choosing the best can be very taxing. To help you out,

  • We put these skate sneakers through daily shredding and a series of comparisons to yield credible results.
  • To stay unbiased, we bought these sneakers using our money. 
  • We collated oodles of verified reviews from the actual users of these shoes.

Using the results from these tests and reviews, we rated them using the CoreScore tool. From 1 to 100, this scoring system will provide an overview of how this sneaker performed for the majority.

Best overall

After comparing and testing 50+ Adidas skate sneakers, we picked the all-time skate sneaker favorite around the world Adidas Busenitz as our top choice. 

After solid days of usage on the streets and heavy sessions on our skateboards, we were amazed how this sneaker stayed undamaged! Although there were a few visible scuffing, its long-lasting suede upper stayed solid, and its rubber sole remained intact. 

When it comes to sizing, we can confidently say that this fits true to size. It may be narrow, but it is an excellent pair in maneuvering the skateboards. This kick deserves a five-star rating when it comes to board feel. 

Grip-wise, Busenitz is an A-lister! We enjoyed innumerable foot breaks as its deep grooves provided lasting traction on and off our skateboards. 

This sneaker feels so light on our feet. Kickflips, shuvits, and ollies felt so effortless as this sneaker did not drag our feet down. 

Inward or outward rolling of our feet has never been a problem. We loved its plush collar and blocky heel that help stabilize our ankle as we do our rail flips and jumps. 

Overall, the Adidas Busenitz provided a unique skate sneaker experience with style worth flaunting on the streets.

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Landing as our best next option among the 50+ Adidas skates shoes is the Adidas Matchcourt. 

After subjecting it to countless skate sessions and comparisons, this sneaker remained cozy throughout. We felt zero pain after hard skate sessions all day. 

Its board feels superb! We love how we can control our skates as we do our heelflips, ollies, and trail jumps. Its stickiness is unbelievably reliable, and its slim shape worked wonders, too.

Talking about its durability, this sneaker is a monster. Throughout our tests, it showed a little bit of damage, BUT it is still amazingly intact. The upper never formed any hole, and its outsole stayed sticky after solid sessions of skateboarding. 

On feet, this skate kick felt so airy. We love how easy it was to do our jumps as these sneakers did not pull our feet to the ground. 

The Matchcourt exceeded our expectations when it comes to versatility. Its clean and straightforward style worked impeccably to countless attires. We were able to go to work and go straight to night-outs while looking stylish with the Matchcourt. 

If you’re looking for skate kicks that work tremendously great on the pavements and the boards, the Adidas Matchcourt perfectly matches your needs!

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Best durability

If durability is your game, we picked the Adidas Matchbreak Super as the beast among the 50+ Adidas skate sneakers on our list. The Matchbreak Super will give you the best sneaker experience if you’re up for serious skate sessions or just chilling on the city streets.

After using it for uninterrupted skating sessions, this sneaker remarkably stayed intact. We were able to perfect our ollies, heelflips, and kickflips without worrying about ripping our footwear. Throughout the wear test session, its grip stayed solid! We love how Adidas built this sneaker to last. 

Day-one, the Matchbreak Super felt amazingly comfortable. Thanks to its supercharged premium update, its glove-like fit provided us a superb board feel, and we enjoyed how it cradled our feet. 

We got high in its minimal weight! We felt so effortless as we did our flips and bobs on and off our boards. With the Martchbreak Super, higher rides are achievable!

When we flaunted it down the streets, we felt like a rockstar. It looks astonishingly chic like the Adidas Gazelle and well-rounded like the Adidas Samba. 

The Adidas Matchbreak Super is a top-notch all-rounder skate sneaker you must add to your collection.

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After checking over 50 Adidas skate sneakers, Adidas Busenitz Pro landed as one of the bests when it comes to endurance.

We subjected it to countless tests and comparisons, and the Adidas Busenitz Pro showed a few damages, but it incredibly stayed complete. We love how Adidas added extra layers on the ollie area and toe for improved durability. The Three Stripes indeed designed this to last. 

While this sneaker needed a few break-in periods, its comfort counteracted this short delay. After a couple of wears, it felt incredibly significant on our feet! The support was terrific, which gave us more confidence as we did our high jumps. 

Busenitz’s signature long tongue is still intact! It turned our attire to look extra dazzling and stylish. Though we could cut it, we opted to keep it to showcase a one-off style.

We were also over the moon by its all-rounder look. We love how easy it is to match this pair with countless attires. Dressing up or down felt so uncomplicated with the Busenitz Pro. 

If you’re looking for a skate shoe that offers a fantastic amount of durability, the Busenitz Pro must be one of your best options.

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Best for casual wear

After subjecting over 50 skate sneakers under indoor and outdoor tests, we choose the Adidas Daily 3.0 as our finest option when it comes to casual wear.

The Adidas Daily 3.0 is one of the most versatile sneakers you could ever have, displaying a style that works downright great with almost any laid-back outfit. We love its neutral style that fits both genders and all ages.

When you are a budget-conscious sneakerhead, this one is perfect for you. It is one of the cheapest in Adidas’ arsenal; with the Daily 3.0, it is easy to be stylish without robbing a bank. 

Its lightness is another standout feature. We enjoyed airy strides, which made our steps faster and easier. No dragging down sensation at all!

For the summer days, you can still wear the Daily 3.0 day to day. Its canvas upper delivers an extraordinary amount of ventilation that keeps our feet dry and fresh all day long.

Though this sneaker is designed to fit street skating sessions, it still works as your daily beater. This sneaker is perfect all-rounder footwear that definitely can take a beating every single day.

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Also landing as one of the best casual Adidas skate sneakers is the Adidas Lucas Premiere. 

Embodying features that resemble the style of Lucas Puig on the skateboards, this sneaker is excellent for low-impact skate sessions. While it is designed for skateboards, this sneaker did not skimp on its fashionable flair. 

We love its suede and mesh upper that displays a look fitting for almost any casual attire. Its simplicity and clean look can be worn for school, work, or even casual night-outs.

It offers superb breathability! It kept our feet dry and cool all day long, thanks to its mesh and suede upper. Plus, its durability is another A-lister! It delivers a fantastic amount of reinforcement to areas usually exposed to abuse. 

On the skateboard, we love how the Lucas Premiere provided a great board feel. Its grippy sole gave us the liberty to control the board effortlessly, while its flexibility allowed us to enjoy the natural flexing of our feet. 

The Lucas Premiere is jam packed with cozy, trendy, and breezy features that will make your everyday activities more fun and bearable.

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Best retro

If retro skate sneakers are your fondness, check out our top pick Adidas Seeley as it surpassed the other 50+ Adidas skate sneakers on our list. 

Sharing a style with the Adidas Gazelle, this sneaker flawlessly combined classic flair and versatility. It looked awesome when paired with heaps of attires without worrying how it would look like. It terrifically remained chic and striking on and off the board.

Talking about its comfort, the Seeley amazingly outstripped our expectations. We were astonished how it kept our feet homey despite its minimal cushioning. 

Durability-wise, this sneaker did not disappoint us. It was able to withstand heavy beating as we do our ollies, heelflips, and shuvits all day long. Meanwhile, its rubber outsole stuck to the board well, giving us more power to control our skateboards. 

The minimalist, cozy, and versatile vibe of the Seeley are the main reasons why we chose this kick among the others. We seamlessly transitioned from casual wear to our sporty looks. This sneaker is perfect for random people who enjoy cozy, stylish, and durable sneakers without the need to spend unwisely.

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After testing over 50 Adidas skate sneakers, we picked the Adidas Seeley as one of the best retro iterations to date. 

Displaying an iconic classic style, we could get enough of its clean and straightforward flair that blended amazingly on countless attires. We paired it with our trousers and baggy jeans, and it still looked surprisingly fashionable. 

As far as its comfort is concerned, this sneaker is a treasure. We did not feel any discomfort or issues as we performed our skate tricks all day long. We highly recommend this model for everyday use.

Its weight is something we want you to experience. It feels so airy when worn and never felt any weighing down episode. High kickflips and board slides were just easy-breezy. Indeed, this is a remarkable piece that you should add to your daily rotation.

To make this more amazing, Adidas now offers a sustainable version of the Adidas Stan Smith Vulc. Now, you can walk the streets, ride your skateboards while saving our lovely planet.

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Best budget

If you’re on a budget and looking for the best Adidas skate sneaker to buy, we recommend the Adidas Adiease. After putting it through a series of tests and comparisons, this kick surpassed 50+ Adidas skate kicks on our list. 

Boasting its excellent board feel, this sneaker has been constantly on numerous skaters’ preferred skating sneakers to date. It excels in traction that allows thrashers to control their boards more accurately. 

As to its durability, we vouch for its fantastic performance. Adidas did not skimp on its toughness despite its reasonable price. After solid street skate sessions, this sneaker stayed remarkably unbroken. 

Although this pair has thin padding, it notably provided us with an ample amount of comfort. All-day shredding felt flawlessly cozy as the suede upper hugged our feet snugly, and its removable insole offered a pillowy sensation.

When it comes to style, this sneaker is a stunner! Thanks to its minimalist and clean aesthetics, we never had a hard time matching it with countless attires. 

Experience all these fantastic features with the Adidas Adiease without frittering away. With its price range that is below $90, the Adidas Adiease is undoubtedly a great haul.

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After meticulously assessing and comparing 50+ affordable Adidas skate sneakers, the Adidas 3MC landed as one of the best affordable Adidas skate iterations to date. 

Straightforward, it is hard not to notice the Adidas 3MC. It felt and looked amazingly great as this low-key sneaker added a classy vibe to our regular attire.

Right from the get-go, this iteration is considerably comfortable. The second we slipped our foot into it, it felt cozy instantly. The arch support is superb, perfect for activities that need standing for a more extended period. 

Technical skateboarding tricks have been easy. We did not worry about tears and breaks as Adidas built it to last. It has a sterling quality, making this one of the most durable pairs among the available budget sneakers. 

As we do our shuvit, heelflip, and ollies, it allows us to control our boards more precisely. Thanks to its flexible sole and grippy outsole, this is a sneaker every skater or not must throw into their collection.

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