The Denouement of a 500-mile Journey with Adidas Boost Supernova

85 / 100 by Cameron Corbin • Level 2 expert

Adidas has once again revamped the Supernova series to make runs more enjoyable and less strenuous on your legs! From now on, Adidas will drop the Glide Series and just stick with the ubiquitous name of Supernova.

I have run 500+ miles on these shoes and let me just say it’s a great one!




The greatest part of this shoe is the midsole and its technology that is within it.

The midsole consists of 3 things: boost™ technology in which Adidas boasts about its 20% energy return, guiderail to guide your foot for a smooth landing and takeoff, Torsion® System between the heel and forefoot to stabilize all of the boost™ cushion.

The moment I put this shoe on and went for a long run of 10 miles, I could feel the massive cushion this shoe has. It’s not too cushiony where I did not feel the surface I was currently running on, but the perfect amount of boost technology to make the run cushioned.

Also, from the picture below you can see that the boost™ technology is exposed in the footbed of the shoe so that it the technology keeps its shape and consistent throughout every run.




The outsole also has a significant impact on how the shoe performs in all types of situations. The stretchweb layout of rubber paves the way for a new way to get traction and more energy return other than the boost™ cushion itself.

Also, the rubber is made by Continental™ so that in wet or dry conditions traction still prevails. As you can see from the picture below, even with 500+ miles on the shoe the rubber is still in contact and provides superior traction.



The Upper

The upper consist of: a 3-striped cage on both sides of the shoe to lockdown the arch of your foot, breathable mesh to ventilate your feet, open toe box so your toes are not crammed into tiny spaces, S-shaped heel to lockdown your heel, FITCOUNTER molded heel counter to provide a natural fit and allow movement of the Achilles.

All of these provide the superb amount of comfort and fluidity to every day runs.




  • Substantial amount of cushion with boost™ and is still responsive
  • Superior traction with Continental™ Rubber and still continues even with the amount of miles on this shoe
  • The constant stabilization of the shoe with my landing and takeoff
  • 3 striped cage that supported my arch all of the 500+ miles of running




  • After 400+ miles the plastic of the 3 striped cage would squeak every time I landed
  • I had to use the heel-lockdown shoelace technique because the heel wouldn’t provide enough support to hold my heel down
  • Heaviness! Great for a long and slow run but I did not wear these at all on any of my workouts



In conclusion, Adidas Supernova provides out-of-this-world cushion to partake in a long journey of constant pounding and stress that is prevalent in running. This shoe is appealing to those who love the feel of cushion and a traditional feel.

Cameron Corbin

Cameron Corbin • Level 2 expert

Hello, my name is Cameron Corbin. I live in Katy,TX and I believe that a shoe can make all the difference in the world. I am an avid runner and a shoe enthusiast. I have completed 4 half-marathons in my 10 years of running and plan on doing more! I enjoy trying out different shoes and see which one suits the best for a specific purpose.

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