A Sneak Peek of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

85 / 100 by Cameron Corbin • Level 2 expert

The time has come when Brooks has renovated one of their most notorious shoe line, the Adrenaline GTS.

Now, Brooks is well-known for their comfortable shoes and have integrated modern technology into their shoes that have been huge successes for them. For example, the DNA cushion is now in most of their shoes and is liked all around the world.

Will Brooks incorporate new technologies in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18? Let’s find out!


The New Adrenaline GTS 18



For me, Brooks has normally excelled in the rubber outsole with outstanding traction and lacking in technology, referring to the placement/design of the rubber outsole.

With that said, this shoe is another one of those instances. The traction this shoe has is FANTASTIC. It’s amazing! I have run in this shoe on many rainy days and my landing and takeoff are the same as if it was not raining. Yes, that good.

The only downside of the outsole is the design factor of it. It doesn’t try to provide energy return by incorporating hexagonal pads or anything benefiting the runner.

Furthermore, the one design they tried to incorporate into this shoe to make it more flexible is Flextra. Felxtra is another way of Brooks cutting the rubber into horizontal slices thinking it will make it more flexible. It does not.

The Brooks Adrenaline is still stiff and takes roughly 80 miles to loosen up the shoe. Overall, the outsole is the key part in making this shoe a great update.


 The Adrenaline GTS 18’s provide excellent traction but lacks energy return and flexibility with its Flextra Technology



Now the midsole consists of the typical Brooks DNA cushioning which I referred to earlier. Also, Brooks incorporates a guide rail, to aid the foot in a smooth heel-to-toe transition, and incorporates the Progressive Diagonal RollBar (PDRB for short).

The main purpose of the PDRB is to decrease the likelihood of overpronation because of the major stiffness in the arch. It also acts as a great arch support for those people who need arch support without additional insoles.

I have only one nagging thing that I don’t like in the Brooks DNA cushioning which is that I cannot feel any energy return when I run. Comparatively speaking, Brooks has not come close to the energy return of Adidas Boost technology; but, that may not be the main focus right now for Brooks so I am just being nitpicky.

All in all, Brooks does a fantastic job supporting every landing in each step with the incorporation of the guide rail and the Progressive Diagonal RollBar.


With the Guide Rail and Progressive Diagonal RollBar working together, the midsole has great cushioning and support



Now, this is what really separates the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 from its predecessors. Brooks brilliantly incorporates a more streamline upper with breathability that is incredibly impressive!

Not only does the Adrenaline GTS 18 look great because of the aesthetics, the upper feels great too!

The tongue has a great cushion in it so I could tie the shoelaces comfortably tight and feel like my foot is in place and won’t slide around. The heel cup also contributes to the unity of foot and shoe especially with the comfortable padding it provides.

The slight negative of the upper, but not really, is the shoelaces. Earlier, when I reviewed the Brooks Asteria, those shoelaces blew me out of this world. They were stretchy and I could tie my shoelaces as tight as I wanted, within reason of course, and they would just stretch. The shoelaces on this shoe have minimal stretch. And that’s about it.

The upper is a MASTERPIECE and makes the whole shoe come together as one big success.


Once again Brooks does great on its tongue cushion and its super breathable mesh!



Brooks sets themselves for success with its padded, comfortable heel cup and its appealing streamlined upper



All in all, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18 is a great shoe for any distance runner who plans on going longer and needs the extra support for heel-to-toe transition.

With the snug mesh, appealing streamlined upper, durable rubber with great traction, and stability cushioning out of this world, this is a great shoe to wear for running or everyday use.

However, if you don’t need the extra cushioning and forced foot correction because of the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, then this might not be the ideal shoe for you; but, it is definitely worth trying.

Cameron Corbin

Cameron Corbin • Level 2 expert

Hello, my name is Cameron Corbin. I live in Katy,TX and I believe that a shoe can make all the difference in the world. I am an avid runner and a shoe enthusiast. I have completed 4 half-marathons in my 10 years of running and plan on doing more! I enjoy trying out different shoes and see which one suits the best for a specific purpose.

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