Our verdict


The Adidas Astir is for buyers who are experimental with style but conservative about comfort. It flaunts funky and bold features that bring all its wearers back to the early '90s. Moreover, the Astir carefully hugs and ventilates the foot, perfect for most users looking for a go-to kick that delivers extended comfort.


  • All-day comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Striking chunky profile
  • Clean and dynamic details
  • Bold and fiery colorways
  • Summer-friendly
  • All-rounder pair
  • Sustainable
  • Easy on the pocket


  • Feels a bit narrow
  • Lacks arch support

Who should buy the Adidas Astir

Grab a pair or two of Adidas Originals Astir if you:

  • are looking for a sporty sneaker that you can wear for various activities
  • prefer buying footwear that is low-impact on our environment
  • enjoy using fashionable, summer-friendly sneakers

Adidas Astir tongue

Who should NOT buy it

This women-specific sneaker feels narrow, which might feel weird, especially if you've got wide feet. Although it runs true to size, some women grab a half size up for a comfier ride. Consider checking out the lightweight Adidas Falcon or the dad-vibed Adidas FYW-S-97.

Adidas Astir narrow toe box

You may check our list of wide sneakers for alternative pairs that could comfortably accommodate wide feet.

Adidas Astir: Bold, authentic throwback details

People are dumbfounded by the rugged vibe and bold style of the Adidas Astir, with a commenter saying, "indeed a statement shoe!" A user enjoyed its "explosion of elements" that brought him back to the 2000s - the mesh upper with leather/nubuck accents, oversized eyelets, and the sculptured rubber sole.

Here are some of the remarkable comments about its style after checking hundreds of reviews:

  • "a shoe with character!"
  • "These were love at first sight!"
  • "Saw 'em, had to buy 'em!"

Adidas Astir several overlays

Colorways that will break some necks

Heaps of satisfied reviewers mentioned that they absolutely love this sneaker's gorgeous pop of colors that made this pair even more versatile. "I was sold at the color palette," "You can't beat its '90s retro color combo," and "the colors are too special" are some of the standout remarks. Plenty of users admitted buying several pairs just because they absolutely adore its jazzy color combinations. 

Adidas Astir heel area

Air freely moves in and out of the sneaker

Similar to piles of mesh kicks, countless wearers testified that this sneaker from Adidas Originals offers an incredible amount of ventilation. Even in hot summer months, this kick amazingly kept their feet comfy and dry.

Adidas Astir toe box

Fashionably beefy

Despite a few reported uncertainties that their feet might look "like a clown," countless sneaker fans expressed how they adore this pair's beefed-up style. It fits the dad sneaker craze, which basically a sneaker trend that pays homage to the exaggeratedly chunky '90s footwear fashion. 

Hefty shape without the heavyweight

Several testers loved how light this sneaker felt on their feet. While some expected the Adidas Astir to be heavy because of its chunky profile, this kick is surprisingly not heavy. As a tester described it, "it seems you have nothing on your feet."

Adidas Astir laces top view

The Adidas Originals Astir will keep your feet cozy for hours!

"Walking has never felt comfier," users were impressed at the Adidas Astir's next-level comfort. Although a critic had an issue with the insole's arch support, the majority applauded its coziness, suitable for all-day walks or short-distance runs. A fan who works 8-hour shifts in these even gushed, "this pair is exceptionally soft and comfy," while another wearer cited, "I felt a little bounce in my step." 

A fan, meanwhile, praised the well-padded ankle area of this sneaker, as it did not rub her heel even on day one. 

Adidas Astir insole


It is so versatile; it fits well with everything you wear

Reviewers love how this pair works so well with loads of outfits, with one saying that it's a "cool sneaker for all occasions." Some fans declared that this kick is their go-to pair for playing light sports or daily wear, or if they simply want to add a sporty touch to their attire.

Eco-warriors, this shoe suits you!

Plenty of fans, especially the sustainable product advocates, were amazed that 25% of the Adidas Astir's upper is made from 50% recycled materials. In case you want to keep tabs on other environmental-friendly sneakers, we've got a list for you. 

Adidas Astir midfoot

Rock-bottom selling price

Having a $100 price tag, the Adidas Astir is 9% more affordable than the average sneaker on the market. In fact, this sneaker is included in our list of budget-friendly sneakers.  

Not enough arch support

A user with a foot problem griped that she had to swap out the Astir's insole with the footbed of her favorite 2007 sneaker, as this pair did not support her arches pretty well.

Adidas Astir rubber outsole

Not wide-foot friendly sneaker

Because of its women-specific fit, this sneaker has a slimmer shape; thus, it feels narrower than most sneakers available. Several buyers complained that they needed to return their Astirs as this kick felt tight, especially on the forefoot.