Teva Hurricane Drift: An appealing option for amphibious escapades

Wading through creeks and ankle-deep streams should be a cakewalk in the Hurricane Drift. While it resembles many of Teva’s high-quality sandals looks-wise, this piece has a few unique aces all its own. These defining qualities are as follows:

Seamless. With its injection-molded construction, you get a sandal that feels wholly solid. And since its straps are part of the sole, no debris will ever get stuck around their base.

Sink-proof. As it is made almost entirely of EVA foam, it will float on water if it gets detached from your feet by some unfortunate circumstance.

Slick-surface traction. Its rubberized underside has a familiar lug pattern, closely mirroring the outsole design of the Teva XLT2. That said, its grip performance is engineered specifically for wet and extra-smooth surfaces (think slate rock and medium-sized river pebbles).

Is Hurricane Drift a win price-wise?

Yes, you will be drifting far away from over-spending in this Hurricane sandal. In fact, this offering is among the budget-friendliest hiking sandals out in the wild. It is even more affordable than the already bargain-priced Merrell Hydro Moc by about $10!


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