6 Best Slip-resistant Shoes in 2022

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6 Best Slip-resistant Shoes in 2022

Besides being comfortable, one vital feature of a walking shoe is its reliable non-slip traction. This feature adequately protects you from slipping on slippery or unstable surfaces by keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. 

To make our lives safer and more comfortable, different shoe brands have developed their versions of slip-resistant walking shoes. To help you pick a decent non-slip pair that you can use for work or leisure, we’ve come up with recommendations on various categories.

How we test the best slip-resistant shoes

To help you save time, effort, and money, here’s is our approach:

  • To avoid any biased feedback, we buy these shoes with our own money. 
  • We put these walking shoes under various courses of indoor and outdoor tests and comparisons.
  • We gather all available reviews from the users of these non-slip walking shoes. 

Using the data gathered, we rank each shoe using our CoreScore system. From 1 to 100, this scoring system will give you an overview of how the walking shoe performed for the majority.

Best slip-resistant shoes overall

After assessing heaps of slip-resistant shoes, we pick the Hoka One Bondi SR as our top choice. 

This leather walking footwear offers a tremendous amount of traction that will keep all its wearers on their feet, even on slippery surfaces. We’ve worn this under the rain, through the puddles, and over wet tiles. Ina word, we were tremendously impressed by its traction. 

Apart from that, we adore its leather upper. It can instantly upgrade our regular look into a plush one by its shiny, soft leather upper.

Durability-wise, this kick is a hit! It remained undamaged even after wearing it countless times! This shoe is definitely a pair you must add to your daily rotation.

After walking for an extended period, this sneaker amazingly kept our feet feeling cozy and snug. We enjoyed its pillowy cushioning, which also relieved some of our foot problems, like plantar fasciitis and bunions. 

If you’re always on the go, this kick got your back. Thanks to its premium leather upper, you can quickly clean its upper from dirt and stains using a damped cloth. 

Enjoy all these and more with our best pick in our slip-resistant shoe collection. 

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Best slip-resistant shoes for flat feet

Brooks Addiction Walker
Brooks Addiction Walker Brooks Addiction Walker

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Top pick

After sifting through oodles of slip-resistant shoes for flat-foot users, we pick the Brooks Addiction Walker as the best on our list. This model quickly landed as our top option because of various reasons. 

This walking shoe is oozing with a fantastic amount of comfort that can easily make your strolls comfy and more fun. As we walked along the streets for an extended period, this shoe felt incredibly comfortable. Some of our foot problems instantly were relieved, making our steps more bearable. 

It has an adequate amount of foothold, and its arch support is just enough. This shoe certainly is our top option for users suffering from several foot issues. 

Another thing we love about this shoe is its durability. We subjected it through plenty of tests, and we were dumbfounded how it stayed intact and whole. This shoe is indeed for buyers looking for their next set of daily beaters.

While it offers premium quality and top-notch durability, Brooks sells this at an eye-popping affordable price range! This sneaker is genuinely a gift for buyers who prioritize comfort and practicality.

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We are also captivated by the fantastic features of Propet Stability Walker shoes. In fact, we highly recommended this and tagged it as one of the best options for users with flat feet on the slip-resistant shoe collection. 

During our long walks and extended period of standing, this shoe gave us cozy and snug steps! Even our foot problems were instantly relieved while these shoes were on our toes. 

It feels roomy on the toe box, which allows us to wiggle our toes comfortably. Meanwhile, its heel felt so snug that it secured our feet all day long. 

It also supported our feet throughout the day! We did not worry about our high arches as this kick held them comfortably and adequately.

It feels so stable, too! No inward or outward rolling of feet ever happened!

What we love more about this shoe is it could accommodate orthotics and contraptions such as ankle-foot braces.

The Propet Stability Walker is constructed with premium material, thus expect long-lasting comfort, style, and impressive foot support.

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Best slip-resistant shoes for easy on/off

After going through plenty of slip-resistant shoes, we choose the Brooks Addiction Walker V-Strap 2 as our best bet. We’ve tested it ourselves and came up with plenty of reasons why this kick is on our top list. 

Its Velcro closure allows it to be easily adjusted. Putting it on and off feels so breezy that we did not need much effort in securing it on our feet. We could imagine how helpful these shoes are to wearers with limited mobility. 

Comfort-wise, this shoe will never disappoint you. We wore it daily for our walks and work, and amazingly we did not feel any comfort issues AT ALL! 

We appreciate how wide its toe box is! Our toes had extra room to wiggle and no cramped-up sensation at all. 

If the cold season comes, this sure will make your feet feel cozy and warm. It reliably protected our feet as we traversed cold city streets.

Its style is undoubtedly a plus! It looks so dapper and chic that dressing up or down is definitely a breeze!

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Best budget slip-resistant shoes

If budget is an issue, we highly recommend the Skechers Work: Squad SR. This shoe surpassed all the other slip-resistant shoes and will surely surprise you with its distinctive elements despite its economical price range.

All-day comfort is not a problem with the Squad SR. Skechers packed this model with unique, comfortable details that make our walks cozier and more fun. Some of our foot problems were instantly soothed! We positively highly recommend this shoe to everyone. 

When the humid days come, wear a pair of these models. It will positively make your feet dry and cool as the mesh upper allows free movement of air in and out of the shoe. 

We also love how easy it is to put on and off. Without exerting too much effort, we can remove or slip this shoe to our feet!

When it comes to looks, the Skechers Work: Squad SR is definitely a keeper! It looks so versatile and clean, which makes it easy to pair up with heaps of ensembles.

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