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8 reasons to buy

  • Cushioning: A lot of runners praise the DNA Flash midsole for giving cushion on long runs yet being light and bouncy on tempo runs. Some experts compare its feel to the Hyper Burst in Skechers Razor 3.
  • Weight: The Hyperion Tempo is among the lightest speed trainers on the market. Many users say that it’s barely felt on the foot.
  • Woven upper: Many wearers love how plush, light, and non-constricting the fabric is. They also appreciate its lean and streamlined characteristics.
  • Durability: At least four experts who ran over 100 miles in the shoe report no significant wear and are impressed with the shoe’s resilience.
  • Heel hold: The semi-rigid, padded collar secures the rearfoot excellently. No heel slippage has been reported.
  • Fit: The shoe offers good lockdown, leaving most buyers pleased with the fit.
  • Breathability: Quite a few testers are satisfied with its adequate breathability.
  • Style: The clean and simple aesthetics of the shoe is well-loved by the purchasers.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Laces: Thin and stretchy, they made it a hassle to get a good, consistent lockdown for some runners.
  • Midsole firms up: Those who tested the shoe on colder days warn that the midsole gets stiff in lower temperatures and requires some “warming up.”
  • Traction: Several people report that it is not a good option for wet and slippery roads.

Bottom line

A training counterpart of the brand’s carbon-plated Hyperion Elite race shoe, the Hyperion Tempo surprisingly ranks higher than its bigger brother. It is hiding behind a simple monochromatic design but has quite a few gems to offer.

It is a super light, speed-focused daily trainer that excels on tempo runs and intervals. Its ample cushioning will also help you go any distance up to a marathon. The Hyperion Tempo is not the bounciest nor cheapest trainer out there but makes up for it with excellent durability, lightness, and overall comfort.

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Are you ready for speed!? This is the shoe for you. In the speed arena that Nike has dominated recently with little competition, there is finally a worthy competitor.




Brooks has arrived at the party and it's not to just hang out. Brooks came to rock! With the addition of the Hyperion Tempo, there's a new shoe on the block and it's impressive. Let's take a look at it.

The breakdown

This shoe is designed for one thing and that's speed. We're gonna take a look at the wonderful makeup of these rockets!

The upper

Light, mobile, and secure. The upper excels in functionality and in purpose.




I get an extremely tight lockdown all the while experiencing all the perks of being lightweight to further help push the speed limit. The breathability is phenomenal and is supported by the many mesh-like holes, as you can see in the picture above.

Lacing system

The effective system here that isn't fancy. The Hyperion Tempo lacing system allows for a very secure fit. With a thin "racing" tongue comes along strategic padding throughout to help fit and also avoid any hot spots. 

The only downside is the stretchy laces. Brooks has added these to many of their shoes and I just don't like it. They end up being too much lace when you tie tightly. Not a big deal considering how great the shoe is but something to note. 

Midfoot support

In putting efforts to keep true to the goal of speed, all types of upper-added support you usually see on daily trainers is gone, and it wasn't missed at all.




I felt nice and secured in my midfoot during all my runs, ranging from 9:00/mile - 6:00/mile pace. If you are a relatively efficient runner, then you will do great in these. 

Toe box 

The narrow toe box does not limit performance here but does limit comfort in longer runs. I am a wide-toe-box guy, but for the purpose of speed, I can look past that. To be fair, I feel the toe box is adequate for the shoe.

Collar and heel

Coming in at 7.3 oz, you don't expect much upper comfort but Brooks does a great job in these two areas.



The collar is padded nicely and the heel is supported wonderfully to provide a great feeling of comfort and stability as you're blazing down the road.


The midsole here is fantastic. The Hyperion Tempo rocks a DNA Flash technology which is extremely light, firm, and responsive—all the things you want for a fast-paced shoe. I was extremely impressed here. They are unlike any Brooks I have experienced! 




The midsole is more on the stiffer side which helps the energy return as you're killing your PRs! And I found the 8mm drop to be a wonderful amount for this shoe. 

Overall, the midsole is simple but awesome! This is hands down my favorite midsole in recent memory!


Looking at the outsole you will think "Huh, not much there!" Well, that's because there's not! In an effort to gain lighter weight and speed, Brooks chose to not have minimum to none, outer-layered rubber. 




The cool thing here is that I noticed zero wear with over 60 miles! Not sure how the heck they did it but, I'll take it! 

The outsole is a big win. Great traction, durability, and simplistic design is a huge success in my book!

The fit

Fit is true to size. The lightweight upper snugs the foot wonderfully, with a secure midfoot and heel lockdown. The toe box is on the moderate end, while the rest of the shoe feels more narrow-fitting. I enjoyed this snug fit, which still allowed room for my toes to splay.

The feel

Feel is what it's all about! It's the thing you want to find out most once you take them fresh shoes outta the box! 

Come and feel these shoes, guys, and gals! You will be delighted in the amount of prolonged responsiveness and comfort as you pound out the miles. 

The feel is more on the firm side but with just enough cushion to still keep some sort of comfort. I honestly would not want any more cushion. The firmness of ride in these allows for a solid response for speed as that is what you will be using these for. 


Speed! The name says it: Hyperion Tempo! These are designed to go fast and fast is what they are. I felt myself picking up the pace every time I wore these. The combination of response, secure fit, and lightness really helped me push the tempo for my training runs. 

These have been my go-to "pace training" shoe and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon. The great thing with these shoes is you can train and race in them, which is what I have done. I wore these not only training but PRd in my recent ½ marathon with these.


In the past year, I have probably had 10-15 shoes that I've been running in and these are in the top three. In fact, with all the Brooks I have worn in the past five years, THESE ARE THE BEST! 

I just love the simplistic nature of this shoe. It's designed for speed and that's what it does. What's even better though is the fact you can still train in these. A wonderful training shoe that is ready for race day if called upon! If you are looking for a speed shoe, go and give these a try. I highly recommend them!

| Level 4 expert Verified
I love people, and I love life. My love for people has lead me to the field of Physical Therapy and specialize in treating athletes, as well as runners. For the past 3 years, running has become my exercise. I have gone from 5k's to 1/2 marathons and now to marathons. My current PR is 3:28.

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My first impression of the Brooks Hyperion Tempo coming out of the box was sheer delight. They look amazing in the Black/Aqua/Blue. I also noted how light they felt as I pulled them out for the first time.

The upper felt super soft and flexible and the midsole looked plush. The toe box looked to be a bit wider in comparison to some other Brooks shoes I have worn in the past. I was stoked, to say the least, and couldn’t wait to see if they performed as well as they looked.




The Hyperion Tempo was designed for road running as a lightweight trainer that could also be used in competition. It has neutral support and a heel to toe drop of 8mm.

I personally didn’t notice the 8mm drop in this model compared to some other Brooks models with the same drop. It weighs in at 7.3 oz (Men’s size 9), and can accommodate a variety of arch types.




I have a high arch and they felt comfortable throughout my longer runs. The new technology that the Hyperion Tempo boast is the nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH midsole that Brooks states as having a lightweight feel, excellent energy return, and comfortable cushioning.

Will this lead to a new PR?


The Hyperion Tempo is designed as a lightweight trainer. This shoe is strictly for road and track running, which could also be used for competition.

They are not quite light enough or have the energy return from a carbon plate for elite competitors in shorter distances. However, it provides enough cushion and delivers enough speed for runners to be competitive at distances up to a half marathon.

I have run over 70 miles in the Hyperion Tempo up to the half marathon distance, all of which on the road. Brooks has labeled these shoes correctly and have found a way to enter the current market for speedy shoes that are more durable than racing shoes and much less pricey.

This is a great shoe for entry-level runners looking for a racing shoe that has ample cushion or for competitive runners looking for a lightweight trainer.


I really like the upper on the Hyperion Tempo. One of the areas that I think Brooks has knocked it out of the park with these is how light and airy they are.




Running in Florida during the summer- or any time really - is hot and my feet suffer because of it. The Hyperion Tempo has allowed my feet to remain cooler than any other of the traditional running shoes that I am currently using.

There are many air holes spaced nicely across the front of the upper that make this possible. I also enjoy that the upper is all one piece because it removes any stitching that can cause hot spots.

One-piece uppers are the best in my opinion. The look of the upper is like icing on the cake, they are sharp.


The midsole of the Hyperion Tempo is the real talking point. This is the part of the shoe that Brooks has invested in making "top of the line."

The nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH is just that, top of the line. Granted there is no carbon plate in these shoes, they were able to use that with one of their other models.




This model is lower priced and has that appeal for people who cannot break the bank for a pair of shoes that are race-specific shoes only. The Hyperion Tempo offers flexibility for speed training and racing, a big plus for the average consumer.

After my initial 70+ miles, I have not noticed any drastic wear to the midsole that would alarm me. I see the midsole lasting upwards of 200 miles for racing and up to 300+ miles for training.


The outsole is relatively simple for the Hyperion Tempo. Brooks did not overdo it or under-do it. It feels just right and includes 3 pieces of strategically placed rubber on the highest wear areas.




There is a groove running through the middle of the outsole from the heel to the middle of the forefoot. It splits the heel into two regions, each with a rubber piece, and channels nicely into the larger piece of rubber that covers the entire forefoot region.

There is no rubber on the midfoot region which allows for greater flexibility and natural movement of the foot while running. The heel of this shoe is a little awkward, but I will discuss that in more detail later.

Fit & feel

Upon putting my foot in the first time, I noticed the fit of the shoe is snug and secure, especially in the heel. The one-piece upper is super comfortable and Brooks went out of the way to lessen the amount of fabric used to secure the lacing system to the upper.




I have experienced hot spots and general discomfort in this area from Brooks in the past, but not here. The upper was gentle and soft, yet secure. I never felt my foot slip or slide in any direction while running and they had an overall pleasant feel throughout.

The insole is nothing special, but sometimes simple is best. The insole did stay in place for all my runs and can be removed or replaced if necessary. I liked the tongue of the shoe as it was minimally intrusive to the point where I never felt it at all.


I found the Hyperion Tempo to perform exactly as described. They are a lightweight trainer that can be used in competition.

I noticed the desire to increase my pace almost immediately when running in them. In fact, I shaved close to 2 minutes off my current 5k time and a little over 10 minutes off my current half marathon time.

I find it easier to hold a higher pace as they give a good cushion and energy return and have a general springiness to them. My feet didn’t get tired or sore at these distances.

I could see the shoe lacking the support to go up to the marathon distance and I would not feel comfortable taking them that far. I will note that when I walked in them at points the heel structure of the outsole was odd.

The inner side of the heel is noticeably lower than the outer side of the heel by design. This caused me some slight discomfort while walking, but this shoe was not made for walking.




This is the one area where this shoe lacks. The laces of the Hyperion Tempo are thin and stretchy. They lack a general structure, and this causes some issues.

First, they are a little more difficult to get that tight knot. It can be done, but it is difficult. The second and most pressing issue is the untying.




I have never had more issues untying shoes in my entire life where 9 out of 10 times, the laces just will not cooperate when trying to take the shoes off.

I highly suggest replacing the laces with a better set that are the same length. The length of the laces is fine. Notice the estranged knot on the side of the picture. How does that happen?

Breathability & stability

The Hyperion Tempo is highly breathable and beside the DNA FLASH midsole is their best attribute, performance-wise. I cannot speak highly enough about the job Brooks has done making the upper so soft, flexible, and breathable.

Stability is not an issue for me with these shoes. I found my heel to lock in securely along with my mid and forefoot. The flexibility of the upper did not compromise its overall structure and stability.



Flexibility & responsiveness

I was impressed by the overall flexibility of the shoe right from the beginning. The placement of the rubber on the outsole helps with this as does the material used for the midsole.

The midsole is also designed to provide a responsive ride and I felt this all the way through the half marathon distance.

Traction & durability

I was able to get a couple runs in when the conditions were wet and slippery and did not notice any drop in performance for the Hyperion Tempo. The rubber on the outsole is placed well and provides great traction in all conditions for road or track running.




Given that they are geared more as a trainer than a racer, they should be more durable. That is what I have noticed during my testing.

They have held up well to all the activities and do not show much sign of wear besides the normal bit on the sole. The midsole looks like it will go the distance and the upper has not shown itself to be too thin either.

Overall, I am impressed with the durability.


I am aware that Brooks generally runs narrow in the mid and forefoot and I went a half size up because I have wider than normal feet, especially in the forefoot. I do not hold this against the shoe but did want to make everyone else aware of this.

The Hyperion Tempo is exactly as described and meets all the hype that Brooks used to introduce them. They are made for the road and track and serve as an entry-level trainer or racer or can serve as a trainer for elite runners.

They boast a great midsole, look sharp, and feel as comfortable as it gets. With that said, buy an alternative pair of laces if you decide to purchase this shoe.

| Level 3 expert Verified
I have been running competitively since middle school, competed in the cross-country national championships in high school and received a scholarship to play soccer at Eckerd College. I am currently running between 30-40 miles on average per week on a mixture of trails and road. I have run multiple half marathons and marathons on road and trails. I have also been participating in triathlons for the past 8 years in which I have done many at the sprint and Olympic distance and one at the Half-Ironman distance. My favorite running shoe brands are Altra, On, Hoka, and Saucony.

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The Brooks Hyperion Tempo is the newest workout shoe and a premium speed shoe in the Brooks line. This shoe retails for $150 and is categorized as a speed, neutral shoe.

It weighs 7.3 oz for a size 9 with an 8mm drop. As an individual that loves the Glycerin models and spent my first years of competitive running in Brook’s shoes, this was a fun shoe to run in.




The shoe was designed with speed in mind. It is a sleek design with no frills and is stripped down to the minimum needed to go fast but still recover quickly.

The Tempo currently has two color options to choose from. While the color schemes are limited, each of the color choices looks both fashionable and classic. Choices include black and blue as seen here, a white and blue color scheme.



Fit & comfort

This shoe fits very true to size. The Hyperion Tempo has a normal width and has a good amount of room in the forefoot and toe box without sacrificing a secure fit in the shoe.

The Hyperion Tempo is very stripped down and fits like a sock on your foot. Feeling like a sock, it is almost like the shoe is noticeable to the wearer.




I truly enjoyed running in them initially, but this was met with some reservations on scorching and humid days.

The Tempo’s insole slides in the shoe with any significant amount of sweat, as you can see from the picture below.




This makes running in the heat very uncomfortable and has led to a few blisters on each of my feet. I do not expect this issue to continue during the cooler months, but it is a concern for anyone that sweats a good bit during the run.


The Brooks website states that this shoe is a “light and responsive trainer that keeps you in your stride so you can run and recover faster.”

It is definitely a great trainer! And because I have always enjoyed running in Brooks, I really enjoy the Hyperion Tempo.

That being said, I do not find a big difference between this particular trainer and others like it from different companies. There is no “WOW” factor. If you like Brooks, you will like the Hyperion Tempo. 


The Tempo fits like a sock, which is a great thing, but it also wears like a sock. It was hard to run in this shoe on hotter days because it did not seem very breathable to me.




Sweat pooled in the shoe and was soaked up by the sock liner/insole. As stated above, this caused issues, but even on the days where the insole did not bunch up, it felt like I was running in the rain.

While I love to run in the rain, I do not want a shoe that feels like I have spent 2 hours in the rain or just ran through a river on a daily basis. 


The Hyperion Tempo is just flexible enough to provide the spring and power one needs for takeoff and quick splits on the track or in a workout while still providing a cushioned landing needed to keep the feet recovering quickly and ready for race day. 


The cushioning doesn’t run too soft and is very responsive. I have been able to run fast splits on the track with this shoe as well as take it out on a medium-long tempo run. 


This shoe really feels like it propels you forward. When finishing my runs, my feet do not feel overworked and stressed. I feel that I can finish any plans I have for the day.




This is extremely important as a runner trying to reach an elite athlete’s times while still having the responsibilities of a regular job and other commitments. 


This shoe does fairly well in the traction department, but it is not a shoe I would choose to run in on a wet or rainy day because it is made to go fast, not intended to handle those conditions. 


I plan to run a lot of miles in this shoe once the weather cools. I am approaching 100 miles in this shoe as I am writing this, and it still feels as smooth as it did in the first miles. I believe that I will get 300-350 miles out of this shoe before I have to replace it.


The Hyperion Tempo is great for workouts, intervals, tempo, and speed without sacrificing comfort. The only con I see is breathability, which makes it not an ideal shoe if you have sweaty feet or during hot summer months. 



| Level 2 expert Verified
I have been running competitively since 2016 and placed in the top 10 or better in the majority of races I entered. While I race mostly on the road, I have considered entering some trail races in the future. Some races that I have participated in are The Doodle Trail 15K, The Greenville News 5K, The Reedy River 10K, The Harwell Dam 5K, and Martinsville Miles Turkey Day 5K. Currently, I am a member of the McKirdy Trained running group and am coached by Esther Atkins as I pursue a BQ time.

Good to know

Who should (not) get the Brooks Hyperion Tempo

Best for: speed training, mid-to-long distances, neutral pronation

Don’t get it if you need: a) an easy-day trainer for slower paces (consider Brooks Ghost); b) pronation control (try Brooks Adrenaline); c) a super springy speed trainer (see Saucony Endorphin Speed)

A rubber compound is used for the high-wear areas of the heel and forefoot. The purpose of the strategic placement of these protective layers is to ensure that the contact points are shielded from wear-and-tear. Abrasion can weaken the structure of the underfoot platform, so staving off potential damage is beneficial.

Surface traction is a trait that is highly essential when it comes to running shoes. Being able to control the movements of the foot over the surfaces can transform each run into explosive performances that are full of confidence. So, the rubber of the outsole is able to dole out traction to ensure consistent output, especially when taking each step.

A vertical flex groove separates the medial side of the platform from the lateral side. The job of this trench is to lead the foot through the gait cycle, helping the stride as it transitions from the heel to the forefoot. Having a deconstructed landing zone can also smoothen the overall gait and prevent the shoe’s sole from counteracting the natural progression of the step.

The midsole unit of the Brooks Hyperion Tempo is made of the DNA FLASH. This full-length cushioning technology is made of a foam that has been infused with nitrogen cells via a fluid mixing system. The added nitrogen aims to strengthen the structure of the foam without sacrificing weight and flexibility. The resulting material is touted to be lightweight, responsive, durable, yet steady enough to keep the runner moving.

A fabric-topped insole is placed right above the main star of the cushioning system. The job of this add-on is to provide some more oomph to the perception of softness, giving the foot a chance to feel like it is standing on a welcoming mat. It can be removed or replaced with a custom orthotic insert if the runner wants to do so.

The upper unit is made of a woven mesh. This material is tasked with hugging the foot securely and keeping it supported at all times. It has a stretchy construction to allow the foot to move naturally and swell with ease during the run. The open-weave configuration of the yarns yields visible breathing holes for heightened ventilation throughout the activity. Breathable meshes are featured in many running shoe series, including the similarly lightweight Nike Free RN line.

The sides and the eyestays of the facade are graced with printed overlays. These elements bolster the upright composition of the upper. They also help the lacing system in holding the foot in place and averting in-shoe wobbling.

The lightly padded collar supports the Achilles tendon and the ankles. This part of the upper is also meant to prevent the foot from slipping out of the interior compartment unexpectedly.

The thin, anatomical tongue unit contours itself to the shape of the bridge of the foot. It has a crinkle-resistant construction to prevent hot spots and bunching that is usually associated with flimsy shoe-tongues.

How Hyperion Tempo compares

This shoe: 91
All shoes average: 81
54 93
This shoe: £150
All shoes average: £120
£40 £330
This shoe: 207g
All shoes average: 270g
100g 460g
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Jens Jakob Andersen

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