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7 reasons to buy

  • Several reviewers appreciated the multi-colored upper of the Vans Patchwork Era. They said it created a unique vibe and a lot of character to the shoe.
  • A lot of owners were generally happy that this sneaker looks good with almost anything they wear.
  • The combination of different textures on the upper was smiled upon by some wearers.
  • These sneakers looked a lot better in person, according to a few commenters.
  • Many mentioned that they had been getting tons of compliments while wearing this shoe.
  • A good number of consumers appreciated the cushioning of this kick as it makes it great for all-day wear.
  • One Vans Era Patchwork user said this shoe is worth every penny.

1 reasons not to buy

  • This sneaker runs small, according to those who have tried the Vans Patchwork Era.

Bottom line

The Patchwork Era is a colorful iteration of the iconic Vans Era sneaker lineup. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, but it is delightful on feet as well. As described by several users, this kick is very comfortable and well-cushioned allowing them to use the shoe all day.  

It runs quite small. But it can easily be remedied by getting a bigger size for a comfy fit. Overall, the Vans Era Patchwork has earned a competitive edge over other sneakers, thanks to its unique upper construction and stylish appeal.


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Considered a unisex shoe, the Patchwork Vans Era is available in sizes 3.5 to 13 for men and 5 to 14.5 in women. Buyers are suggested to get a size bigger because it runs smaller than usual. Also, trying them on is the recommended option to get the best possible fit.

This sneaker features a lace-up closure in a low-top silhouette. The upper is composed of patches that are made of suede, canvas, and leather in vivid colors. Add a pop of color to your casual outfit by wearing the Vans Patchwork Era. Neutral-colored cropped pants and loose jeans look great with this kick. Also, wearing it with shorts will definitely reveal this shoe’s one-of-a-kind loveliness.

This sneaker is engineered with a padded collar for additional support in the ankle area. Like other Vans sneakers, this kick also has the signature waffle-soles.

Vans, as a company, has been manufacturing and selling sneakers since 1966. It was founded by the Van Doren brothers Paul and Jim together with their business partners Serge Delia and Gordon Lee. What made the company unique was that their shoes were manufactured onsite and sold directly to the buying public.

It was first registered as The Van Doren Rubber Company on March 16, 1966 in California. On their first day of operation, 12 customers came in and ordered their deck shoes, which are now known as the Vans Authentic. The customers were asked to choose their preferred colors and styles. They returned later in the day to pick up their shoes.

The mid-70s marked the rise of skateboarding culture with their own set of famous personalities. Some of them were Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, and Jerry Valdez. Van Doren gave them free shoes in exchange for introducing the shoes into the skateboarding community. With the help of Peralta and Alva, the company launched the Vans Era, a model that has a padded collar for extra support and protection around the ankle. This model later became a favorite amongst the skateboarders.

Other shoe models were also introduced such as the Vans Old Skool in 1977 and the Vans SK8-Hi the year after. The company’s success continued until the first part of the 80s with the release of the Vans Slip-on.  

However, the latter part of the 80s proved to be otherwise when the company decided to expand their shoe collections to athletic sneakers for volleyball and breakdancing. In 1984, Vans filed for bankruptcy but was able to regain momentum after 3 years. They paid their debts, $12 million all in all and the company was sold to McCown De Leeuw & Co.

The original deck shoes from Vans, the style #44, had a very thick outsole. It was twice as thick as the outsole of other sneakers during the time. Because of this, skateboarders took notice of the shoe’s grip and durability.

The 1990s were amazing years for the company as they started sponsoring several events to promote their name. Nowadays, many of the classic sneakers from Van took on new lives. One of them is the Vans Patchwork Era - a classic sneaker with a maximalist twist. The patchwork motif also finds its way into other lineups, including the SK8-Hi and Slip-on.

  • This low-top sneaker was launched in February 2019.
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