Updates to Asics Gel Scram 3

  • The Asics Gel Scram 3 is a high quality trail running shoe that’s made for runners who want to have running gear that’s filled with too many bells and whistles. The features that are in this model are straightforward and are tuned to accommodate neophyte trail adventurers and advanced runners. Though there isn’t a lot, these components are still efficient and capable.
  • The upper unit of this running shoe utilizes a mesh material that has a breathable design. It accommodates the flow of air into the foot-chamber, which essentially keeps the foot cool and dry during the running session. Stitched to the upper are synthetic overlays. They provide more structure to the shoe, while also making the fit as snug and secure for the wearer.
  • The Asics Gel Scram 3 features a foam unit that is capable of carrying the foot responsibly through the trails with ease and comfort. It doesn’t break down easily or sag against the weight of the wearer. The rear section of the platform employs the Gel® Cushioning System, which is a unit responsible for attenuating impact shock during the landing phase.
  • The external sole unit of the Asics Gel Scram 3 contains the AHAR®. It’s a rubber material that’s highly resistant to abrasion. It shields the mid-sole foam from the abrasive nature of the trails. Gripping lugs enhance traction by holding onto the topography with sureness. Also, there are flex grooves in this section of the shoe, and they allow natural movement to take place.

Size and fit

Regular measurements were used for the Asics Gel Scram 3. The sizing schemes follow the preferences of men and women. The available width is medium. It welcomes the runners who have medium sized feet. Its semi-curved shape adheres naturally to the shape of the human foot.


The outsole unit of the Asics Gel Scram 3 features the AHAR® or the Asics High Abrasion Rubber. It covers the rest of the mid-sole and protects it from wear & tear. It is durable, so it won’t easily peel off or wear away. It also gives reliable traction, which is important when it comes to tackling the unpredictable nature of the great outdoors. The Patriot 10 is another Asics running shoe that maximizes the benefits of the AHAR® outsole.

Gripping lugs assist the runner in traversing different types of terrain. They are very helpful when it comes to upward and downward navigation.

Flex grooves are present in the outsole unit of this model. They allow the foot to move more naturally by making the platform more flexible.


A full-length foam unit serves as the immediate underfoot cushioning system of the Asics Gel Scram 3. It carries the foot responsibly and keeps it comfortable throughout the running session. It doesn’t break down easily, even when used many times.

The rear section of this shoe showcases the Gel® Cushioning System. It’s a silicone-based unit that essentially protects the foot from impact shock during the landing phase of the gait cycle. It doesn’t feel stiff or unwieldy.

A sock liner has been added to provide additional cushioning to the underside of the foot. It can be replaced or removed entirely, depending on the preference of the wearer.


The upper unit uses a breathable mesh material. It covers the foot securely, but it doesn’t make the interior environment feel warm or stuffy. It encourages environmental air to go inside the foot-chamber in order to keep the foot cool and dry throughout the running session.

Synthetic overlays cover some sections of the mesh material. Their purpose is to provide structural integrity to the shoe, while also keeping the runners snug and secure as the main fabric wraps around the shape of their feet. They’re connected directly to the lacing system, thus making the fit more customizable.

A pull-tab in the heel section assists the runner in wearing and removing the shoe.


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