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Altra Superior 5: a light, fast, grounded trail shoe

A shoe like Altra Superior is made for being agile. It’s the most low-profile trail shoe from Altra that is also lighter compared to an average trailblazer.

What is it for?

  • Activity: daily running, speed training, hiking
  • Distance: short to medium
  • Pace: tempo to fast
  • Terrain: road-to-trail, light-to-moderate trails

What makes Superior 5 feel natural

Here are some of the features that help the Superior stand out on the trail shoe market:

Zero drop: The heel and forefoot are placed on the same level to promote natural mechanics of the feet and legs. Learn more about the effects of drop in this guide.

Grounded feel: The low-cushion profile helps the wearer receive more feedback from the terrain and be in control of the movement.

A wealth of toe space: Altra prides itself with some of the roomiest toeboxes in the industry. Wide and rounded, it may look awkward at first, but it allows the toes to splay freely and reduces the risk of developing toe deformations and foot conditions.

Other welcome features of the Altra Superior

  • Removable StoneGuard rock plate. Placed underneath the insole, it helps to protect the foot on rocky terrain. But it can be easily removed when you tackle less aggressive trails.
  • Wide platform. Provides greater steadiness, which serves well for people with flat arches and overpronation.
  • Burrito-style tongue. Holds the foot more securely than a traditional tongue, while also keeping debris out of the shoe.
  • Gaiter Trap. A Velcro attachment helps to keep the gaiter in place.


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Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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