Nike Rhyodomo GTX: A waterproof sneakerboot

Nike Ryodomo Gore-Tex isn’t only designed to get you styled up for the cold months but actually keep your feet warm, cozy, and dry. If you’re looking for a footgear that’s both a sneaker and a boot and will keep you protected under rain and snow, you’re on the right page. If you wish to check out other options, Nike has tons under its All Conditions Gear (All Conditions Gear (ACG) pack. 

Takeaways of the Ryodomo Gore-Tex

This everyday winter-ready boot is built with many practical benefits. You won’t be keeping it parked in your closet, freezing in the cold. A cheaper version of this is the flagship model.

  • Ready for the inclement weather, it’s one of the Swoosh sneakerboots that will keep your feet up to the ankle sheltered under a tough leather cover.
  • Some panels on the cover are cored out to promote breathability.
  • Like other Gore-Tex sneakers, this is lined with a waterproof material that helps block snow and water entry.
  • It may not have gussets to shut out rain or snow completely but has lacing clasps that securely and tightly cinches its nylon laces.
  • The foam midsole and thickly padded collar offer comfort and cushioning.
  • Inspired by tough utility boots, the underside comes with sizeable rubber lugs that grant grip and flexibility in snowy and muddy terrains.


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