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12 reasons to buy

  • A few said that the sneaker is easy to match with casual clothes.
  • The majority of wearers lauded its lightweight construction.
  • Some did not experience sore feet after long hours of wearing the Mesh Iso 1.5.
  • Most of the buyers are stoked about the Vans Mesh Iso 1.5 being very comfortable to wear.
  • A small number of purchasers lauded the overall performance and style of the shoe that they are willing to buy another pair.
  • One customer mentioned that the sneaker's silhouette is positively nondescript.
  • A couple of buyers has availed this sneaker as a matching shoe with their family.
  • The Vans Mesh Iso 1.5 is versatile as it can be used while at work or casually as per some users.
  • There is no need to break it in, as stated by a few buyers
  • A customer suggested that this sneaker is an agreeable choice for a skate shoe due to its overall feel.
  • This low-top is breathable, as per a handful of users.
  • One loyal Vans customer commented that this shoe has good arch support.

5 reasons not to buy

  • A good number of buyers complained that this model runs small.
  • Some customers warned that the low-top Vans Mesh Iso 1.5 is too narrow.
  • One customer mentioned that the sneaker has generic color options.
  • A couple of reviewers advised that they did not find the shoe very durable.
  • A customer stated that it is challenging to keep the low-top clean.

Bottom line

The Vans Mesh Iso 1.5 is a versatile low-top shoe that features comfort, lightweight properties, breathability, and style. Due to its lightweight construction, questions about the Vans Mesh Iso 1.5's durability is justified as with the case of other shoes that also has a slim build. Nonetheless, there are a good number of customers who expressed their desire to secure another pair because of its overall performance and its agreeable price.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Vans Lifestyle Shoes
Price: $70
Colorways: Blue, Green, Pink, Red, White
Small True to size Large
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While it generally fits true to size, similar to the other Vans low-tops, this sneaker has been labeled by some wearers as narrow fitting. For potential buyers, they may want to try the Vans Mesh Iso 1.5 first at the shop or be aware of the return policy if ordering online as there are considerable comments about the shoe running small by at least half a size. It is available in US men’s size from 3.5 to 13 while women’s sizes start from 5.0 to 14.5.

The Mesh Iso 1.5 has the conventional lace-up system which can provide a snug fit while the upper has a canvas composition that contributes to the shoe being breathable.

The low-top Vans Mesh Iso 1.5 exhibits a minimal structure which is well-received by all kinds of consumers. Regardless if it is paired with casual clothing or work clothes, the sneaker is designed to satisfy wearers with its performance and pristine casual silhouette. Adding distinction to the sneaker's minimal look is the Vans trademark Sidestripe which mirrors the color of the upper. Some models, though, display the logo in contrasting color for an added pop.

The running-inspired Vans Mesh Iso 1.5 features a minimal construction with mesh textile uppers. Its UltraCush Lite sole unit provides adequate cushioning and lightweight feel.

Brothers Paul and James Van Doren with friends Serge Delia and Gordon Lee started a shoe company named Van Doren Rubber Company in the 1960s. Their company has a unique approach at that time because they conceptualized, made, and sold their products on the same day in the same location. Its initial products were made of the thick rubber sole that "sticks" well on surfaces.

The company's goal is to produce sneakers that are aesthetically pleasing but sturdy enough to sustain high-level physical activities. By the 70s, the term House of Vans was coined by a skater group. They praised the style and the sticky sole of Vans' shoes. The 'Off the Wall' logo was also introduced in the 70s. In 1976, Vans' trademark, the Sidestripe, was introduced on its Old Skool model.

At the end of the 70s decade, Vans was able to reach the international market. But in 1984, the company filed for bankruptcy. It offered too many products in the market that did not become successful, and that exhausted their resources. Fortunately, after a couple of years, the company was able to recover and settle all their debts.

In the 90s, Vans transitioned into lifestyle fashion. Its products were donned by rock artists, celebrities, and hip-hop icons. Numerous collaborations were realized during this time which influenced the concept we know today. It started sponsoring blockbuster sporting events and marquee athletes. Vans launched its clothing line to amass more consumers. After 50 years since its inception, the company has a revenue of approximately $400 million annually.

Vans made itself as one of the premier brands of low-top skate and lifestyle sneakers. As an addition to its lifestyle collection, the Vans Mesh Iso 1.5 was released in 2016. It has the all the qualities required for an all-around functionality without the hefty price tag.

  • Diamond-shaped patterns are present on the outsole for traction.
  • The materials used on the Vans Mesh Iso 1.5 doesn't have any animal by-products making it 100% vegan.


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