18 best Inov-8 trail running shoes (November 2017)

1,093 runner reviewed these shoes with an average score of 83/100

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When it comes to off-road running, the niche brand Inov-8 takes the cake for many reasons, and these are expounded in more or less 100, 000 shoe reviews from adventure seekers and trail runners. Trail shoes are considered their specialty and you could never go wrong with a brand that a lot of professional athletes use. In fact, most of their technologies are specifically designed and developed for the trail, so variety is expected among its collection of shoe models.

Why pick Inov-8 trail shoes for your adventure runs?

  • Trail shoes feature a protective platform with more cushioning as compared to their road counterpart. In fact, this shoe type is favored by adventure seekers who find thrill in rough terrain. They might not be as versatile as road shoes when it comes to sports or cross training, but you can definitely cover more ground with trail shoes.
  • Trail shoes are made to be more durable. As opposed to roads, there are more irregularities on the trail, such as sharp rocks, pebbles, tree roots, grass, sandy shores and mud.
  • Thick underfoot protection is common in the best Inov-8 trail shoes. Stepping on irregularities will lead to toe bruises and discomfort, so brands make sure that their outsole materials are thicker and more comfortable.
  • Trail shoes are also versatile. There are models that are made for cross-country runs. This means you can take on road and trail routes anytime. However, these models are limited in terms of protection and traction.
  • The best Inov-8 trail shoes feature a high level of grip and traction. Traction guarantees the balance of the runner’s footing on the track or trail. It is determined by how aggressive the sole pattern is. The outsole material determines the shoe’s level of grip, which is used for enhancing the friction. More grip would mean better running on wet surfaces.

What could make Inov-8 trail shoes the best option?

  • Outsole material. In selecting the best Inov-8 trail shoes, you should focus on the material of the outsole. Depending on its thickness, you can get more protection and shock attenuation for rougher terrain. The aggressive treading pattern will clue you in about the shoe’s level of grip and traction. Abrasion-resistant materials are likely to last longer than other carbon rubbers. Inov-8 features a wide variety of outer sole material, including the Endurance outsole, sticky outsole, Fusion outsole and Dual-C outsole among others.
  • Weight. Trail shoes are expected to weigh more than road shoes. This is due to the presence of thick cushioning and aggressive outsole materials that improve the platform’s protection, traction and grip. These aspects are important in trail running, so a heavy weight is not a bad deal after all. However, this might hinder your speed.
  • Weather-proof features. There are shoe models that are made to be tougher against the elements. These are usually counterparts of popular models, so it is best to choose them if your location experience rain showers or snow storms often. The Gore-Tex (GTX) technology should clue you in on a model’s weather-proof features. This upper membrane secures the foot’s comfort by keeping snow, mud and water from entering inside.