Who should buy the Reebok Reago Pulse

As an athletic trainer, the Reebok Reago Pulse is engineered for a variety of fitness regimens. The brand utilized designs, innovative materials, and components to meet the needs of workout aficionados such as ankle mobility, support, strong-based grip, and many more. This Reebok trainer is a solid choice if: 

  • You are into weight training, running, and plyometrics and are looking for a shoe that has enough stability and flexibility needed for the aforementioned activities. 
  • You are looking for a fairly priced all-in-one everyday and workout companion that offers great comfort. 

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Multisurface grippy outsole

The Reebok Reago Pulse has an outsole that is made of durable rubber. It has strong grippy properties that work on different types of terrain. Reebok Reago Pulse Outsole

It has a rubber pad at the heel and flex grooves that further enhance the traction and allow flexibility on the forefoot, respectively.

Reebok Reago Pulse Outsole2

Cushiony and responsive footbed

The Reago Pulse employs a single-density (IMEVA foam) that is lightweight in construction. It is meant to be responsive and cushiony to give a bounce to the foot upon footstrike while absorbing impact.

Reebok Reago Pulse Midsole1

Breathable upper

A stretch mesh fabric is used in the exterior overhead of this Reebok workout shoe. It is a breathable material that lets air into the foot chamber to allow the foot to breathe.

Reebok Reago Pulse Upper1

Anti-wobble overlays

It is strategically designed with no-sew webbing overlays on the forefoot. It is intended to stabilize the foot and prevent unintentional wobbling.

Reebok Reago Pulse Overlays2 

The Reebok Reago Pulse's pull tabs

Pull tabs are sewn onto the tongue and heel. They make the act of pulling on and taking off the shoe easier for the wearer.

Reebok Reago Pulse Heel

Support for lateral movements

A traditional lacing system is utilized to adjust the fit of the trainer. It is interwoven with the overlays to strengthen the medial area for steadier side-to-side movements.

Reebok Reago Pulse Lacing System

Facts / Specs

Weight: 9.5oz
Drop: 9mm
Use: Workout, HIIT / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Features: Lightweight
BRAND Brand: Reebok

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