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8 reasons to buy

  • The Reebok Combat Noble Trainer pleased almost all of the training aficionados because it was supportive and stable during Bodycombat, Boxfit, weightlifting, and overall gym training.
  • A majority of the owners appreciated how comfortable the trainer was for both workout use and everyday casual wear.
  • The sleek design and lack of loud branding appealed to a high number of buyers.
  • Numerous shoppers liked how the footgear fit; it was snug at the ankle but offered ample room for toe splay.
  • Plenty of people enjoyed the lightweight nature of the trainer because their feet didn’t drag while training.
  • For its quality build and durability, many fitness enthusiasts considered it affordable.
  • Multiple reviewers lauded the grippy outsole because it provided the needed traction for quick foot movements.
  • The slip-on style of the footwear delighted some purchasers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The footwear was good for most workouts, but a minority of gym-goers did not recommend using it for running or dance-based exercises.
  • The lacing system dismayed several wearers because tightening it caused the tongue to bunch up, resulting in pressure points.  

Bottom line

The Reebok Combat Noble Trainer exceeded the expectations of consumers looking for a Bodycombat shoe. The upper was deemed supportive while the outsole provided adequate grip for dynamic movements. However, several commenters did not recommend using the shoe for running. But overall, it was considered a well-made footgear for various types of gym training.

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Good to know

  • The Reebok Combat Noble Trainer is a workout shoe specifically designed for combat fitness. Its MMA-inspired style allows it to look good inside the ring, the octagon, the gym, or even on the streets.
  • The jacquard knit upper forms a cleatie style that provides the ankle with adequate support during training. It is easy to put on and remove, but the lace-up structure allows users to tighten the midfoot fit.
  • The midsole provides a cushiony platform that delivers comfort by absorbing impact from footstrike. The underside is protected by a layer of durable rubber that also lends traction.

The bottom of the Reebok Combat Noble Trainer is made of rubber. This layer is designed to be hardwearing to protect the midsole. The tread pattern on the underside is crafted to provide traction in any direction. However, the area under the ball of the foot has less pronounced ridges to facilitate smooth pivots to prevent twisting of the knee.

A low-profile midsole adorns the Reebok Combat Noble Trainer. This low-to-the-ground construction allows the foot to freely move because there is less material between it and the floor. Despite not being thick, it’s still able to absorb shock, keeping the underfoot protected.

The Reebok Combat Noble Trainer sports a mid-cut cleatie construction. It covers the ankle, delivering a secure foothold during dynamic movements.

The upper employs a jacquard knit textile. This material is lightweight and promotes movement. It is also breathable, preventing the interior from getting too warm during rigorous workouts.

The slip-on style allows wearers to put on or take off the footgear quickly. There are tabs on the tongue and the back of the collar so users can pull the shoe easily. If a tighter fit is desired, a lacing system is added at the midfoot to deliver that.

Overlays are present in key areas of the upper to offer reinforcement. The vamp has a gore overlay that protects the toes against sport-related accidents. Synthetic overlays protect the lower portion of the quarters and the back of the shoe for a better foothold.

If you are interested in another option of a mid-cut trainer with a low-profile midsole, check out Nike’s Free Train Virtue workout shoe. It has been excessively praised for its sock-like fit which also provides lateral support with the help of its dynamic stretch bands and the Flywire cables on the sides. The brand’s proprietary Free sole places the foot close to the ground for better sense of control during fast, multi-directional movements. This unit is also designed to be flexible to deliver a natural, unhindered experience.


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