Who should buy the Brooks PureGrit 6

You will love the Brooks PureGrit 6 if you want a lightweight,  neutral running shoe with excellent outsole protection to use for long-distance or marathon

Brooks PureGrit 6 name

Updates to the Brooks PureGrit 6

  • The men’s version is lighter compared to the previous version
  • To provide a closer-to-the-ground feel, the heel-to-toe offset has been reduced to 4mm. 
  • Upper is with linear-looking mudguard with a dotted pattern overlay and an accent, a 3D print of the Brooks logo was embedded on the lateral sides of the shoe.
  • A lacing garage has also been added at the top of the tongue.

Brooks PureGrit 6 brooks shoes

Excellent outsole protection of Brooks PureGrit 6

The outsole of the shoe is equipped with a durable Ballistic Rock Shield. This thermoplastic EVA sheath is not visible when looking at the shoe as it can be found between the midsole and the outsole. Its primary function is to protect the foot from being injured as the runner steps on objects on the trail that are protruding or jagged.

Brooks PureGrit 6 misole front

The material used to make the outsole is called blown rubber. It had been expanded or mixed with air during its production process. This results in a lighter, more flexible material that is placed in the forefoot section of the outsole. In the case of the shoe, the blown rubber runs full length, offering flexibility and an adequate amount of protection underfoot.

Brooks PureGrit 6 heel outdolr

3D gripping lugs compose the tread. These lugs are shaped like hexagons and are evenly distributed throughout the outsole. This type of tread easily buries into the dirt and mud, preventing the runner from slipping and sliding. It works on other topographies in a similar way, as well.

Brooks PureGrit 6 toes outsole

The Brooks Ideal Heel is also found on the outsole. To make the running transition as smooth as possible, Brooks designed the outer heel of the PureGrit 6 in a curved manner. While in motion, this design encourages runners to execute forefoot and midfoot striking.

Brooks PureGrit 6 rear

Responsive rides with eco-friendly material midsole

Brooks has combined BioMoGo technology with another one called DNA. Usually, the Brooks DNA is made up of a gel that adapts to the amount of force it receives, but in the case of BioMoGo DNA, the gel inserts are done away with making the cushioning friendlier to the environment, while still providing runners with a responsive and adaptable ride.

Brooks PureGrit 6 rear midsole

Omega Flex Grooves are found on the shoe’s midsole. These indentions make way for specific structures on the midsole to move with ease. This piece of technology does this without compromising the level of cushioning the shoe offers.

Brooks PureGrit 6 side midsole

Focusing on the density of the midsole, Brooks has incorporated their Tuned Density Midsole technology or TDM. It is a material that corresponds to the gender and weight categories of runners. This customized denseness also offers a more modified balance for specific types of runners without the midsole feeling too stiff or too soft.

Brooks PureGrit 6 mid midsole

The profile sock liner is made of the BioMoGo biodegradable foam. This was added to provide the shoe with some extra cushioning. Also, this insert is contoured which means that it follows the natural curve of the foot. Since it’s shaped similarly to the outline of the underfoot, it presents a more comfortable in-shoe feel.

Brooks PureGrit 6 liner insole

The Brooks PureGrit 6 breathable upper that mimics natural foot shape 

The shoe is able to deliver a glove-like fit because of the last the shoe is made from during construction. The last is a wooden or plastic mold that helps form the shape of the shoe. The particular last used in the making of the PureGrit 6 is anatomical, which means that it mimics the foot’s natural shape.

Brooks PureGrit 6 side

Air mesh covers the entire upper. This material is highly breathable, allowing air to pass through the shoe. The environment inside the shoe is kept cool and hot spots are reduced during runs. Although the air mesh has tiny perforations that grant breathability, these tiny holes are small enough to keep trail debris from getting into the shoe.

Brooks PureGrit 6 top upper

To protect the shoe from mud as well as other particles, Brooks placed a mudguard on the sides of the shoe. The material this protective structure is made of also repels water, preventing the foot from getting wet when the runner accidentally steps into puddles.

Brooks PureGrit 6 mudguard

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Trail
Weight: Men 272g / Women 221g
Drop: 4mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: Brooks PureGrit 8
Forefoot height: 17mm
Heel height: 21mm

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