7 Best ASICS Walking Shoes in 2024

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7 Best ASICS Walking Shoes in 2024
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No matter the pace or intensity, these ASICS walking shoes deliver comfort, protection, and durability for your money. The ASICS brand is known for its optimum cushioning technology, breathable uppers, and durability. We review all the models from this label for your reference.

The first ever ASICS walking kicks were introduced to the world in 1983. Since then, the athletic footwear company has continued to build its repertoire for all people from all walks of life. Start your search with the all-day comfort ASICS Gel Contend series and the Gel Odyssey WR.

We’ve listed all the best ASICS walking shoes that we have examined and scrutinised. Based on a battery of tests, we’ve also written brief shoe profiles and in-depth reviews for your reference. Head on below to check out our recommendations.

How we test running shoes

Each shoe comes with different styles, commercial features, and functions. This is why we subject all the shoes in the database to meticulous scrutiny inside the RunRepeat shoe lab. We wear the shoes for days of walking to assess their real-life feel, comfort, and performance.

Here are the specific steps we do:

  • We purchase the ASICS shoes with our own money. By not accepting any sponsorship, we make sure that our reviews are free from bias and brand influence.
  • To test the shoe’s comfort level, support, and durability, we walk for around 10000 steps and write about our personal impressions and insights. We do a lot of walking in these ASICS kicks on a variety of surfaces to test each model's strengths and weaknesses. We carefully vet these shoes through a series of wear tests and comparisons to evaluate their cushioning system, support, and other essential parameters.
  • We also split the shoes in half, so we get a full grasp of what we are dealing with. One example is when we seek the shoes' stack heights and heel-to-toe drops and compare them to what the brands claimed. Also, we compare the values to the averages for our reviews to be more contextual. 

Best overall ASICS walking shoes

What makes it the best?

Backed up by the lab, actual runs, and our walks around town, we crown the Gel Cumulus 26 as ASICS’ top walking-running shoe. We found that it shines in consistency, showing high performance and versatility from speed sessions to long runs to recovery walks. On top of that, it ensures an enjoyable experience through its plush cushioning.

At a mere 9.1 oz (259g), Gel Cumulus 26 is impressively light for its size, weighing below the 9.4 oz (265g) average road running shoe despite its above-average stack of 36.8/28.6 mm. It’s exceptionally cushioned for gobbling up the miles, especially for heel-strikers as we discovered the brand’s PureGEL technology in the rear area for softer landings.

Further enhancing comfort is the FF Blast+ foam’s cloudlike touch, which our durometer reveals is 18.6 HA, 12.7% softer than average. This kept us chasing the miles as our legs were spoiled with its gentle embrace.

On days we want to take it a notch down, the fluid midsole allows our free movement, keeping the ride uncomplicated and easy. Our flex test confirms it’s 16.7% less resistant than average, making it a great companion for walking.

However, Gel Cumulus 26 lacks the breezy experience we need on humid days. With its subpar 3/5 breathability score, we recommend using this pair in cooler seasons.


  • Great value
  • Versatile across various paces
  • Cushioned ride
  • PureGEL heel insert
  • Enhanced stability
  • True all-rounder
  • Lightweight for its category


  • Outsole durability issues
  • Limited traction off-road
  • Lacks breathability
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ASICS walking shoes with the best stability

What makes it the best?

The Gel Kayano 30 is quite clearly ASICS’ top stability shoe for walking as it crushed our lab and outdoor walking tests with its amazing stability, outstanding comfort, and excellent breathability. 

The Kayano 30 delivers uncanny comfort underfoot during our walks, thanks in large part to its super-soft midsole foam, which is 33% softer than average. And it also has a hefty insole, which is 1.1 mm thicker than the typical road running shoe.

And that tremendous comfort is accompanied by the rock-solid support that has become synonymous with the Kayano series. The shoe features a new 4D Guidance System, which uses a softer foam right under the arch, and it does a tremendous job of providing consistent stability the longer we walk with the shoe.

And the Kayano 30 has no problem keeping our feet cool all through our walks. On our breathability test, where we pump smoke into the shoe, it scored a perfect 5 out of 5 as the smoke easily found its way through the mesh upper.

However, the Kayano 30’s heel to toe drop is a tad off. We measured its drop at 12 mm, which is a good 2 mm more than the company’s stated drop of 10 mm. 


  • Exceptionally cushioned
  • Impressively stable with 4D Guidance System
  • Lighter than it seems
  • Top-notch breathability
  • Effective maximalist design
  • Superior durability and comfort
  • Ideal for high-mileage runners
  • Ultra-plush FF Blast+ foam
  • Amazing build quality


  • Actual drop exceeds stated measurement
  • Midsole might require a break-in period
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Best lightweight ASICS walking shoes

What makes it the best?

The Gel Nimbus Lite 3 is truly a delight to walk in, with its lightness, fantastic-fitting upper, and ample cushioning. Our lab and walking tests confirmed as much, which is why we chose it as the best lightweight ASICS walking shoe.

The Nimbus Lite 3 is among the lightest shoes in ASICS' running lineup with a weight of just 8.96 oz (254g), which is 1.2 oz (34.9g) lighter than the average ASICS daily running shoe. And indeed, this feather-light shoe felt non-existent on our feet while walking.

The midsole has more than enough cushioning to protect our feet for long distances. Our caliper measured the heel and forefoot stack to be 1.7 mm and 0.7 mm taller than average, respectively. We also love the Nimbus Lite 3's updated upper construction. With a lacing system that provides a customizable fit, it's easy to get a secure lockdown that keeps our feet from sliding around.

However, the Nimbus Lite 3's outsole grip was not great. We experienced slipping issues on wet surfaces, so those in search of a walking shoe with a more secure grip should look elsewhere.


  • Fits true to size
  • Incredible comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Comfy upper
  • Great heel cup
  • Good lockdown
  • Stable
  • Good flexibility in all weather


  • Midsole is unresponsive
  • Grip could be better
  • Concerns over durability of exposed midsole
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ASICS walking shoes with best cushioning

What makes it the best?

Among ASICS’ walking-running models, Gel Nimbus 26 stood out in our lab and actual wear tests with its generous, plush, luxurious, and cloud-like cushioning. The adjectives are endless and don’t feel adequate to describe the heavenly sensation of this shoe.

Built with premium padding all around, the upper feels extra soft to the touch as it adapts to our foot shape. Adding to our comfort for all-day wear is its exceptional breathability, which our lab tests confirm is a high 4/5. Even our heels are spoiled with generous padding.

Under our feet lies a thick and pillowy foam that rises to 40.4/32.0 mm in the heel and forefoot. As if this height is not enough to dampen landing impact, Nimbus 26 makes the cushion 21.6% softer than average for a smooth and forgiving ride. Furthermore, it incorporates the PureGEL technology in the rear area, further amplifying its gentleness when landing with our heels.

While the shoe feels flexible enough for running, it lacks the natural feel for walking. Our 90-degree test reveals the force needed to bend it is 30.2N. That’s 57.3% higher than the average walking shoe (19.2N).


  • Premium all-around comfort
  • Enhanced toebox design
  • Exceptional durability
  • Best-in-series outsole
  • Ideal for long distances
  • Superb knit upper
  • Surprisingly stable
  • A dream for heel strikers


  • Increased weight
  • Limited energy return
  • Tongue lacks padding
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ASICS walking shoes with the best lightweight stability

ASICS GT 2000 12

What makes it the best?

The GT 2000 12 emerged as the top lightweight stability shoe among the Asics walking-running lineup. Hours of intensive lab tests and miles of extensive runs confirm it takes stability shoes to the next level with its light build, subtle support, and lasting comfort.

GT 2000 feels light with every stride. Our scales confirm it’s only 9.7 oz (275g) vs. the 10.5 oz (299g) average weight of stability shoes in our lab. This Asics shoe shaves off grams by incorporating less pronounced supportive elements, which feel pleasantly non-intrusive. The main feature is the 3D Guidance System, which comprises a wide landing base and a strategic midsole geometry to keep us centered. Our caliper confirms the midsole is 5.9/6.0 mm wider in the forefoot and heel. This innovation does the job without a demanding presence.

We ran without counting the miles since the cushion felt comfortable and bouncy. Our cut-in-half shoe shows the well-loved FF Blast+ foam, which measures a balanced 25.1 HA per our durometer. This translates to a healthy balance of support and plushness. To ensure a pain-free experience, GT 2000 includes the PureGEL into the heel for gentler landings.

While the upper provides good ventilation, we believe it’s not enough for hot and humid weather. Our breathability test reveals a below-average 3/5 score.


  • Stable yet non-intrusive
  • Exceptionally grippy and long-lasting outsole
  • Built for endurance on long runs
  • Lightest model in its series
  • Top-notch comfort
  • FF Blast+ cushioning for the first time in a GT 2000
  • PureGel technology for heel strikers
  • Remarkable durability of the outsole
  • Great value at £150


  • Breathability could be improved
  • Might require a brief break-in period
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Best budget ASICS walking shoes

What makes it the best?

After a series of lab tests and actual walks and runs, we wholeheartedly endorse GT 1000 12 as ASICS' best budget-friendly walking-running shoe. It's a do-it-all stability shoe, highlighting comfort and flexibility. For only £110, it’s a supportive shoe that’s versatile for daily activities and offers out-of-this-world breathability.

Its focus on comfort is evident with the shoe’s velvety touch and unopposing midsole. With a durometer in hand, it measures 46.9% softer than average. Despite this, each step feels steady and secure with the GEL integrated into the outer heel. This offers subtle support while we move naturally thanks to the flexible midsole. Our 90-degree bend test confirms it exceeds the average running shoe by a mindblowing 60.4%!

Wearing this pair feels uncomplicated with its light build and well-ventilated upper. For a supportive shoe, it weighs a mere 9.6 oz (271g). It’s unusual for us to test stability shoes that weigh below 10.0 oz (283g). The upper deserves its 5-star rating on our breathability test since it feels breezy even on humid and sunny days. This makes it a great companion for all-day wear.

While the foam is soft, its stack is below average. Those who want less ground feel and more cushion should explore other options.


  • Incredible value for the price
  • Cushioned and soft midsole
  • Offers great stability
  • GEL technology in the heel
  • Perfectly comfortable for cross-training or walking
  • Built to endure long-distance runs
  • Offers exceptional breathability
  • Durable outsole with a long lifespan


  • Flytefoam could offer better energy return
  • Upper lacks durability
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ASICS walking shoes with best budget comfort

ASICS Gel Pulse 14

What makes it the best?

ASICS Gel Pulse 14 is a testament that a luxuriously comfortable experience doesn’t have to break the bank. At only £110, it features a cushy underfoot, a flexible midsole that’s versatile for other activities, and a grippy outsole. Its value exceeds its price tag that’s 27.0% cheaper than our lab average. Undoubtedly, it’s our #1 budget comfort walking-running shoe.

The central element of Gel Pulse 14 is its AMPLIFOAM midsole. We savored its plush feel during testing and felt it was quite stable. Our cut-in-half shoe reveals a firmer gel insert in the heel for safer landings and a balanced 22.5 HA cushioning per our durometer. We were able to enjoy its softness on walks and low-intensity runs.

Gel Pulse 14 keeps it all natural with its flexible midsole. This makes it comfortable even for gym sessions as it bends to our foot contortions without much resistance. Our bend test confirms its adaptive nature as it requires 42.8% less force than average to bend to 90 degrees.

In terms of grip, the AHARPLUS outsole effortlessly handled even the slickest surfaces. Its wavy outsole effectively prevented slips, boosting our confidence on mixed terrains.

Because of its focus on comfort, it felt heavy and lacked responsiveness for tempo runs. This shoe shines best on easy days.


  • Well-cushioned and comfortable
  • Generously padded interior
  • Great for easy runs and recovery days
  • Flexible and forgiving on the foot
  • Reliable traction
  • Secure lockdown
  • Accommodating toebox
  • Feels decently stable
  • Good for cold winter runs
  • Works well as a gym/walking shoe
  • Lots of colorway options


  • Average breathability at best
  • Could be lighter
  • Not ideal for forefoot strikers
  • Midsole lacks responsiveness
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