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8 reasons to buy

  • The Vans ComfyCush Checkerboard Slip-On is described as “comfortable” by many users.
  • A lot of consumers are appreciative of this shoe’s simple yet fashionable design.
  • This kick is more cushioned than the regular Vans Slip-Ons, according to some customers.
  • Numerous wearers are happy that this shoe can be put on and off easily.
  • Several owners are willing to buy more Vans ComfyCush Slip-on kicks in different colors.
  • Many fashionistas agree that this low-top sneaker can be worn with pretty much anything.
  • A couple of purchasers notice that the ComfyCush version feels more lightweight than the OG Vans Slip-On model.
  • The new outsole feels more durable than the Lite model, according to one Vans ComfyCush Checkerboard Slip-On review.

4 reasons not to buy

  • Plenty of consumers complain about the large ankle hole that leads to heel slipping.
  • A few users are disappointed with the stiff outsole of this kick.
  • Some mention that the front of the shoe feels too tight and narrow.
  • A couple of purchasers say that the Checkerboard version of the Vans ComfyCush Slip-On needs a bit of break-in time.

Bottom line

With the innovative ComfyCush sockliner, this sneaker is sure to bring your casual look to a different level. Thanks to the new insole, the Vans ComfyCush Checkerboard Slip-On is made more comfortable and lightweight compared to the OG model. 

It is also among the most affordable Van sneakers that bring more to the table than its trendy aesthetic. This is not only stylish but is also functional and durable at the same time. Whether you’re a Vans loyalist or a regular Joe on the lookout for a comfy kick, this shoe is worth a try.  


Base model: Vans Slip-On
Top: Low
Inspired from: Skate
Collection: Vans ComfyCush
Closure: Slip-on
Material: Canvas
Season: Spring, Summer
Price: $60
Special editions: 17 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The Vans ComfyCush Checkerboard Slip-On in men’s version is offered in sizes 3.5 to 13, and the women’s Vans ComfyCush Checkerboard Slip-On is available in sizes 5. to 14.5. Given that it has a slip-on construction, this kick will consequently offer a more snug fit compared to its laced counterparts.

Fortunately, the upper material does stretch after continued use. Thus, providing a more comfortable fit for the user.

As a skate-inspired, low-top sneaker, styling the Vans ComfyCush Checkerboard Slip-On sneaker is like a walk in the park. This kick can be worn with almost anything. Ladies can wear it with the little, black dress for a more laid-back look. Men may use this shoe with colored jeans and a plain T-shirt.

This casual sneaker is also great with jogger pants, ripped jeans, denim shorts, and even leggings.

Vans has made this sneaker more comfortable with the new ComfyCush insole. The Vans ComfyCush Checkerboard Slip-On also features a revamped canvas upper that houses a one-piece interior. Furthermore, it features a moisture-wicking lining to keep the foot feeling and smelling fresh all day. 

The first slip-on sneaker from Vans was introduced in 1977 as Style #98. It was later named as Vans Classic Slip-On and became one of the staple footwear in the skateboarding and BMX scenes not only in Southern California but all around the world.

With the Slip-On’s fame came several collaborations and iterations that had fans craving for more. The collection has collaborated with various names across all industries, including Disney, Harry Potter, Murakami, Mastermind Japan, and Comme des Garcons, to name a few. 

Also, the brand has introduced numerous updates to their lifestyle silhouette, not only in the external appearance but also in its internal features. One of them is the Vans ComfyCush Checkerboard Slip-On. Wearing an eye-catching checkerboard pattern, this slip-on kick is a lighter and more cushioned version of the Vans Classic Slip-On.

  • The Vans ComfyCush Checkerboard Slip-On provides more arch support compared to its OG counterpart.


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