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Cheap Brooks running shoes

Brooks is one of the unique shoe manufacturers in the market today because their products are solely focused on running gear. Their running shoes, in particular, are well-known for the reliability and high-level performance they bring to professionals and casual runners alike. These qualities are also found in the cheap running shoes of Brooks. The affordable pairs the brand offers still has the comfort, design, and functionality that are similar to the more expensive shoes.

Quality of cheap Brooks running shoes

Most running enthusiasts are already familiar with the fact that Brooks running shoes offer high-quality performance that is on par with other brands. However, those who are within a tight budget or are looking to save some money might wonder if there are cheap Brooks running shoes abound the market. It may come as a surprise that there is, indeed, a selection of Brooks running shoes that are more affordable compared to their usual or their top-of-the-line pairs.

And if some consumers might be worried that a low price equates to low quality, this article would provide details that prove quite the contrary. With each topic discussing how a cheap Brooks running shoe would benefit (or not) a runner’s performance, this read is informative for all.

Price of cheap Brooks running shoes compared to other brands

Buyers who are in search of cheap running shoes will sometimes do a comparison between brands. If every shoe manufacturer offered running shoes in an affordable—albeit relative—range, what sets the cheap running shoes from Brooks apart from the rest? How does the brand ensure that customers would go for their running shoes over others?

Brooks versus Nike running shoes

The lowest price among cheap Brooks running shoes is $85 (actual price, not discounted). Meanwhile, the cheapest Nike running shoe is at the $60 mark (actual price). As their prices entail, both running shoes are built with minimal technologies that are ideal for runners in the beginner category, as they are the ones who usually prefer a simple construction in a running shoe.

Because the cheapest Brooks running shoe costs a couple of dollars higher than the cheapest from Nike, it makes sense for a consumer to expect that the former would carry more features. Fortunately for Brooks, they are able to meet the market’s expectations. Some of the technologies used in their lowest-priced shoe could also be found in some of their more premium pairs. In addition, cheap Brooks running shoes focus on developing the details in the upper to deliver foot coverage that is comparable to their higher-priced shoes.

Brooks versus New Balance running shoes

The current cheapest running shoe offered by New Balance is at $65, which is still significantly lower compared to the cheap running shoes from Brooks. Because of the low cost of these running shoes, it is easy to assume for most purchasers that the shoes are made from low-quality materials, which could be far from the truth. As a matter of fact, New Balance takes pride in the durable quality of their cheap running shoes, which they attribute to the materials used. Meanwhile, the cheap running shoes from Brooks are concentrated in the features of the sole unit, which contribute to running performance.

Brooks versus ASICS running shoes

Although lower priced than others, the affordable running shoes of ASICS are still well-packed with their proprietary technologies, though not as many as with their premium pairs. On the other hand, the offerings from Brooks are guaranteed to be comparable, if not the same, with their higher-priced counterparts. Because Brooks’ cheapest at $85 is still greater than ASICS’ $65, it is definitely the more ideal choice if you are after more features.

Features of cheap Brooks running shoes

As mentioned in the previous section, the cheap running shoes from Brooks are still passable as premium quality because of the technologies the brand uses to build them. For example, their current lowest-priced running shoe features technologies such as the BioMoGo DNA; this widely popular material is also utilized in some of their top-tier running shoes, like the Brooks Caldera 3.

This cheap running shoe from Brooks also possesses a similar outsole structure as their higher-end equivalents. One example is the HPR Plus, which can be found in the Brooks Addiction 13, aside from their cheapest running shoe.

With all these mentioned, it is easy to conclude that Brooks’ cheap running shoe selection could still compete with some mid- and even top-price shoes. It goes to show that the brand does not scrimp on quality to deliver a running experience that could be similar to expensive shoes.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cheapest running shoe from Brooks?

Currently, the Brooks Anthem 2 ranks as the lowest-priced running shoe from the brand, with its $85 price tag (actual price, no discounts). This running shoe is designed for severe overpronators to be used on the road. Meanwhile, the brand also holds clearance sales wherein they mark down the price of running shoes with low stock. These pairs range from $65 to $100, which is usually $50 less their original price.

Are the cheap running shoes from Brooks less durable?

Any cautious buyer would think twice about a low-priced running shoe, as it seems too good to be true. However, Brooks running shoes guarantee a level of quality and versatility that ensure a safe yet empowered running experience. Purchasers of cheap Brooks running shoes have mostly positive reviews regarding their performance while wearing the shoes.