Who should buy the Teva Original Universal Premier

The Teva Original Universal Premier is something owners can be very proud of wearing, especially once it has been finally softened up nicely. It is a solid option if you:

  • Prefer a hiking sandal that can perform with agility on the trail.
  • Prefer a hiking sandal that offers protection and comfort during the hike.
  • Prefer a hiking sandal that offers excellent traction on uneven terrain.

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  • The Original Universal Premier is a Teva sandal built for those who wish to perform with agility on the trail. It allows day hikers to stay nimble with its lightweight upper, known as the Universal Strapping System. 
  • For a protected and cushioned hike, the sandal has been equipped with a cushy midsole made of ethylene-vinyl acetate. For surface traction, on the other hand, the gear has been given the Teva-exclusive Durabrasion outsole.

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Size and fit

A multi-sport sandal with a fairly true-to-size fit for men and women is the Teva Original Universal Premier. It is offered in standard width and sizes. Its closure system, with its adjustable ankle and forefoot straps, grants users the ability to set their desired fit.

Teva Original Universal Premier straps

Prevents the hiker from slippage on uneven terrain

What prevents users from slipping on uneven terrain is the sandal’s Durabrasion rubber outsole. It is designed to provide adequate grip with its aggressive tread patterns and low-profile lugs. It has been constructed with lightness and durability in mind, allowing hikers to stay agile for longer. 

Teva Original Universal Premier outsole

Grants footing stability and comfortable cushioning

Teva’s Original Universal Premier grants footing stability besides cushioning with its stout midsole. As it is made of EVA—a springy yet highly durable foam-like material—it is capable of withstanding weight and stress without being crushed. 

Teva Original Universal Premier outsole 1

Provides adequate arch support

Atop this soft yet resilient main platform is the sandal’s Float Lite footbed (a feature that's not found in the Original Universal version). This non-removable insole offers adequate arch support and additional cushioning. It also prevents underfoot slippage with its textured surface and slightly raised borders. 

Teva Original Universal Premier arch support

Easy-drying and water-ready 

The Original Universal Premier has an easy-drying, water-ready webbing upper made of polyester. Its lining is amply padded at key locations for extra comfort. 

Teva Original Universal Premier upper 1

Teva Original Universal Premier's adjustable straps

Both of its straps may be adjusted to the preferred fit with the use of hook and loop fasteners. Linking these straps together are triangular joints made of hard plastic. Their rounded and smooth construction allows wearers to adjust and configure the straps with relative ease.

Teva Original Universal Premier straps 1

Additional Info

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 12oz / Women 9oz
Base model: Teva Original Universal
Use: Multi-sport
Collection: Teva Original
Features: Strappy, Vegan / Lightweight
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Teva

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