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              Teva hiking sandals

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              buy teva hiking sandals for men and women

              It is almost impossible to imagine a time when hiking sandals didn’t exist. If it weren’t for a happy incident, there wouldn’t be any hiking sandal in history. Teva hiking sandals were born in 1984 when a river guide rigged two Velcro watchbands to a pair of flip-flops so they won’t float away. What was simply a way to resolve an issue at hand became one of the more dependable outdoor footwear in the next decade. Now, over three decades later, Teva has grown to become an iconic brand of comfort and practical style.  

              Why male and female hikers like Teva hiking sandals

              Best Teva hiking sandals - May 2020

              There are many reasons why hikers tried and loved their pair of Tevas hiking sandals. For most, the sandals give them the freedom to hike easier trails without the burden of heavy and restraining footwear. Teva, being a pioneer in hiking sandals, is known for its good quality, style, and comfort.  

              Teva hiking sandals are always known for thriving around water. They are loved for their lightweight support, good traction, and adjustable straps. More modern versions of Tevas also come with a footbed that can fight odor–perfect for those with sweaty feet.  

              Benefits of wearing men's and women's Teva hiking sandals

              Teva hiking sandals are utilitarian sandals which can be worn for different trekking occasions. Those who own a pair of Tevas can also look forward to some benefits such as:

              Comfort and fit

              Hiking sandals are well-loved for their functionality. They can be slipped on so easily, and one can start hiking with very little care about their footwear. Teva hiking sandals are well-loved because they are very comfortable to wear. Most of the models come with cushioned heels  and EVA foam footbed for added comfort. 


              To get better and stand the tests of time, Teva sandals are incorporated with better materials and new technologies. For footwear that usually weigh just a few ounces, it is quite impossible to believe that Tevas can last a couple of years before retiring but, better quality soles reinforced their durability.  


              One of the things that hikers are worried about hiking sandals is the notion that they don’t offer that much support. Through the years, several technologies and features have been added to provide hikers with better support throughout their trips. An addition to some models of Teva hiking sandals worth mentioning is the nylon shank that helps stabilize and support the foot even on uneven terrain.  


              It is very important to look for a hiking footwear pair that will hold on any surface firmly. Because Teva hiking sandals rely heavily on its outsole to provide wearers with the needed traction, better material choices have also been chosen for every model. Added compounds and more aggressive tread patterns are just two things that Teva added to their sandals.  


              Teva hiking sandals may seem light, but they also come with different protective features to keep wearers from getting injured on the trail. Tevas are offered in both open and closed  designs, and some models come with rugged soles .


              Hiking sandals can come in two designs: open and closed-toe. These designs are not just for adding a stylish touch to hiking trips. Those who also like to add colors into their hiking adventures can check some colorful Teva hiking sandals like the ones offered in the Original Universal model. 

              What quality Teva hiking sandals are made of

              Teva hiking sandals are popular because of their utilitarian design. While some hikers avoided watery and muddy routes, those wearing Tevas couldn’t care less. Here are some reasons why Tevas are loved by some hikers:

              Materials used

              Each pair of Teva hiking sandals is made to meet the company’s standards. One of the aspects focused on is the material that will be used for each part of the sandal. Here are some of the materials used in some well-loved Tevas:

              • Hook-and-loop adjustable closure system.
              • Mixed-material upper. For those who don’t like their Teva hiking sandals to be all synthetic, models with mixed-material upper are the better choice. The mixed material gives the quick-drying benefits of synthetic linings and the durability of leather.
              • Water-ready polyester webbing upper.
              • EVA footbed. Ethylene-vinyl acetate is a material that is used in many footwear. Having an EVA footbed means wearing footwear with ample cushioning and soft support for a day hike.
              • PU midsole – Polyurethane midsoles are also used on Teva hiking sandals because they are comfortable. The cushioned soles make hiking long distances more bearable.
              • Nylon shank – Even if the best strappy hikers are not expected to provide the traction that hiking boots and shoes can give, they should at least offer just enough support. For Teva, this is addressed by using a nylon shank that offers torsional rigidity and adds to the stability of the sandals.

              Technologies used

              The benefits that Teva hiking sandals can offer wearers are not only achieved through craftsmanship as technology also plays an important part. Teva uses the following materials for some of its hiking sandals:

              • Microban. Smelly feet is never a nice thing to have which is why Teva added Microban to some of its models. This zinc-based antimicrobial technology helps prevent stink from spoiling the hiking fun.
              • Shoc Pad. The feet get a lot of beating during a hiking trip which is why some models of Teva hiking sandals come with a cushioned Shoc Pad heel. This technology lessens the impact that the heel experiences during each trip.
              • Spider rubber. Making sure that wearers of Teva hiking sandals have a good grip of the surfaces they are treading, a few models are equipped with Spider Rubber. This non-marking rubber provides the friction and durability that sandal outsoles should have.
              • Durabrasion. Caring for your hiking sandals shouldn’t be a problem if it comes with Durabrasion technology. This gives sandals the solid balance of performance and durability that hikers need for a lasting pair.


              Teva hiking sandals are well-loved not only for their utilitarian style but also for their price. Unlike other brands, Tevas are moderately-priced. A pair of hiking sandals from Tevas can cost from $50  to $100 . Prices vary according to the style, technologies used, and materials used by the manufacturer.


              If you are looking for a pair of Teva hiking sandals to meet your needs, you can expect to have a Teva store near you. Teva has stores in the United States, European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and some Asian countries like China and Taiwan.

              Several Teva hiking sandals are also made to fit the demands of men, women, and children. Different collections like the Originals, Festival Style, Terra-Float, Arrowood, and others can be availed to meet specific styles and purposes.

              Teva hiking sandals FAQs

              Are there any leather Teva hiking sandals?

              You may be hesitant about getting a pair of hiking sandals thinking you only have synthetic materials to choose from but the good news is, there are several leather options. Although leather is primarily used in trail shoes from Teva, there are also some sandals that have leather uppers like the Beams Mashup version of the Hurricane XLT2, Women’s Kayenta Suede, Mens Katavi 2, and Men’s Omnium 2 Leather.  

              What is the difference between men and women’s Teva hiking sandals?

              Men and women have different physiological makeup, so they also have different demands when it comes to footwear. In order to address the needs of the genders, Teva hiking sandals come in men and women’s versions. Men’s products are manufactured in a standard D width  while women’s products are made in standard B width .

              Are there any vegan Teva hiking sandals?

              Vegan footwear is manufactured without any animal byproducts . Teva supports the needs of individuals who want a world free of animal cruelty by introducing vegan products for both men and women. 

              What is the best way to clean my Teva hiking sandals?

              Your Teva hiking sandals need care and attention to be able to last for a long time. Cleaning is one of the effective ways to keep a sandal in good condition. It is relatively easy to clean your Teva pair:

              1. Use warm water and antimicrobial soap to clean it.
              2. Hand wash the pair instead of machine washing.
              3. Use a soft brush like  (a dish brush or old toothbrush) to remove stubborn dirt in the top soles or outsoles.
              4. You can carefully bend the shoes to open up the grooves so you can remove the dirt in them.
              5. For products with Microban zinc, occasionally expose the sandals to sunlight to make the most out of the technology.
              6. A nubuck leather cleaner should be used for leather sandals since this eliminates odor and cleanse leather.