Adidas Business and Financial Statistics

Posted on 01 November, 2021 by Danny McLoughlin

Top Adidas statistics

  • Adidas is valued at €48.62 billion
  • Adidas AG sales are €19.84 billion, that’s broken down as:
    • Adidas - €18.09 billion
    • Reebok - €1.40 billion
  • Adidas make 379 million pairs of shoes per year

Adidas financial statistics

  • Adidas revenue in 2020 was €29.84 billion
  • Adidas revenues grew 27.92% from 2016 to 2019 before their growth was interrupted by the pandemic in 2020
  • Adidas made a 3.8% operating profit totaling €750 million during 2020, down from 11.3% in 2019

International - Sales by region

 Region  Sales (€ billion)
 Asia-Pacific  6.55
 Europe  5.32
 North America  4.76
 Latin America  1.16
 Emerging markets  0.99
 Russia/ CIS  0.58
 Other businesses  0.48
 Total  19.84
  • Adidas sells more product in Asia-Pacific than in any other region
  • Although just over half (51%) of Adidas revenue is generated in North America and Europe

Adidas shares and ownership

  • Adidas has 115,000 shareholders
  • 86% of shares are held by institutional investors
  • 11% of shares are held by private investors or not disclosed
  • The shares are held internationally in the following regions:
    • 35% USA
    • 26% UK and Ireland
    • 24% continental Europe
    • 11% Germany
    • 3% RoW

Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on Adidas

  • 70% of Adidas stores and wholesale partner stores closed
  • Store traffic dropped significantly but conversion rates increased as customers going to stores bought at a much higher rate
  • Employee numbers reduced by 4% but the majority of these were short term contacts
  • Adidas tried to protect jobs where possible and paid employees €1,000 each as a bonus
  • Adidas secured a €3 billion credit facility with KfW -- Germany’s state bank
  • Adidas drew down €500 million of the available credit 
  • In October 2020, they were able to repay the €500 million and terminate the loan after it became clear the situation was stabilizing

Channels - In-Store versus e-commerce versus wholesale

  • E-commerce and in-store make up the Adidas direct to consumer (DTC) offering
  • 41% of Adidas sales come from DTC
    • 20% retail
    • 21% e-commerce
  • 59% of Adidas sales come from wholesale customers
  • During the pandemic, Adidas e-commerce sales increased by 53%
  • For the first time ever, e-commerce sales exceeded €4 billion
  • Adidas has 2,456 stores worldwide
    • 1,126 multi-brand
    • 1,097 Adidas
    • 223 Reebok
  • By Concept
    • 1,126 factory outlets
    • 1,221 concept stores
    • 109 concessions

Adidas marketing

  • Adidas spend €2.57 billion per year on marketing and point-of-sale expenses
  • In 2020, they had their most successful digital campaign in history - #hometeam:
    • Seen by over 400 million people worldwide (1 in every 15 people)
    • It included 3,000 athletes and celebrities
  • Adidas marketing includes: celebrities, events, sports teams, and athletes
    • Celebrities: Beyoncé, Kanye West, Stella McCartney, and Pharrell Williams
    • Sports teams: Bayern Munich and Real Madrid
    • Athletes: Lionel Messi and Mikaela Shiffrin
    • Events: Boston and Berlin Marathons
  • Adidas has two types of marketing campaigns, brand-focused and product-focused
    • Brand 
      • conveying to consumers what Adidas stands for
      • establishing an emotional connection through the brand narrative
      • using sports moments as platforms to drive sports credibility by enabling athlete and event activations
      • leverage partnerships to drive brand heat and freshness in lifestyle
    • Product 
      • focus on a specific product franchise or a technology platform
      •  driven by a clear performance or style benefit 
      • expressed through storytelling
      •  Additional commercial content is driving conversion at the point of sale (in-store and online) by highlighting a product feature or benefit for key items, volume drivers, and key franchises

Adidas manufacturing and distribution

  • Adidas outsources almost all of its production to 132 manufacturing partners
    • 25 of these make footwear
    • 70 make apparel
    • 37 make accessories and gear

Adidas footwear manufacturing

  • 97% of Adidas footwear is manufactured in Asia
  • Vietnam is the largest country for footwear manufacturing and is responsible for 42%
  • 29% of Adidas footwear is manufactured in Indonesia
  • 15% of Adidas footwear is manufactured in China
  • Adidas make 379 million pairs of shoes per year
  • The largest factory, located in Vietnam, is responsible for 8% (30 million pairs) of all Adidas footwear

Adidas apparel manufacturing

  • 97% of Adidas apparel is manufactured in Asia
  • Cambodia is the largest country for footwear manufacturing and is responsible for 22%
  • 21% of Adidas footwear is manufactured in Vietnam
  • 20% of Adidas footwear is manufactured in China
  • Adidas make 465 million pieces of apparel per year
  • The largest factory, located in China, is responsible for 11% (51 million pieces) of all Adidas footwear

Adidas accessories and gear manufacturing

  • 77% of Adidas accessories and gear (e.g. bags and balls) is manufactured in Asia
  • China is the largest country for accessories and gear manufacturing and is responsible for 36%
  • 21% of Adidas accessories and gear is manufactured in Turkey
  • 16% of Adidas accessories and gear is manufactured in Pakistan
  • Adidas make 100 million pieces of accessories and gear per year
  • The largest factory, located in Turkey, is responsible for 21% (21 million pieces) of all Adidas accessories and gear

Distribution centers

  • Adidas has 64 distribution centers globally
    • 12 in Europe
    • 22 in Asia-Pacific
    • 10 in North America
    • 8 in Latin America
    • 2 in Russia
    • 10 in emerging markets
  • 29 are owned and operated by Adidas, and 35 are owned and operated by suppliers
    • 17 distribution centers are for online, offline, and wholesale distribution
    • 38 serve stores and wholesale customers
    • 9 serve e-commerce customers

Adidas products

  • Adidas AG brands are Adidas, Reebok, Rockport, and TaylorMade

  • Most important sports categories: Football, Training, Running, and Outdoor
  • Adidas plan to grow sales of Women’s products by mid-teens rate per annum until 2025
  • 56% of sales come from footwear
  • Key franchises for the Adidas brand  are Ultraboost, Predator, and Superstar
    • These make up 34% of the footwear sales
  • Key apparel franchises are MyShelter Jacket, the Tiro Pant, and the Z.N.E. Hoodie
  • At the Adidas brand:
    • products launched during the year accounted for 68% of brand sales
    • only 2% of sales were generated with products introduced three or more years ago
  • At the Reebok brand, 
    • 67% of footwear sales were generated by products launched in 2020
    • 11% of sales were generated with products introduced three or more years ago
  • Key regions to target for Adidas are Greater China, North America and EMEA


  • Adidas makes 15 million pairs of sneakers each year that use plastic salvaged from beaches and the ocean
  • Adidas has completely banned animal fur in their products
  • Adidas uses 100% sustainable cotton 
  • 71% of all polyester used by Adidas is recycled
  • The Carbon Disclosure Project has rated Adidas B for their climate change approach, B for their water management approach, and A-minus for their Supplier engagement approach related to climate change

Adidas employee statistics

  • Adidas has 62,285 employees
    • 45% of Adidas employees are male
    • 55% of Adidas employees are female
  • When it comes to Adidas management, the trend flips:
    • 65% of Adidas management are male
    • 35% of Adidas management are female
  • The average age of an Adidas employee is 31 years old
  • The average Adidas employee has been in position for 4 years
  • The average Adidas employee in Germany is paid €45,350

 Department  No. of Employees
 Retail  35,910
 Logistics  8,585
 Marketing  6,028
 Central administration  5,143
 Sales  3,709
 IT  1,453
 R&D  973
 Production  521
 Total  62,285

Employees by region

How much do Adidas executives get paid?

  • Kasper Rorsted is the CEO of Adidas
    • In 2020, he was paid €3,714,228
    • In 2019, he was paid €7,237,509
    • He is paid approximately 11.8 times the average senior management salary
    • His salary is 81.9 times the average salary of an Adidas employee
  • The Adidas executive team are paid between €1,322,190 and €3,714,228
    • This is 33.3 times the average employee salary

Diversity and Inclusion

  • People from over 100 nations work at Adidas corporate headquarters 
  • 55% of Adidas employees are female but only 35% of leadership positions are filled by women
  • Adidas have promised mandatory Diversity and Inclusion training for all employees
  • And to fill at least 30% of all new positions with Black and LatinX people
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