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11 reasons to buy

  • More than 75% of the reviewers gave the Vans Diamo Ni a five-star rating.
  • As with many testimonials, the sneaker exudes uncontested comfort every step of the way.
  • Some customers described it as an awesome or superb model that ticks all the boxes of their taste.
  • A couple of purchasers even bought a second pair due to their delight.
  • The Vans Diamo Ni sneaker runs true to size according to a lot of wearers.
  • Several commenters were charmed with its versatile style that can blend with almost any article of clothing from sporty to casual.
  • A handful of buyers applauded the Vans Diamo Ni's elegant design.
  • For its price, the sneaker was certainly a bargain as insisted by a few customers.
  • Some colorways of the sneaker were easy to combine with clothing.
  • A consumer exclaimed his adoration for its lightweight construction.
  • A skater even declared that the sneaker was adequate for skating.

3 reasons not to buy

  • As with some disgruntled customers, the sewn portion of the Vans Diamo Ni shoes makes it hard for people with wide feet to enter the sneaker.
  • A couple of purchasers were a bit annoyed that the sneaker broke down faster than expected.
  • One reviewer was disappointed with the shoe's insole because it makes his feet sweat heavily.

Bottom line

Gusset tongues and cleatie-constructed sneaks are not only for the outgoing kind anymore. Enter the Vans Diamo Ni, an almost one-of-a-kind sneaker that would please anyone with a starving niche for comfort and street-style.

Sneaker fans can strap these bad boys confidently starting with skater pioneers and whatnot to the more preserved beings that are casually just heading to the market. Using a shoe horn with these is essential for those with relatively wider feet but once worn, the sneaker gradually gets accustomed to deliver a true to size fit.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans Lifestyle Shoes
Price: $60
Colorways: Black, Blue
Small True to size Large
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As with most Vans models, this type of sneaker also comes in a generous, unisex sizing platform. These Vans Diamo Ni kicks, or trainers when one is from the western side of the globe, are available from 6.5 to 13. Women can cop their proper size by following the standard rule of one and a half sizes down from the men's.

Cushioning is provided by the UltraCush Lite insole for lightweight yet heavenly feel, while the standard waffle sole administers grippy, responsive feedback. The sneaker is also equipped with a somewhat gusseted tongue with the traditional way of lacing things to snug it above the vamp.

While looking at the Vans Diamo Ni on feet, one can ascertain that these kicks are destined to be versatile to almost all types of clothing. May it be semi-formal apparel of straight cut pants and sleeves, the sleek form of the sneaker slides brilliantly and maintains the wearers' posture.

Women, on the other hand, can go bonkers with it too by sporting outrageous clothing destined to strut the catwalk--like Lady Gaga did. To paint you a picture, girls can partner it with free-flowing dresses or ripped up jeans, to say the least.

The most noticeable element that Vans had fans confused with was the absence of the side stripe. The missing logo was one of the features that made the Vand Diamo Ni unique which leaves more room for experimenting in terms of upper color combinations.

It would be best for a sneaker bearing the same structure of the Old Skool to pay respects by discussing the history of its predecessor. By forerunner, meaning the Style # 36 shoe or the iconic Old Skool. It is the sneaker that stepped out of the plimsoll norm courtesy of the Van Doren brothers with, of course, some of their friends

The Old Skool was released in 1977, a time when the battle for sneaker supremacy was a concept that was far off from the consumer's heads. Skating was the catalyst for its success, and if dwelled on more further, was the reason for its creation. The quintessential addition of the Side Stripe, or Jazz stripe as some loyalists may say, adds a little cherry on top.

For many years, the Old Skool stayed true to its roots of skating and structural design which was a selling point for most millennials nowadays because of their deep-embedded link to nostalgia. Vans capitalized on this phenomenon and soon created branches on the Old Skool's style which eventually gave birth to the Vans Diamo Ni.

When the Vans Diamo Ni came out in late 2018 to the first quarter of 2019, numerous renditions took over its surface. One of which is the Vand Diamo Ni Marshmallow which is somewhat a nod the OG Kyle walker pro shoe in pink. Another iteration was the Vans Diamo Ni Blackout that is a typical representation of the Triple black color scheme.

A collaboration with Rhude took place in April of 2019 courtesy of its owner/designer Rhuigi Villasenor. Rhuigi took inspiration from archival models like the Sk8-Hi and gave a new twist to the Diamo Ni by introducing the model to bandana prints while redoing the collar into a collapsible form.

  • Other standout editions released were the Call out, Hairy Suede, Gum, and, of course, the New Issue.
  • The sneaker utilizes soft suede uppers which are run through by deco-stitches.
  • IT was initially priced at $75 a pop.
  • Other colorways of the Vans Diamo Ni are olive and Tango Red.


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