Our verdict

For adventures that involve the inevitable drench, the Teva Hurricane Drift is an excellent option that we commend for the price. We barely felt it on foot, plus it allowed us to paddle, swim, and explore a waterfall with comfort and sure-footedness. Fun fact: If you lose the Drift in water, don't worry, it will float right up!


  • Well-cushioned sole
  • Floats on water
  • Very affordable
  • Among the lightest sandals
  • Wide and stable platform
  • Grippy outsole
  • Doesn't stay wet
  • Vivid colour options


  • Forefoot strap is not adjustable
  • Too loose for narrow feet
  • Not for serious hikes

Audience verdict


Who should buy

While it resembles many of Teva’s high-quality sandals looks-wise, the Drift has a few unique aces all its own. We can recommend this sandal to people in search of the following:

  • sink-proof sandals that float on water
  • excellent grip for wet and extra-smooth surfaces (think slate rock and river pebbles)
  • exceptionally lightweight pair that is not even felt on the feet

Teva Hurricane Drift review

Who should NOT buy

If you have narrow or low-volume feet, you will definitely need a sandal with an adjustable forefoot strap. Try the Teva Original Universal as an alternative.

You might as well want to check out the pricier Teva Hurricane XLT2 as we also found it to be perfect for hitting the trail.

Teva Hurricane Drift lab test


Outsole hardness

An essential thing you must know about the Teva Hurricane Drift before purchasing it - this sandal has NO rubber outsole.

Not even a millimetre.

The same foam that makes up its midsole touches the ground at the bottom. Thus, it was no surprise for us to find that the "outsole" hardness of the Drift is one of the lowest we've ever seen in hiking footwear. With a durometer measurement of 50.5 HC, it is a whopping 52% softer than average!

And although it helps the sandal feel softer underfoot, it is not good news for durability.

Teva Hurricane Drift Outsole hardness
Test results
Hurricane Drift 50.5 HC
Average 79.7 HC
We use an average of four tests. The photo shows one of those tests.
Compared to 8 hiking sandals
Number of shoes
50.5 HC
Outsole hardness
85.5 HC

Outsole durability

Let's pick up the Dremel to give you an idea of how easy it is to wear through the Hurricane Drift's bottom sole.

We performed the test for 22 seconds, keeping the tool at a consistent speed (10K RPM) and force (3.2N).

As you can see, the Dremel head ate right through the foam without any resistance. Measuring the dent with a tread gauge, we got an incredible 6.6 mm of damage! Compared to the typical 1 mm, it says a lot about the Drift's lack of longevity.

Teva Hurricane Drift Outsole durability

This might actually be enough if you are only using this Teva sandal for the beach or for water activities like paddle boarding. But if you are also planning to do some hikes, we recommend the sturdier XLT2.

Test results
Hurricane Drift 6.6 mm
Average 1.9 mm
Compared to 6 hiking sandals
Number of shoes
0.0 mm
Outsole wear
2.0 mm


Tipping the scale at a mere 7.2 oz (204g) per sandal, the Hurricane Drift is among the lightest hiking sandals on the market!

Compared to another popular offering from Teva, the Hurricane XLT2, it is a whole 3.5 oz (100g) lighter!

Teva Hurricane Drift Weight
Test results
Hurricane Drift 7.20 oz (204g)
Average 11.18 oz (317g)
Compared to 8 hiking sandals
Number of shoes
6.31 oz (179g)
14.60 oz (414g)


Heel stack

Measuring the heel thickness of the Hurricane Drift, our calliper showed 28.9 mm. That means plenty of impact protection as far as hiking sandals go.

For reference, it is nearly the same as the Teva Hurricane XLT2 (30.9 mm) and the KEEN Newport H2 (29.4 mm).

Teva Hurricane Drift Heel stack
Test results
Hurricane Drift 28.9 mm
Average 26.4 mm
Compared to 8 hiking sandals
Number of shoes
15.9 mm
Heel stack
30.9 mm

Forefoot stack

Checking the sandal's forefoot, our measurement turned out to be about the same as the average at 18.5 mm.

We found that this stack height hits a nice balance of ground feel and protection to navigate some tricky rocky areas.

Teva Hurricane Drift Forefoot stack
Test results
Hurricane Drift 18.5 mm
Average 19.2 mm
Compared to 8 hiking sandals
Number of shoes
13.8 mm
Forefoot stack
23.0 mm


The difference in height between the heel and the forefoot, aka the drop, of the Hurricane Drift comes in at 10.4 mm.

Teva Hurricane Drift sole

This is a standard drop for cushioned hiking sandals as it places the heel a little bit higher off the ground. That way your heels get more protection upon landing and the ankles don't get as activated as in the low-drop shoes.

However, some people do prefer the latter as they force the foot to work more naturally. One of such sandals is the Hoka Hopara (4.2 mm).

Teva Hurricane Drift Drop
Test results
Hurricane Drift 10.4 mm
Average 7.3 mm
Compared to 8 hiking sandals
Number of shoes
2.1 mm
11.9 mm

Midsole softness

Note: a low durometer measurement equals a soft material, whereas a high measurement means it's firm.

Those who enjoy softer underfoot platforms will appreciate the Teva Hurricane Drift.

Pressing a durometer against the sandal's cut-in-half sole, we got a reading of 23.5 HA. We cannot refer to it as plush but it is certainly on the softer side of the spectrum.

You don't want a water hiking sandal to be too soft as it must still offer protection from punctures.

Teva Hurricane Drift Midsole softness
Test results
Hurricane Drift 23.5 HA
Average 27.8 HA
We use an average of four tests. The photo shows one of those tests.
Compared to 8 hiking sandals
Number of shoes
21.6 HA
Midsole softness (soft to firm)
35.1 HA


Lateral stability test

Maintaining our balance through rough terrain was not a challenge at all thanks to this sandal's steady platform. Wide and stiff, it prevented ankle rolls and other awkward foot movements brilliantly!

Torsional rigidity

Just because it's made of foam doesn't mean that the Teva Hurricane Drift can be squished like a swimming pool slipper.

There is an impressive amount of rigidity to this sandal. As you can see from our manual test, twisting it is not that easy. Thus, the Drift gets a well-deserved 4 out of 5 for torsional rigidity.

Test results
Hurricane Drift 4
Average 3.2
Compared to 6 hiking sandals
Number of shoes
Torsional rigidity

Midsole width in the forefoot

It is typical for hiking sandals to have extra wide platforms. Covering a greater surface, they make the wearer much more surefooted when navigating near-water terrain.

And the Hurricane Drift is no exception. Our calliper shows 119.3 mm in the widest part of the midsole's forefoot which is about the same as the average.

Teva Hurricane Drift Midsole width in the forefoot
Test results
Hurricane Drift 119.3 mm
Average 119.9 mm
Compared to 8 hiking sandals
Number of shoes
112.6 mm
Midsole width in the forefoot
125.1 mm

Midsole width in the heel

As for the widest part of the Drift's heel, our calliper returned 94.8 mm. This is definitely on the wide side of the hiking sandals' spectrum.

The wide landing area of this Teva shoe definitely inspires confidence on rocky river banks.

Teva Hurricane Drift Midsole width in the heel
Test results
Hurricane Drift 94.8 mm
Average 92.6 mm
Compared to 8 hiking sandals
Number of shoes
81.6 mm
Midsole width in the heel
100.5 mm



We found that the Teva Hurricane Drift is a moderately flexible sandal. It strikes a fine balance between stiffness for stability and natural flexibility of the foot.

To be more precise, we used a gauge to measure how much force it would take to bend the Drift to a 90-degree angle. Similar to our on-foot experience, this Teva sandal was neither too pliable nor too stiff. It required 19.1N of force which is typical for a hiking sandal.

Test results
Hurricane Drift 19.1N
Average 23.3N
We use an average of four tests. The video shows one of those tests.
Compared to 8 hiking sandals
Number of shoes

Grip / Traction

Lug depth

Based on our wear tests around creeks and waterfalls, this sandal has remarkable surface traction, especially on slippery rocks.

We noticed that the Drift also has the same tread pattern as the Teva XLT2. However, the latter has deeper lugs (3.5 mm) over the Drift's 2.8 mm, based on our calliper measurements.

Teva Hurricane Drift Lug depth

And it makes sense because the Drift is intended for water activities and casual wear. It is not meant fro hiking in the first place.

Teva Hurricane Drift outsole
Test results
Hurricane Drift 2.8 mm
Average 3.0 mm
Compared to 8 hiking sandals
Number of shoes
0.0 mm
Lug depth
4.1 mm

Size and fit

Toebox width at the widest part

It seems like the Teva Hurricane Drift was actually made for people with wide feet. We were surprised to see so much loose space between our feet at the forefoot straps.

Also, the distance between strap attachments on both sides of the foot was pretty wide compared to other sandals. Based on our calliper, it is 105.6 mm, which is almost 4 mm wider than in the Teva XLT2!

Teva Hurricane Drift Toebox width at the widest part

We must also warn people with narrow and medium-width feet that the forefoot strap cannot be regulated. Keep this in mind so that your feet don't end up swimming in this sandal like ours do in the photo below.

The only way to regulate tightness in the Drift is through the ankle strap.

Teva Hurricane Drift velcro strap

Test results
Hurricane Drift 105.6 mm
Average 102.5 mm
Compared to 8 hiking sandals
Number of shoes
89.6 mm
Toebox width at the widest part
109.4 mm

Toebox width at the big toe

Teva Hurricane Drift Toebox width at the big toe


Upper material thickness

The thickness of straps is kept to a minimum in the Hurricane Drift. It helps to keep the sandal's weight down too as it is not suitable for serious hiking.

Our calliper shows that the strap material is 5.1 mm thick.

Teva Hurricane Drift Tongue padding
Test results
Hurricane Drift 5.1 mm
Average 4.1 mm
Compared to 8 hiking sandals
Number of shoes
1.5 mm
Tongue padding
8.2 mm

Heel tab

There is not much need for a pull tab in a strappy hiking sandal like this.

Teva Hurricane Drift Heel tab
Test results
Hurricane Drift None

Dry comfort

Because the Hurricane Drift is made entirely of foam, it does not stay wet for long. Unlike fabric straps on most Teva sandals, the Drift's foamy straps repel water easily.

Teva Hurricane Drift flex


Reflective elements

None of the Hurricane Drift's materials reflect light in the dark.

Teva Hurricane Drift Reflective elements
Test results
Hurricane Drift No