Who should buy the Teva Hurricane Drift

Wading through creeks and ankle-deep streams should be a cakewalk in the Hurricane Drift. While it resembles many of Teva’s high-quality sandals looks-wise, this piece has a few unique aces all its own. This sandal is for you if you like these defining qualities:

Seamless. With its injection-molded construction, you get a sandal that feels wholly solid. And since its straps are part of the sole, no debris will ever get stuck around its base.

Sink-proof. As it is made almost entirely of EVA foam, it will float on water if it gets detached from your feet by some unfortunate circumstance.

Slick-surface traction. Its rubberized underside has a familiar lug pattern, closely mirroring the outsole design of the Teva XLT2. That said, its grip performance is engineered specifically for wet and extra-smooth surfaces (think slate rock and medium-sized river pebbles).

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Who should not buy it

Look past the Hurricane Drift and into the Teva Original Universal if a configurable forefoot strap means a lot to you. Also, instead of the featured hiker, consider the Hurricane Verge if you need something with far more support underfoot.

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A trove of comfort

From "I really love this sandal" to "I bought another pair," this is how hikers in droves adore the Teva Hurricane Drift comfort-wise.

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The Hurricane Drift's cat-like adhesion

An expert and several trail-goers agree that this sandal has remarkable surface traction, especially on slippery rocks.

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An exemplar of weightlessness

By being no more than 400 g a pair, the Hurricane Drift is among the lightest hiking sandals on the market.

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Women with narrow feet beware

The sandal could be more tight-fitting overall, say dozens of those who have tested it.

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Steady hikes in the Teva Hurricane Drift

Rough terrain will have a hard time taking away your balance in this hiker (its sole unit is highly adaptable).

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Hydrophobic looker

The eye-catching Hurricane Drift does not stay wet for long, according to numerous owners. This is thanks to the sandal's rubber-like main material, which repels water easily.

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Underwhelming toe security

For a few adventurers, the Hurricane Drift not having an adjustable toe strap is rather unsatisfying.

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Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 6.5oz / Women 4.8oz
Use: Water hiking
Collection: Teva Hurricane
Features: Eco-friendly, Vegan, Strappy / Lightweight
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Teva
Construction: Eco-friendly, Vegan, Strappy

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