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7 reasons to buy

  • Almost all of the vloggers and reviewers found the Nike Air Max 1 Parra beautiful and dope. 
  • Some buyers who are dying to grab a piece even went overboard and copped a pair in the resell market.
  • A handful of customers highly appreciated the sneaker's unique color scheme.
  • Several wearers found the Nike Air Max 1 Parra to run true to size.
  • Though the sneaker oozes with artwork aesthetics, it even looks better when on feet, according to a consumer.
  • A couple of reviewers even preferred the sneaker over the Nike Air Max /971 by Sean Wotherspoon.
  • Few users insisted that the colors on these kicks work well together.

3 reasons not to buy

  • The Nike Air Max 1 Parra has a very high resell value.
  • Cushioning on these bad boys are not as competent as recent technologies like Nike Reacts, according to a couple of video reviewers.
  • One naysayer disliked the little Parra signature on the toe box, as it makes the sneaker look like a girl shoe.

Bottom line

Parra is at it again with another coveted Air Max 1 collaboration and steps it up a notch evident with the Nike Air Max 1 Parra. Dutch artist, Piet Parra's long and intimate partnership with the Oregon-based brand, had produced iconic kicks since they started mashing things up in the mid-2000s. This 2018 iteration innovates the use of lines and color-blockings inspired by his Dutch homeland's scenery.

The sneaker delivers all the good things a 'head can hope for from comfort, functionality, and most importantly, style but its high price range and availability is a letdown.



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Become an expert

Technically, this artsy sky-themed sneaker stays true to the construction of the original Nike Air Max 1 franchise with a little bit more experimental flair in terms of design. Its exclusivity bore an extensive size range to cater to most of its audience who would like to have a piece of the Parra-bound commotion.

Generally released from 5 to 13, the Parra x Nike Air Max 1 can be copped by men and women duly noting that the ladies should root for one and a half sizes down from the gents to obtain a right to size fit.

Like that of the AM 1/97 Sean Wotherspoon's, the Nike Air Max 1 x Parra model resembles almost the same hype and creativity with the corduroy iteration. Aesthetically pleasing lines contrast each other while the perfect color combination makes the sneaker stand out among Air Max 1 versions.

Most users resort to a casual outfit with these kicks like joggers or shorts with high socks, but one can opt for a more street-smart image by pairing them with skinny jeans. Women, on the other hand, can wear anything they want with these bad boys starting from the more preserved Capri pants to the outgoing kind of apparel like leggings.

Taking inspiration from clouds and bold lines or dots are the quintessential takeaways of the Nike Air Max 1 Parra. With a hint of everything dainty in the color spectrum, the sneaker can be spotted from a distance.

For the record, the Nike Air Max 1 Parra 2018 sneaker was not the first time the said artist collaborated with the Beaverton-born brand. Partnership from the two parties started way back in 2005 when Piet Parra, a Dutch street artist, unveiled the Nike Air Max 1 x Parra "Amsterdam." A quick strike version coming in orange tones was subsequently released in limited pairs stabilizing the Parra x Nike reputation in sneakerhead fandom.

In 2010, the generous duo added another design powerhouse to their line-up named aptly as Patta. The Parra x Patta x Nike Air Max 1 Premium TZ borrows the sunset-theme of the orange iteration from the past and gives it a darker, burgundy tinge which artists and celebrities idolized at the time.

Coming from a long legacy of Nike sneakers, the Air Max 1 Parra 2018 version proves to be a top-selling entity of recent times with prices ranging in the hundreds on the sneaker resell market.

  • Some sneaker retailers call it a patchwork version of the OG Air Max 1.
  • The official colorway of the sneaker is called white/Pure Platinum.
  • Color themes of grey, white, pink, red, and navy surround the sneaker's surface.
  • A Friends and Family version was released excluding the iconic Nike Swoosh on the panels.
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