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10 reasons to buy

  • Many customers were surprised and thrilled at the same time by the Vans Golden Coast Authentic’s comfort.
  • Few consumers praised its stunning construction and high-quality materials.
  • The classic design was the primary attribute that reeled in purchasers to cop the sneaker along with its iconic style.
  • Several owners regularly wear these Vans Authentic Golden Coast sneakers every day and never seems to stop doing so.
  • A handful of users will get back to the store and grab another pair due to their extreme satisfaction with it.
  • The sneaker matches with just about anything and never goes out of style, according to several reviewers.
  • A commenter proclaimed that these Golden Coast Authentic Vans sneakers are for all ages.
  • The sneakers don’t get wet from the inside when walked through the rain, as spurted out by a couple of reviewers.
  • According to several owners, the sneaker runs true to size.
  • One customer received numerous compliments while wearing them.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Getting blisters at the back of the foot was still one wearer’s issue with the Vans Golden Coast Authentic.
  • A dismayed buyer mentioned that the color was not as advertised.

Bottom line

With a plethora of Vans sneakers with checkerboard designs spreading like wildfire nowadays, the Vans Golden Coast Authentic joins the bandwagon. The versatile low top of the Authentic was given another black and white pattern from heel to toe showcasing the classic appeal of the 70s and 80s. Incidentally, the ingenious color-blocking matches well with clothes and attracts attention. Running true to size, copping a pair is a breeze and is exemplified by its comfort which can withstand everyday strides.



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Fit & Sizing

The Vans Golden Coast Authentic is for sale in unisex sizes. It is available from men’s US 3.5 to 16 and women’s sizes 5 to 17.5, all of which are constructed in medium widths.

Sporting Vans sneakers which have collars outlining the bottom half of the ankle can either be worn with high or no-show socks. In the case of the low top Vans Golden Coast Authentic, the former is preferred because the latter would tend to have the collar rubbing against the Achilles unless the shoe is broken in. These high socks would blend well with joggers or pin-rolled pants and denim jeans as well. It is preferred to root for slimming pants due to the minimalist effect of Authentics.

The check pattern found on the sneaker’s upper come in two parts--the toe box and the remaining portion of mid and heel. The collars are also embellished in black accents outlining the top part of the sneaker. And of course, white laces are used to complement the checkerboard pattern.

At a glance, the Vans Authentic Golden Coast looks very similar with the Checkerboard Authentic. By inspecting further, the latter come in all shades possible like red, blue, and brown while the former is only available in a black and white combo. When comparing both of these shoes in the same black and white pattern, the Golden Coast radiates an off-white tint as compared to the Checkerboard which is dipped in True White.

The intense passion for creating footwear brought the brothers Van Doren from the east coast to the west side of the U.S. Their magic touch in replenishing the lost sales momentum of factories was tested when their employer, Randy, decided to appoint them at a near-bankrupt factory in California. Paul with his brother Jim obliged, moving their family as well.

The brothers along with their friends had successfully re-established the particular Randy’s company in Garden Grove, California which was even more flourishing than their East Coast counterpart.  With enough experience in shoe manufacturing and a green thumb of some sort for creating shoes, Paul and his comrades decided to set up their own shop at Anaheim.

The Van Doren Rubber Company was established on March 16, 1966, at 704 East Broadway. The system was to produce hand-made shoes depending on the customer’s preference. One of the choices during the early stages of their enterprise was the Style #44 or now famously known as the Authentic. After years of operating, the Authentic stuck to the crowd not only as a deck shoe but as an everyday lifestyle option.

After more than a decade, Vans introduced the checkerboard design which was picked up from street nuts who doodle on their white Vans shoes. The Cali-brand mirrored the idea and made it an official design pattern in 1977 which was even made iconic by Jeff Spicoli, a character in Fast Times at Ridgemont High played by Sean Penn.

Mashing the two concepts together, the Vans Golden Coast Authentic brings the best of what Vans can contribute to the fashion table. Piecing together two prestigious themes in the footwear industry gave birth to a versatile silhouette that was loved by all ages.

  • For underfoot durability and traction, the sneaker employs the iconic waffle outsole.
  • Its flat laces run through metal eyelets for a smooth, customizable fit.
  • The upper is composed of a canvas material.

Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

Danny is a sneakerhead turned sneaker industry expert that believes a good outfit begins from the feet up. His aunt currently isn't speaking to him for wearing a pair of kicks at his cousin's wedding. He spends most of his time trying to keep on top of the latest releases, hitting up his contacts and doing what needs to be done to secure his next pickup. Danny has been featured in prestigious publications such as The Washington Post, The Irish Times, Footwear News and the like.