10 Best OluKai Walking Shoes in 2022

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10 Best OluKai Walking Shoes in 2022

If you're one of those people aiming to hit 10,000 steps a day, surviving it also means wearing a comfortable and durable pair of walking shoes. Here enter the Olukai walking shoes. Besides being known for its kicks with a perfect mixture of rigidity and flexibility, this brand also offers a Hawaiian-vibed style that will make your strolls bearable and stylish, as well. 

With its wide array of iterations available, it's going to be hard picking which Olukai pair fits your needs. This is why we devised our recommendations under various categories to make it easier for you. We combed through more than a dozen pairs of Olukai walking footwear to help you pick the best.

How we choose the best Olukai walking shoes

RunRepeat has developed our methodology to give you fair and honest reviews:

  • These Olukai walking shoes were bought using our money. 
  • We search high and low the internet to collate all available reviews from Olukai walking shoe users.
  • We objectively subject these shoes through a sequence of tests and comparisons to check their cushioning, flexibility, and other parameters. 

Using the results from the mentioned approach, we rank each walking shoe from 0 to 100. Our scoring system, called Corescore System, will give you a wrap-up of the shoe’s performance - the higher the Corescore, the better the performance.


Best OluKai walking shoes overall

Staying comfortable and upright on slippery surfaces are the main ingredients in the OluKai Moku Pae's offering. It will help you look stylish and feel cool on hot summer days, all while keeping your footing as secure as ever.
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The wool interior of the OluKai Moloa Slipper makes it the go-to shoe when the weather starts getting colder. Its waxed top ensures the inside doesn’t get soaked when you stepped out in the snow. Despite some complaints about the stinky insole, this slip-on walking shoe comes highly recommended, especially during the cold season.
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Best walking shoes for flat feet OluKai walking shoes

The Mio Li from OluKai blends the brand's signature easygoing features with a modern aesthetic. It's a shoe that can keep the wearer feeling cool and dry while projecting a versatile look that could be worn in many places. If you're thinking of a shoe that will keep you pain-free in your long walks, this is NOT it. Rather, it is a shoe you can wear on easy days not involving being on the feet a lot.
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Holding true to OluKai's roots of island-centric value, the Lae Ahi shines in the department of keeping feet cool, dry, and comfortable even in the warmest weather. Its core revolves around easy-wearing and a relaxed lifestyle. It may be far from being the best walking shoe, the OluKai Lae Ahi fulfills the purpose it was designed for.
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Best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis OluKai walking shoes

Look dapper in the office or while on the boat when you don the OluKai Mohea Moku. It features lightweight materials that make walking a breeze and also helps during wet situations. Though there were some issues with durability and bad odor developing with use, those haven’t stopped fans of this men’s walking shoe from repurchasing it. It has become their go-to trainer for everyday walking comfort.
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The island vibes of the OluKai Pehuea Leather amps up your casual style. This walking shoe is made of high-quality materials that allow it to last long with constant use. The interior features elements that make walking feel like a breeze. Because of its much-loved qualities, fans have bought multiple pairs and in different colors to match their attire.
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Best shoes for standing all day OluKai walking shoes

The OluKai Moloa has garnered a lot of fans and return-purchasers over the years. Its unique style has caught the attention of many shoppers who love that it quickly transforms appearances. You can be wearing this pair of slip-on walking shoes at the office and be ready to hit the beach without changing out of them. Despite a few hiccups, it comes highly recommended for the comfort it offers and versatility.
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The OluKai Pehuea is dubbed as one of the most comfortable walking trainers available in the market right now. It feels so good on the foot that many women find themselves purchasing this model multiple times or in different colors. Though some experienced issues with sizing and blisters, it is still highly recommended for its laid-back style, arch support, and overall construction.
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Best budget OluKai walking shoes

The OluKai Alapa Li is highly lauded for the comfort it delivers. One of its sought-after features, the patented Drop-In Heel, gained the favor of consumers as it quickly transforms the look. On the other hand, despite having a mesh upper, there were reports that it developed an awful stink because it doesn’t dry fast enough. But overall, style- and performance-wise, repeat buyers recommend this trainer.
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The general feedback among people who use the OluKai Kahu Pahaha is that it is one of the best walking shoes they have ever owned. It is comfortable right out of the box, and its versatile look allows them to use it with shorts, slacks, or jeans. Though the arch support may not please everyone, it can easily be replaced. Overall, this pair of OluKai walking shoe comes highly recommended for its quality build and performance.
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What are the cheapest OluKai walking shoes in 2022?

  1. OluKai Kahu - from $58
  2. OluKai Nohea Moku - from $67
  3. OluKai Alapa Li - from $71
  4. OluKai Lae Ahi - from $85
  5. OluKai Moloa Slipper - from $100
  6. OluKai Moku Pae - from $120
  7. OluKai Moloa - from $120
  8. OluKai Inana - from $120
  9. OluKai Mio Li - from $130
  10. OluKai Kahu Pahaha - from $130

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