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6 reasons to buy

  • According to most of the buyers, the Reebok Gazura feels comfy to wear even fresh out of the box.
  • Many users like the bootie style as it provides a snug yet comfortable fit.
  • Working out on hard floors isn’t a problem because the sole unit provides excellent impact absorption, says a lot of workout enthusiasts.
  • Numerous users appreciate how light and breathable the top is.
  • Tons of shoppers love this Reebok trainer's look because it pairs well with workout and street clothing.
  • Agile movements are easy to perform because the shoe is flexible, says multiple fitness buffs.

2 reasons not to buy

  • A few people are not fans of the high tongue and collar of the Reebok Gazura.
  • A couple of users were not very pleased with the bootie style because they could not properly tighten the fit of the upper.

Bottom line

Jumping and running won’t be harsh on your knees because of the EVA foam midsole on the Reebok Gazura. The sole unit on this workout shoe will keep your feet in the proper position while planking or doing burpees.

Meanwhile, the 3D Fuse Frame of the upper ensures that the foot is adequately supported during side-to-side movements. All in all, this model is deemed suitable for the demands of high-impact exercises.

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Good to know

What is it for? This pair of mesh training shoes is specifically designed for high-intensity workout shoes. It has a structured top that supports the foot during fast movements. Meanwhile, the sole unit dulls the impact when the foot hits a hard surface.

People who might enjoy wearing the Reebok Gazura include women who:

  • do HIIT, Tabata, Bootcamp, circuit training in studios, or in the comfort of their homes
  • like workout trainers that also double as a stylish sneakers
  • are looking for affordable training shoes
  • want a slip-on trainer with the option of fit adjustment

Grip. The midsole of the Gazura also doubles as its outsole. However, areas that require more durability and traction, like the heel, have a rubber layer.

Movement. Deep flex grooves run through the middle of the underside. It facilitates smooth forward motions. The line at the center supports the foot during side-to-side movements, so the wearer doesn’t lose footing.

Steadiness. Another thing to love about this model is the flat heel. It keeps the foot firmly planted to the floor when the wearer is doing squats or deadlifts.

Shock absorption. An EVA foam makes up the primary cushioning of the Reebok Gazura. This foam technology is engineered to soften landings by absorbing the shock from impact.

Comfort. Inside this workout shoe from Reebok is an insole made of EVA foam. This layer enhances underfoot comfort and prevents the foot from sliding around while training.

Cozy wrap. A mesh fabric makes up the top of this Reebok trainer. This material is lightweight and breathable, which helps keep the foot fresh no matter how intense the training gets. 

Light foam lines both the tongue and the collar. They are constructed to be high to deliver a comfortable fit. The style also makes it easy for wearers to pull up the shoe.

Reliable lockdown. The Reebok Gazura features a bootie silhouette. Wearers can easily slide their foot in or out, but a lace-up system allows wearers to tighten the fit if needed.

This model features the 3D Fuse Frame construction. This element keeps the structure of the upper and also supports the foot during multidirectional movements.

A synthetic overlay integrates with the lacing system. It covers part of the heel, so when the laces are tightened, this area wraps the hindfoot securely.


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