Who should buy the Reebok Dart TR 2

Reebok designed the Dart TR 2 for low-impact workouts. It is equipped with a low-to-the-ground sole unit that provides ample cushioning while maintaining a steady base. You might benefit from this if:

  • You prefer a shoe that offers quality and value for money.
  • You want a trainer light enough for home and studio workouts. 
  • You want a pair that keeps the wearer's feet cool and dry throughout the workout session. 
  • You prefer a trainer that wouldn't make your feet look bulky and wide. 

Reebok Dart TR 2 Logo1

The Reebok Dart TR 2's multisurface grip

The underside of the Reebok Dart TR 2 features different types of tread patterns. They help grip various surfaces, regardless if you use them indoors or outdoors.

Reebok Dart TR 2 Outsole1

Supportive and flexible forefoot

If you look closely at the outsole, the word ‘Metasplit’ is placed at the toe section. It describes the grooves that make the forefoot flexible and support natural foot movements.

Reebok Dart TR 2 Outsole2

Reducing the impact

The Dart TR 2 features a full-length foam midsole. This compound is engineered to reduce the impact felt by wearers when they perform plyometrics or run. The unit also makes walking pleasurable for users.

Reebok Dart TR 2 Midsole2

The Reebok Dart TR 2's breathable upper

Textile is used for the top of the Reebok Dart TR 2. This fabric is soft and breathable, enabling the trainer to maintain a fresh foot chamber.

Reebok Dart TR 2 Upper1

Insignia for lateral support

Synthetic overlays are used not only to enhance the aesthetics but also to improve the foothold of the upper. They form the Reebok Vector on the quarters, which also amplifies lateral support.

Reebok Dart TR 2 Overlays3

Meanwhile, the overlay forms an external cup at the back. It prevents the heel section from collapsing as well as reducing unnecessary movements while working out.

Reebok Dart TR 2 Heel Overlays2

Customizable midfoot fit

The Dart TR 2 uses a traditional lacing system. The shoelaces can be loosened or tightened to provide customized midfoot fit to each user.

Reebok Dart TR 2 Lacing System

Snug rearfoot section

Plush foam lines both the tongue and the collar. They provide comfort to wearers by reducing friction where they make contact with the foot. They also help deliver a snug fit that prevents the foot from accidentally slipping out.

Reebok Dart TR 2 Collar2

Facts / Specs

Base model: Reebok Dart
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Reebok
Colorways: Black
SKUs: KXB23 / KXP83 / KXP84

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Nicholas Rizzo

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