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11 reasons to buy

  • Some reviewers who were drawn to the style and comfort of the Vans Metallic Old Skool recommended this to potential users.
  • The metallic design isn’t too flashy that it can be paired with a great deal of clothing.
  • Lots of buyers went for this design as its bright shade smoothly elevates any casual wear.
  • The sneaker is well-cushioned and incredibly comfortable.
  • The creases that appear on the shoe don’t change the aesthetics of the shoe.
  • Several purchasers are drawn to the metallic finish of this shoe.
  • A lot of users feel that this is one of the well-structured Vans they have purchased.
  • After ample break-in time, several users attested that this sneaker is comfy to the feet.
  • According to several buyers the design if this shoe is a lot better on foot than in pictures.
  • The metallic finish on this shoe isn’t too flashy.
  • Most of the reviewers find this sneaker very reasonably priced.

4 reasons not to buy

  • A couple of reviewers cited that this sneaker rubs against the ankle during the first few times wearing it.
  • One purchaser complained having sore heel while wearing this shoe.
  • The leather material is quite hard and needs an adequate period to break in.
  • A few wearers mentioned getting blisters after wearing this shoe a couple of times straight from the box.

Bottom line


The trailblazing Old Skool, rebranded as the Vans Metallic, is smartened up with a shiny leather cover. Just like in the previous variations, this shoe is crafted with a cushy inner sole and a hard-wearing waffle-tread outsole that grants traction on a variety of surfaces. Simply put, this vintage-styled sneaker with a splash of modernity is a notch higher in style than the canvas version which can be copped at an affordable value.


Base model: Vans Old Skool
Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Old Skool
Price: $70
Colorways: Silver
Special editions: 36 special editions
Small True to size Large
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A top 7% best sneaker
A top rated Vans sneaker

The low-top Vans Metallic Old Skool comes with a leather cover that’s moderately padded. Its traditional lace-up front grants users the freedom to personalize the fit of this shoe. It is said to run true to size and available in sizes from 6 to 13 US for the men’s, and 5 to 14.5 US for the women’s.

Vans outfitted its iconic skate-centric shoe the Old Skool using shiny leather cover and called the updated version of the Metallic Old Skool. Carrying the vintage vibe of the much-favored 1970s skate shoe silhouette, this rendition smartens up any campus wear, casual corporate attire, or off-work clothing. To jazz up your free and easy garb, you may opt for bottoms that taper on the hem.

Style versatility coupled with comfort and durability are the key factors that make the Vans Metallic Old Skool worth adding to your low-top sneaker rotation. The use of shiny covering on this model puts a swanky character to the traditional Old Skool. Although it does not have a  thick layering in its ollie region, which makes it different from previous models, it is backed by the use of long-lasting rubber sole. The well-made and flexible upper keeps the feet from skidding easily on slippery and wet surfaces. 

One of the ubiquitous silhouettes by Vans that’s been adored by consumers since 1977 is the Vans Old Skool. It debuted under the name “Style 36” which came a decade after the launch of the Vans #44 deck shoe, now known as the Vans Authentic.

The Old Skool, a low-top skate shoe initially called the Vans Style 36, was conceptualized by the Van Doren Rubber Company as a response to the growing interest in skateboarding back then. It is the first shoe under Vans that carried the jazz stripe logo, a strip of leather designed from a doodle by Paul Van Doren.

The Old Skool immediately found its home among skateboarders and surfers. Since skate shoes are prone to wear and tear, this shoe’s leather detailing which eventually became a symbol of Vans, functions as an added buffer to the sides of the sneaker to enhance its durability.  Apart from the Sidestripe, another distinct element of this shoe that’s been a carrot for avid skateboarders then and now is its waffle sole as it allowed them to have superior control of their boards.

By the 1980s, Vans’ followers started experimenting and customizing the design of the Old Skool. The idea of footwear being a form of creative expression has somehow been a fundamental part of Vans culture. This practice was further developed in 2004 when the brand launched its custom-made segment.

Towards the 1990s, the Vans Old Skool became a favored footwear style for everyday use; even non-skaters were seen sporting this shoe, from hip-hop enthusiasts to celebrities and rock icons. Eventually, its classic silhouette started receiving different upper designs. One of modern reinterpretation of this iconic model is the Vans Metallic Old Skool. Instead of the typical canvas cover, the sneaker is dressed with shiny leather body contrasted by the sidestripe leather and traditional white rubber sole.

  • This sneaker comes with a reinforced toe cap.
  • The collar of the Vans Metallic Old Skool is adequately padded.
  • This sneaker comes with six pairs of metallic eyelets that complement its glossy façade.
  • The leather Sidestripes are stitched on the lateral and medial panels.


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