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  1. Teva Hurricane XLT2 - Black (1019235BLK)
  2. Teva Hurricane Drift - Dark Grey (1124DGRY)
  3. Teva Zymic - Black (1124BLK)
    Any color
    Teva Zymic - Yellow (1124BSNF)
    Teva Zymic - Grey/Red (1124GRYR)
    Teva Zymic - Black/Purple (1124NEW)
    Teva Zymic - Black (1124BLK)
    Teva Zymic - BLUE (1124451)
    $80 $36 Save 55%
  4. Teva Original Universal - Black (1004006SDSH)
  5. Teva Hurricane Verge - Black (1121001)
  6. Teva Universal Trail - Dark Olive (1106306)
  7. Teva Langdon Sandal - Walnut (1015149240)
  8. Teva Omnium 2 - Black Olive (1019180BLKO)
  9. Teva Forebay - Turkish Coffee (1001116TKCF)
  10. Teva Hudson - Brown (1002433241)
  11. Teva Mid Universal - Black (1117001)
  12. Teva Terra Fi Lite - Black (1001474CLBP)
  13. Teva Hurricane XLT - Green (4156DOL)
  14. Teva Strata Universal - Grey (1099BLK)
  15. Teva Meacham - Black (1110BLK)
  16. Teva Hurricane 4 - Wavy Trail Navy (1093406)
  17. Teva Winsted - Bamboo Black (1017419BMBLC)
  18. Teva Minam - BLACK (4289BLACK)
  19. Teva Cross Strap Trail - Green (1107DOL)
  20. Teva Original Universal Premier - Blue (1015192NAVY)
  21. Teva Terra Fi 4 - Black (1004485CROSS)
  22. Teva Hurricane XLT2 Alp - Black Olive (1100BLKO)
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Teva hiking sandals

When the terrain doesn’t call for hiking shoes or hiking boots but definitely require lightweight support and grippy traction, there’s no other like Teva hiking sandals. A pioneer in sports sandals, Teva has been rocking the performance footwear industry since 1984.

Shopping around for Teva sandals? You’re in the right place! RunRepeat showcases the most popular and highly rated kicks from Teva. With great deals from over 200 partner stores, affordable hiking sandals are absolutely up for grabs!

30+ Teva hiking sandals for men and women

Extreme lightness, plush comfort, grippy soles, and touch-fasten adjustable straps are expected from Teva trail sandals. Over the years, they have designed some of the most stylish and durable water sandals in the market. These kicks come with important features like antimicrobial treatment and quick-drying uppers. Translation: no smelly feet!

That said, Teva sandals are a great choice for beach vacations and hiking trips around the water. Teva is also among the top brands that manufacture sandals for multi-sport and day hiking. Lastly, they make some of the toughest leather hiking sandals that can stand through heavy wear and tear.

Need more protection and coverage? Then sandals with closed-toe construction are what you need. Luckily, Teva makes them as well. You’ll also find a few Teva models in our collection of vegan hiking sandals.

Even more interesting about Teva is their commitment to helping protect the environment. They are one of the footwear brands that offer eco-friendly sandals. In case you didn’t know, all their iconic straps are made from recycled plastic.

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