Our verdict


This piece is remarkable with its excellence in footing security and lavish provision of comfort. While pricier than most hiking sandals, the Hopara from Hoka can make your hikes quite inspiring (or way less of a slog)!


  • Incredible cushioning
  • High level of comfort
  • Excellent wet-surface traction
  • Rock-solid build
  • Accommodating fit
  • Supportive for a neutral shoe
  • Worth the price


  • A bit heavy
  • Gives blisters
  • Not for narrow feet

Who should buy the Hoka Hopara

The Hopara has what it takes to be your next go-to trail or all-day wear companion. You will appreciate this Hoka offering if you want a sandal that is extremely versatile. it can handle easy-to-moderate hiking, camping, walking, fishing, boating, beach, and swimming. etc.

Hoka Hopara Collar

Who should NOT buy the sandal

If you'd like to explore a similar closed-toe hiking sandal that would weigh less and feel lighter on foot, consider the KEEN Clearwater CNX or the KEEN Targhee III Sandal.

Cushioning is unrivaled

"Probably the most comfortable shoe I have ever had on my foot," claims one of the reviewers. A lot of other wearers of the Hopara can subscribe to this statement due to the sandal's comfort-loaded build. 

Another person was amazed "at the support they offer." Even for a neutral shoe, its platform is pretty stable and has a little bit of arch support. Somebody even notes that it has more cushioning than most running shoes.

Hoka Hopara Midsole

What's more, with its plush yet springy midsole, stepping on almost anything that pokes underfoot is not a problem.

This is what makes the Hoka Hopara so enjoyable for all-day wear for many people.

Welcoming upper fit

Most reviewers were elated with the fact that the shoe has enough room in the toe area. There is no squeezing or pinching. Even those with bunions reported that there is enough space for them to feel comfortable.

Hoka Hopara Toe area

The bungee lacing also makes for an effortless on-and-off.

Hoka Hopara Side

However, there were some complaints too. One came from people with narrower feet. Apparently, they cannot tighten the cords enough to achieve a good fit. Another one was the blistering issue in the heel which happened to a few wearers.

Hoka Hopara keeps you covered on the hike

Its protective upper with sufficient water-channeling cutouts translates to unhindered strides, especially through shallow streams and the like.

Hoka Hopara Tongue

The thick enough rubber toe cap of the Hopara also lets you bump into rocks and other immovable hazards with nary a scratch on your precious piggies.

Hoka Hopara Upper

Grip is supreme

The Hopara outplays many of its contemporaries by having some aggressive lugs (4 inches in depth), which give more bite on loose soil. Slippery stones, lava rocks, smooth surfaces - it handles them all, according to the wearers.

Hoka Hopara Outsole

On the heavy side

Unfortunately, all that cushioning comes with a price. The Hopara weighs 12 oz (340 g) per shoe. For reference, the average for hiking sandals is 11.3 oz (319 g).

Good to know

  • The sandal’s back strap is not adjustable.
  • Its footbed is non-removable. Using your preferred insert might lead to a tighter fit around the instep.
  • "Hopara" is also a Maori term, which means “to explore” in English.

Hoka Hopara Laces